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    Your Honor, ladies and gentlemen of the jury: the defendant WaterPolio has been charged with the crime of abuse of power. The evidence will show that a 5minute mute was given to wilhelm on the night of a march 24th 2019. The next day the defendant was arrested by the head admin. The defendant’s fingerprints were on the keyboard used to type the mute. The evidence I present will prove to you that the defendant is guilty as charged.
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    I just wanted to be the first to comment :)
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    Won't be here for this one, good luck!
  4. WaterPolo

    Hello! Thanks for applying for the unban. The server is currently not run by the 59th, but is still owned and hosted by members of the 59th. We've unbanned the majority of players on our banlist, but unfortunately you are in a special group that's restricted from unbans. Please send me a direct message on discord if you want to talk further about this matter at www.discord.me/nwrp NRP Staff will come to a decision to this unban request soon.
  5. didnt realize it April fools already VOUCH plz no
  6. Good job bmert on fixing the app. hes young but also dedicated. I say vouch
  7. Skipio was a great Admin before I'm sure he'd make a great addition to the team again. Great app, and lots of hours, experienced. vouch
  8. WaterPolo

    Someone make me a good town rp map :[
  9. WaterPolo

    lets bump this thread, I edited my original post with the new poll link
  10. WaterPolo

    https://www.strawpoll.me/15790705/r new poll
  11. WaterPolo

    I asked him to apply for this, but I had no clue he was 12. If he were to become a TA he’d be held under strict guidelines. Knowing that, he needs to act as professional as he can as an admin. I guess it’s a vouch, as long as he understands he can’t act 12 if he joins the team. He needs to act mature and follow the rules.
  12. WaterPolo

    Literally worse app ever vouch
  13. WaterPolo

    Literally worse app ever vouch
  14. WaterPolo

    You should make a nation state with this and join our NRP region at https://www.nationstates.net/region=nrp
  15. WaterPolo

    I don’t know what this is but I like it
  16. Good Oldmin, messaged me on steam for his vouch, and I gave it to him. Was removed due to inactivity I believe. Solid app, lots of hours on M&B vouch from me!
  17. WaterPolo

    I was that foreign help
  18. WaterPolo

    @Shephardwhat do you mean?
  19. WaterPolo

  20. Model example of a great application. Ex-HA Campaign dev/ Event management this is a no brainer welcome back joeriig:)
  21. Well, he's explained his story to me on discord. Isn't new to the server but only joined our discord 26 days ago. He's active on the server, I checked his activity and can confirm that. Although i'm skeptical after reading the logs with him in it, he does alot of chat trolling. (Not Against the rules) but Admins are supposed to be able to respect players and other admins, and i'd be worried that after becoming comfortable with the team, this talk would continue. 16:45:14 - [Lycky] IIIIM DREAAAMING OF A WHIIITE CHRISTMAAS 16:45:21 - [Lycky] WITH NO NIGGERS AHOOOOY I am however going to vouch because he does seem like a nice person, and probably wouldn't act like that in a staff position.
  22. good application Actively plays on the server during events as he is the faction leader of CF also plays on it during the weekdays. haven't seen him break a rule on the server, and normally seems pretty fair in the discord Broke could be a good addition to the team. vouch
  23. @Frankie I apology if you felt misleaded by my post on the old 59th Admin group. I’m sure if you just came at this application a better way you probably would’ve got accepted. But no one wants to accept someone who literally says “I will only admin when the server is full” Yes we need help with events Yes we need help admining the server But no, we don’t want to accept someone who tells us they only want to help us during the time the server is most enjoyable (when it’s full)
  24. Hello, thanks for applying. I'm sure you remember me, since I've been on the team since 2014. I have to say, the first flaw of this application was saying this. being an Oldmin makes your chances of being accepted a little greater, but not by much. Your Knowledge of our Roleplays seems to be lacking. This is incorrect. This is a Public server, and not a regimental event server. Players are allowed to shoot, without Officer orders. Forgetting is fine, but you need to be able to prove to us you're willing to learn them. We have every NRP RP& RP Rule listed on our Steam group. The Steam group is public and has enough information on it for anyone to make a perfect application. Being an Oldmin you should have known this and used it as a resource to improve your app. Trust me.. this is what every Admin would prefer, but that's not how it works. That attitude is counter-productive to the community we've built and has no place on the Admin team. This is going to be a Devouch from me
  25. WaterPolo

    Stop putting me down as your vouch, I did not vouch for you nor will I ever vouch for you.
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