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  1. WaterPolo

    I never vouched for you, stop lying. Also Novalpro vouching for someone is equilvant to a devouch from an admin
  2. WaterPolo

    Very poorly put together ban appeal. I doubt you’ll ever get Admin back. My personal opinion is that he has been banned long enough though. Learn to follow the rules, especially if you’re apart of staff. No Rambo is one of the only rules in this server that will get you banned for breaking it. It ruins the experience for other people. Respect the server and you won’t be banned again 👍
  3. WaterPolo

    MFdoom is sick
  4. WaterPolo

    application mediocre at best, and doesn't make up with it with lack of hours. It'd be interesting to see his activity this passed month, but sorry I am going to Devouch.
  5. WaterPolo

    jb never existed
  6. WaterPolo

    NRP Username: WaterPolo GUID: 899758 Are you reporting player or an admin: Head of Community Staff Who are you reporting: Alfie Solomon (Duke) Date and time: December 2nd 2018 Reason: Blatant abuse of HOCS /CS powers. He has shown nothing but disregard for the Admin Staff who are the backbone of our community. Has already forced one Admin to quit and leave NRP (Florian) and was very close to having me do the same. He talks down to everyone, and demands things from his CS in an extremely unprofessional manner by hurling insults and muting when they disagree. Evidence: Most of the Evidence was deleted because right after Duke muted me twice today, both times he used bot to delete conversation right afterwards. I did screenshot after he muted me the first time though, and it's attached. Duke had a complete fit about a comment Wilhelm made to him yesterday, and just "Went on holiday" one hour before the event. Wilhelm then proceeded to ask Duke questions about what maps to use, and Duke flat out said he wasn't going to help. This is what got me removed from CS, because I defended Wilhelm, and told Duke he was being a baby. I request Duke's immediate resignation or removal of HOCS because this community can not afford someone who is so emotional that they would just quit everything we worked together on as a team within an hour of the event, and offer no help to the people who had to run it in his place. (Wilhelm ran the Campaign, and did a fine job, proving it can be done easily by someone else)
  7. WaterPolo

    this is a good one
  8. WaterPolo

    Didn’t think some would work but figured I’d throw them in the list just Incase. Danke
  9. WaterPolo

    1) The ability to give players certain clothing. Shouldnt allow any clothes that are clearly regimental, as not to confuse anyone) 2)The ability to change the bots into a certain class. Example: -Change all Bots to Partizani- 3)A search function so you can search for a players name when trying to slay/kick/ban/ 4) A button you push that brings up a list. Below is what the list should have on it. 4a) The ability for players go give themselves Items like a teacup, bottle, cup, and etc. 4b) The Ability for a player to give himself clothing 4c) Allow players without mod do some special actions. (Example: A sitting animation, a pointing animation, ect.) 4d) allow People who donated to change their clothes even when the Admin turns it off. 5)The Ability to teleport a single team to one location 5a) the ability to teleport ALL to one location 6)A Admin ranking system so that Trial admins can't ban higher ups 7)A script that lets admins chat in all chat while dead to alive people rather than spamming the pink chat. 8)beacons switch to sergeants after the captain has been killed 9) Have a automatic message that displays a message that promotes our discord (Discord.me/NWRP) and giving atleast three rules, like "No Team Hitting, Delaying or Rambo allowed on this server, if caught doing this, you'll be banned"
  10. In all honestly I appreciate the effort put into this post, and the only thing even remotely disappointing is the fact that you guys are leaving. Now I've stated solutions to you that could have help avoid this confusion, one of those being your inability to talk to any other admins besides Sneaky on Voice. If you guys had been on our discord, in the voice chat, we could've heard your complaints. The fact that you guys separated yourselves completely worked against you. CF has had the inability to even recruit players. This is probably also due to the fact that most of CF was the 65th, and they stayed on their own discord. The Admin team is not rigging the campaign. We all do our best to try and Admin the server during the events. Yes, the Admin team as a WHOLE made a mistake (We voted in Admin Chat to stop the round and change the map) We did not realize how unbalanced the map really was. This being said, it's not like we did it to make the CF lose. We as a team, want this campaign to succeed and want everyone in each faction to ENJOY themselves! In the future, we as a team will strive to do better to avoid situations like this.
  11. WaterPolo

    Almonds are great Just need them roasted and salted. Then theyre a good snack.
  12. WaterPolo

    وبالتالي. في النهاية ، يبدو أن "خادمك" المثير للشفقة قد فقد تفوقه. بالتأكيد ، لا يزال بإمكانك سحب 200 لاعب في عطلة نهاية الأسبوع ، لكن هل هذا كل شيء؟ يمكنني التفكير في الخادم الذي يحصل على أكثر من مائة لاعب كل يوم :) لقد انتظرنا كل هذا. جميع الأفواج التي رفضت احترامها ، كل الأشخاص المحترمين الذين أرسلتهم يركضون بقواعدك المؤيدة للعنصرية والمؤيدة للرهاب. كل أقوالك الصغيرة عن "حرية التعبير" لا تفعل الكثير لك الآن ، أليس كذلك؟ أتذكر حتى عندما كان هؤلاء المهرجين في ال 59 هم المسؤولون عن الأمور ، كان من اللطيف رؤيتهم. نحن نضحك عليك ، كما تعلم. كلنا. نحن نضحك عليكم نحاول جاهدين أن نجعل عملك المجتمعي الفاشل. نحن نضحك عندما تفشل في جذب أي لاعبين جدد ، لأنك تفشل في القيام بأي شيء مفيد. نحن نضحك عليكم جميعًا ، ونحن نعلم أنه في المستقبل عندما ننسى جهودكم وجهودكم الطويلة ، سنواصل حملنا مع جميع مؤيدينا. ببساطة ، قلنا لك ذلك. كم مرة تم تحذيرك؟ كم من المرات أخبرناكم أن خادمًا متعصبًا يرفض احترام الكتائب (رؤية الكيفية التي تكون بها الفرق هي السبب الوحيد وراء حروب النابليونية التي لدى أي لاعب) لا يمكن أن يستمر أبدًا؟ ماذا كنت تظن أنه سيقع. أنا أضحك عليك الآن نحن جميعا. استمتع بأيامك الأخيرة
  13. WaterPolo

    Although you listed 3 vouches from people who are no longer admins, the application is still decent. You’re not that active on the discord recently but you have been before. Obviously that doesn’t matter, what matters is your activity on the server. Ive decided to vouch
  14. WaterPolo

    Active member of the community, would be interesting to see his activity on the server if a logger could post that. Wootz has my vouche