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  1. novalpro

    3.0 because it wasn't rigged like all the other ones
  2. novalpro

    because waterpolo told me so
  3. novalpro

    If anyone has deleted it, please come out here, you deserve a marksman medal.
  4. novalpro

    /devouch because he'
  5. novalpro

    NRP In-game username:Novalpro Discord username:Novalpro Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/hihelloheygreetings/ Preferred role: Caliph of the Crown Commonwealth Preferred faction: Crown Commonwealth Why you'd like to lead: Because I'm a long time cc-er and because I'm a good leader and good leaders win if they're gooder leaders than the enemies' good leaders What makes you a good leader: Most importantly, I've read a whopping 50 pages of the art of war translated into arabic! Second of all, everyone has seem my outstanding performance as the leader of the grenzers last campaign, now imagine that flawless leadership but not leading a bunch of orange guys, but the entire crown commonwealth!
  6. novalpro

    Porcupines are edgy hedgehogs, edgehogs.
  7. You seem to know the RP's well, and you also have previous admin experience. Vouch
  8. novalpro

    Name(s):Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi (Saladin) Position/Job(s):First sultan of Egypt and Syria, Founder of the Ayyubid dynasty. What did they do:Led military campaigns against the crusading forces Why do you like them:Not only is his skill at commanding armies admirable, but his mercy was. For context, when the crusading armies entered Jerusalem, they slaughtered everyone they saw, Jewish, Christian or Muslim. They killed so many of them that it is said the blood was knee high, after that they turned The Aqsa mosque into a stable for their horses. It is also said they would take children from their mothers and bash their heads against the wall, you get it, pretty grim. When saladin finally took back Jerusalem from the invaders, rather than do what they did, He showed mercy to the people living there. He didn't oppress them or anything. Just let them live normally. That's a very impressive thing to do considering what these people did. As for his command skill, I reckon everyone knows about it. What country are they from or what country did they serve: The egyptian sultanate, i guess.
  9. this is the part where you say i touch kiddos
  10. Hell yeah vro 20 barrels 4 u
  11. that is FAKE NEWS you are OBVIOUSLY devouching ME for being a MINORITY I'm getting you arrested
  12. Name: Novalpro Age: 15 GUID: 1636788 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/hihelloheygreetings/ Hours in-game: 1,241 hours mostly on napoleonic wars Previous Admin Experience: None Vouches: Reason(s): I've been playing on NRP for a while now, decided to pay it back for the all the fun and friends it gave me by being an admin on it. I also think i could help in late night, since my timezone is 3-1 hours ahead of the timezones of most European players. Etiquette and Server Rules: No spamming the chat. - People who spam the chat are called spammers. Someone who intentionally team-hits his teammates. - People who intentionally hit teammates are called Teamhitters. Someone who intentionally strays away from his officer or group in a gamemode where it (Ramboing) is not allowed - People who do that are called Rambos. Build Point (BP) Waster: Someone who wastes Build Points to intentionally build things that hinder his team or does not benefit them is known as a Build Point (BP) Waster Someone who trolls other players is known as a troll. Trolling comes in many forms to name, but it's fairly easy to spot one of them. Roleplays: Battle RP The most common RP on NRP Each rank has an officer they have to follow, which means rambo is not allowed. if their officer dies or they don't start with one they have to follow another line. You are also not allowed to kill unarmed, dismounted or non-footguard surrenders. Cavalry must also stick to their general and stick together if he dies. Line battle RP It's a bit like Battle RP Only infantry and artillery are allowed. They must follow their officer and join another line if he dies. Infantry are not allowed to crouch. Volley RP Two armies face each other and fire volleys. They must form a line. Unlike line and battle rp, it is the admin who decides when to fire. Admins are allowed to enforce peace between volleys. Firing out of order is not allowed, and neither is ramboing. Assassination RP: One of my favorites. Team 1 (usually britain) has 1 general, who is the assassin target. Team 2 (always russia) is a horde of partizani. the balance is usually 1;2 The general has to dismount. In order for team 1 to win, the general must (on foot) reach a certain point in the map, this point depends on the map. They can also win by killing all players on team 2. Naval RP: I would say I like this gamemode, but there's probably someone that's going to devouch me for saying that. Whether artillery is allowed or not depends on what the admin says. Rambo is allowed, although this does take place on boats. Victory is achieved by beating the other team. Bastille RP: This is usually for a high population. How it goes is, team 1 (usually france) has to defend against team 2 (always russia), The only unit allowed in russia is partizani. Team 1 win if all partizani are dead. Team 2 wins if a partizani makes their way to the flag at the top of the bastille, or if everyone in the french team is dead. Trench RP: Two armies parallel to each other have to charge one another. The admin picks which team is charging. People can't get out of the trench until the admin orders them to. Peace is enforced before a charge is ordered, right before it the peace is disabled. (please for the love of god don't fire when peace is on) Cav vs infantry The ratio is 2;1 Team 1 is infantry and team 2 is cavalry. The cavalry cannot charge until the admin orders them to. Meanwhile the infantry TRY to form a square, which usually ends up being a blob, although working sometimes. I'm not sure if the infantry are allowed to counter charge.
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