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  1. Sneakypanda

    Wonder who killed you >:)
  2. Sneakypanda

    Regular player I vouch for him
  3. Name: Sneakypanda Age: 17 GUID: 816174 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Sneakypunda/ Hours in-game: 2030 Previous Admin Experience: none Vouches: none Reason(s): Some admins on NRP are inactive and inefficient and I feel as if more are needed. I intend to purge badmins from NRP leaving behind only true and honourable enforcers. Roleplays: Battle rp, Hostage rp (ratios change depending on admins mood), Assassination rp (more on the defending team), LB, Western, random wep rp, cav vs cav, cav vs inf (inf sometimes has more but it changes depending on how the first round goes), Zombie rp (zombies have respawns and ratios are equal),naval, Bastille(defenders have less)
  4. Sneakypanda

    defo the bestmin ever on NRP. Have fun in Thailand, maybe you will come back one day and finally beat me in a 1v1 >:D
  5. Name Sneakypanda Requested medal(s) Donator Vouches Reason(s) Gimme Gimme Visual Proof 1 Visual Proof 2 Visual Proof 3 Visual Proof 4
  6. Sneakypanda

    @SacrificialLambit was a joke but Earl is annoying as fuck and told me to go to the forums so I did
  7. Sneakypanda

    I want this man hanged and all of his estates to be given to me along with his riches and all of his dogs
  8. Victim Sneakypanda GUID 816174 Suspect Earl_of_Warwick_the_pious Date 21/06/2018 Text Evidence slayed me for no reason. Visual Evidence
  9. Sneakypanda

    NRP Username: Sneakypanda Character Name: Pandi Faction: Grande République GUID: 816174 Why do you want a character: Sebi seduced me into it, also sounds kinda cool and I have been bored asf recently