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    This is a serious app. Treat it as such.
  4. Name Don Francisco Age 18 Steam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198058351034/ GUID 1011001010000 Hours In-game 3008 Previous Experience Commanded the ¿¡GORILLA GANG ESTAS SI SI OWO!? Nice experience. Vouches LOS GORILLA ET MARINA ESPAÑOLA Reason(s) LOS GORILLA TOLD ME TO OWO SO I GORILLA GUERRILLA WITH LOS OWO SI SI ARRRRRIIIIIIIIIIBAAAAAAAAAAAA Roleplays -Gorrilla lynching RP. Poor gorillas. -Guerrilla gorilla RP. I hope I dont need to owoxplain this one. -LOS hOWOstages RP. You gotta save that gorilla. -La MARINA ESPAÑOLA RP, towo teams in boats. Pokemons allowed here. -Brendangrad. The most devastating battle in the gorilla wars, The gorillas must destroy the evil furries to save Brendan from being owoed to death. Etiquette and Server Rules LOS GORILLA ESTAN OWO ET FORTOS
  5. Don Francisco

    Worst application ever witnessed by my unworthy eyes.
  6. Don Francisco

    You will be missed Lamb. The only good thing about this is that I wont be raped by your lamb cock anymore.
  7. Don Francisco

    NRP Username: Don (Sexy) Francisco Character Name: Francsico Faction: Ruski bois, I mean "Rossiyskiy Soyuz" GUID: 1187160 Why do you want a character: That´s a good question, my little friend. I only have one reason, Russia needs memes.
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