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  1. I beat people up for their skin color
  2. novalpro

    Very confident and assertive, a true alpha male
  3. novalpro

    3.0 because it wasn't rigged like all the other ones
  4. novalpro

    because waterpolo told me so
  5. novalpro

    If anyone has deleted it, please come out here, you deserve a marksman medal.
  6. novalpro

    NRP In-game username:Novalpro Discord username:Novalpro Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/hihelloheygreetings/ Preferred role: Caliph of the Crown Commonwealth Preferred faction: Crown Commonwealth Why you'd like to lead: Because I'm a long time cc-er and because I'm a good leader and good leaders win if they're gooder leaders than the enemies' good leaders What makes you a good leader: Most importantly, I've read a whopping 50 pages of the art of war translated into arabic! Second of all, everyone has seem my outstanding performance as the leader of the grenzers last campaign, now imagine that flawless leadership but not leading a bunch of orange guys, but the entire crown commonwealth!
  7. novalpro

    Porcupines are edgy hedgehogs, edgehogs.
  8. novalpro

    Name(s):Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi (Saladin) Position/Job(s):First sultan of Egypt and Syria, Founder of the Ayyubid dynasty. What did they do:Led military campaigns against the crusading forces Why do you like them:Not only is his skill at commanding armies admirable, but his mercy was. For context, when the crusading armies entered Jerusalem, they slaughtered everyone they saw, Jewish, Christian or Muslim. They killed so many of them that it is said the blood was knee high, after that they turned The Aqsa mosque into a stable for their horses. It is also said they would take children from their mothers and bash their heads against the wall, you get it, pretty grim. When saladin finally took back Jerusalem from the invaders, rather than do what they did, He showed mercy to the people living there. He didn't oppress them or anything. Just let them live normally. That's a very impressive thing to do considering what these people did. As for his command skill, I reckon everyone knows about it. What country are they from or what country did they serve: The egyptian sultanate, i guess.
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