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    The ability to change the bots into a certain class ( Change all Bots to Partizani, cav, or sailor) (Reset on map change) has now been added to the server along with the following: A button you push that brings up a list that lets people Give themselves Items (Teacup / Cup/ Botte(Bottle that cant be used as a wep ) Give themselves ALL Hats and Gloves (Turn on/off) Animations Sitting /Standing up / Cheer (Turn on/off) Can Enforce Rifle class The Ability to teleport a single team to one location The ability to teleport ALL to one location A Admin ranking system, so an Admin with a high rank can ban another admin in-game. You can now Click on a players name and click warn, first warn it sends a private message, 2nd time it slays 3rd it kicks, 4th temp ban, 5th permanent ban (This should be reset when server resets so we don’t have to keep a database) proximity chat to the server Hotkey is "O" for Players, "K" For Admins. Admins can turn the ability to read proximity chat. When they enable this function they can also talk to the living while dead, if theyre in spectator. Can now change boat speed from 1-1000% (100% being normal speed)
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    Yes yes yes indeed
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  5. Which campaign was your favorite and why?
  6. As this wasn't even posted in the correct section, I decided to just talk to both parties about this issue. Both understand what they did wrong, Broke should've charged Sneaky shouldnt of slain broke without warning him in internal chat that he was breaking a rule. Let us try out best to work out everything in internal chat before slaying any admin again please. Thank you.
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    No real evidence, rejected
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    shake my head my head
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    yes, or off to the gulags for you
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    After speaking with the executive board we've decided to unban you from the Discord. Everyone deserves a second chance but you won't get a third if you start trolling again D:
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