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  1. WaterPolo

    The 1st Battle of Rouez

    Saturday November 30th 21:00 CET (20:00 GMT) join us for the Battle of ROUEZ! www.nwrp.eu/campaign
  2. WaterPolo

    NRP Sponsorships The past year has been busy, and it was wonderful to see so many of you at our events, including our on going Saturday and Sunday Campaigns. We'll be able continue to provide a well updated server for events and regular play from donations received by regiments and players alike If you are an owner of a regiment and want to receive recruitment rights on Napoleonic_Role_Play or any of it's servers then support our servers by purchasing one of the below perks! $10 Per month 1)Your regiment will be allowed to recruit as many times that isnt considered spam in all chat 2)Your Regiment will receive a automatic message on the server advertising the regiment 3)A select amount of NCO's of the regiment will be able to use Admin chat for recruitment messages once per map. 4)Will receive a channel on the discord to promote their discord/ts; shared with others who have sponsored NRP $15 Per Month 1)Your Regiment will receive a special role on our discord that has almost 1,800 members, along with your own channel. 2)Will receive all perks that come with the $10 package Regiments who are not on the NRP Sponsorship list may only send one recruitment message per map. This rule is enforced by Admins and violators are subjected to being banned.
  3. WaterPolo

    Battle Phase Terminology Not Live The game has not started yet, or has ended. Live The game has started and rounds lost/won will influence the campaign. All charge All players must stop reloading and attack the enemies closest to their position. In an all charge the admins will remove all ammo leaving muskets with one single shot which may be fired during the all-charge. Battle Rules Officer Rules Follow your Officer of the correct class. (Flag-beacon displayed on top of his head) All Cav must follow General (Flag-beacon displayed on top of his head) If your officer is killed, stay in a group until you find another Officer. All-charge Rules No Firing a cannon after all-charge is called No reloading during an all-charge No retreating during an all-charge Basic Server Rules Do not Rambo. (Not following an officer) No spamming in-chat No BP waste/sapper spam or waste of BP Public Play Rules Crouching is allowed Firing in charge is allowed. Officer Aiming allowed Note for Regs* You will not be exempt from the officer rules, if you want to fight together then you will need someone in the officer class to follow
  4. WaterPolo

    1) Army Set-up The two factions will start the campaign with 4 armies each. Each army will start on a capital. Armies may be placed on top of other friendly armies now. Multiple Armies can occupy a province at one time, but only for one turn, then they must disperse by either moving, or attacking. 2) Army Movement Each turn a faction may move all of their armies. An army will only be able to move to an adjacent province, and can only move one province each turn. Two or more friendly armies can occupy the same province, but for only one turn. After One turn ends, the Head Of Campaign will force the faction leader to choose an army to disperse. Once all armies have been moved to their designated locations by one faction leader, the other faction will begin making their moves. This continues until two opposing armies encounter each other on the same province, which triggers a battle. In this case, after all other moves and actions have been resolved, the Campaign Game is halted until the battle is resolved in the next Campaign Event. It oftentimes happens that more battles will be initiated in one turn, which means that more than one event will be planned to resolve all the battles on the map. 3) Battles & Retreating If two opposing armies occupy the same tile, a battle will occur. A date will be picked and the campaign event will be planned and announced, the campaign game will be halted until all battles have been resolved in server-side campaign battles. The battles are played in a ‘first to 4’ format. This means that the first faction to win 4 rounds will have won a ‘battle.’ As a result, events can take around 4 to 7 rounds to complete. With 4 being the quickest way the event is resolved, and 7 the longest. Every 3 rounds there will be a map switch, so players will play 2 to 3 different maps in an event. The maps will roughly relate to the province they represent, with normal battles taking place on empty provinces while both a normal, and an urban battle will be played on provinces which contain cities. After the battle has ended, the AP loss of both armies is calculated (see AP), and the army that lost the battle will have to retreat to an adjacent province they own. Remember, multiple armies can now be on the same tile. If the battle took place over a city and has changed ownership, the ownership icon will be changed. 4) Army Points (AP) Each army will have its own strength indicator displayed on the left sidebar of the campaign webpage. This number translates to a single ‘round’ of a campaign battle. This means that losing one round in a campaign battle will lose an army one Army Point (AP). Each army starts with a total of 12 AP. Example: GE 1st Army and CF's 3rd Army have fought a battle at the province of Rouez. GE has won 4 rounds and CF has won 2 rounds. CF's 3rd Army will lose 2 AP while GE’ 1st Army will lose 4 AP. GE's Army will have to retreat their army. AP can’t be replenished. This represents the finite amount of manpower in the campaign. Ap can be transferred however. Transferring AP can only happen when two friendly armies occupy adjacent tiles. If this is the case the player must announce the transfer of AP by indicating which army will transfer AP to which army, and how many AP is being transferred. Both armies will have to remain stationary for one turn during this action. Armies do have a maximum number of AP which they can hold. This number is 15, no Army can have more than 15 AP. If an army loses all of its AP, it will be considered destroyed and the army will be removed of the map. If you transfer AP up to a point where one of the transferring armies has no more AP, it is disbanded and it will also be removed from the map. Armies that are stacked receive damage evenly when losing AP. If the Damage received is an odd number, than the bigger sized army will receive the larger portion of AP loss, while the smaller army will receive the smaller portion of AP loss. If Two Armies are defeated on one tile then they must retreat to different Tiles. If unable to retreat to different tiles, and only then, can they retreat to the same tile.
  5. WaterPolo

    Complaint resolved, Isaac left NRP because of Hoops.
  6. WaterPolo

    http://jbr.boards.net/post/4852 Jail Break reborn is shutting down! Time for the Jailbreak nerds to rejoin nwrp!
  7. WaterPolo

    The ability to change the bots into a certain class ( Change all Bots to Partizani, cav, or sailor) (Reset on map change) has now been added to the server along with the following: A button you push that brings up a list that lets people Give themselves Items (Teacup / Cup/ Botte(Bottle that cant be used as a wep ) Give themselves ALL Hats and Gloves (Turn on/off) Animations Sitting /Standing up / Cheer (Turn on/off) Can Enforce Rifle class The Ability to teleport a single team to one location The ability to teleport ALL to one location A Admin ranking system, so an Admin with a high rank can ban another admin in-game. You can now Click on a players name and click warn, first warn it sends a private message, 2nd time it slays 3rd it kicks, 4th temp ban, 5th permanent ban (This should be reset when server resets so we don’t have to keep a database) proximity chat to the server Hotkey is "O" for Players, "K" For Admins. Admins can turn the ability to read proximity chat. When they enable this function they can also talk to the living while dead, if theyre in spectator. Can now change boat speed from 1-1000% (100% being normal speed)
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    Yes yes yes indeed
  9. Which campaign was your favorite and why?
  10. As this wasn't even posted in the correct section, I decided to just talk to both parties about this issue. Both understand what they did wrong, Broke should've charged Sneaky shouldnt of slain broke without warning him in internal chat that he was breaking a rule. Let us try out best to work out everything in internal chat before slaying any admin again please. Thank you.
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    No real evidence, rejected
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    shake my head my head
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