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  1. As this wasn't even posted in the correct section, I decided to just talk to both parties about this issue. Both understand what they did wrong, Broke should've charged Sneaky shouldnt of slain broke without warning him in internal chat that he was breaking a rule. Let us try out best to work out everything in internal chat before slaying any admin again please. Thank you.
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    No real evidence, rejected
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    shake my head my head
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    yes, or off to the gulags for you
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    After speaking with the executive board we've decided to unban you from the Discord. Everyone deserves a second chance but you won't get a third if you start trolling again D:
  11. Hello! Thanks for applying. Sorry for the wait! You are hereby Accepted! Welcome to the team. I will send you a discord message.
  12. For decades, researchers have conducted studies to find out whether violent video games lead to problemssuch as aggression, lack of empathy and poor performance in school. Many studies have found that people who play violent video games are more likely to engage in aggressive behavior What are your thoughts on this? After playing hours of NW, do you ever get the sudden urge to thrust a bayonet into your teacher? Discuss
  13. Hello, thanks for applying. Seems your application is missing some essential details. Please provide your Steam Profile URL, and please tell us whether you're applying for the European server or the new North American server.
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    Hello, thanks for using the forums to file a complaint. Hoops is currently a Trial Admin, and is learning the ropes. He has much to learn and will take this complaint seriously. As Admins we are supposed to keep our player base entertained with various roleplaying techniques along with a broad knowledge of appropriate maps for the situation. After looking further into the matter we will keeping an extra eye on Hoops to make sure he is Admining correctly.
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    NRP O Clock

    Epic Gamer Moments during NRP O' Clock!
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