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  1. masterpiece

  2. Hello! Every L'aigle port is dead because of update to 1.2 Does anyone have working port on actual version? good thanks
  3. Jak_Zawsze

    >*facebook notification* >check >oh its in video
  4. Jak_Zawsze

    My favorite king of France
  5. Favorite Kingdom/Empire/Etc.:Kingdom of Italy under Fascism Timeline (Start - End):1922-1943 Flag: Why do you like it:Duce was cool guy, and fascism is cool too
  6. Jak_Zawsze

    REMINDER WE ARE OPEN AND HAVE GROUP ON STEAM uwu http://steamcommunity.com/groups/1OREG enjoy
  7. In-game 12pp_LP_Fiz_Jak_Zawsze Discord jakzawsze#6130 Steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/takoodbuta/ In-game activity Daily 30min-2/3hrs Community activity Idk, im active whole european day Explain if and how you contribute to the community. Owo Explain why you'd fit for the job. I will do my best Any immediate suggestion? Naval, egg
  8. Jak_Zawsze

    >0 new songs God damn you FSE
  9. Jak_Zawsze

    Yellow cheese
  10. Jak_Zawsze

    How good is new music ;o??
  11. Jak_Zawsze

  12. Jak_Zawsze

    Boat super fast no sink please