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  1. WaterPolo

    just for the record my Great Meme war post was the first in his reign sry
  2. WaterPolo

    but there was a video that came with it...
  3. WaterPolo

    but then again some executioners might really take pride in their work and enjoy sharping it after every use
  4. WaterPolo

    Probably not that often since the sheer weight of the guillotine is enough to severe heads probably
  5. WaterPolo

    fuck that, increase the explosion radius!
  6. Antonio has tried very hard to join the team. If he became an admin he must not turn into another Gio. Constantly trolling other admins and players. He’d have to be able to show respect to the hierarchy of NRP, be able to listen and learn. This app is one of his best yet, although still isn’t top quality. His age does not bother me, do not forget Rez and pew were both 14 when they became Head Admin. ive decided to vouch
  7. WaterPolo

    this never gets old reading
  8. WaterPolo

    I had to actually answer something like this at a fucking interview! Why does my country suck so much ...
  9. WaterPolo

    NRP Username: WaterPolo Character Name: (Marco Polo XI) Faction: (Grande République) GUID: (899758) Role: (General/Infantry Officer) Why do you want to lead: Stagnation is my greatest fear. It is because of this fear that I had decided to join the Grande République and pursue my life goal of being an Officer on NRP The way that I stave off my fear of stagnation is through constantly bettering myself and those around me both professionally and personally. I look forward to all the challenges and opportunities that I will encounter as a Officer on NRP and I know that I will provide an exemplary model for the Grande République. Although I will never be able to compare to our Great Lord and Savior Tax; I am confident that my strong work ethic and determined spirit will motivate and guide my fellow GR d00ds in reaching their highest potential and goals. Through this emphasis of creating an environment of constant achievement I will enhance the mission readiness and overall success of my troops. My professional capabilities will compliment my tenacious and motivated nature within the Grande République. Most importantly for me is that I recognize my shortcomings and find paths to overcome them. It is with this mentality in mind that the Grande République will guide me in my commitment to serve. “In the absence of orders, go find something and kill it.” – Field Marshall Erwin Rommel
  10. WaterPolo

    I never make it into any spicy long forum post
  11. WaterPolo

    allah akbar
  12. WaterPolo

    GR lost once last campaign. Daily reminder
  13. WaterPolo

    anything for GR High command!

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