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  1. [59th] Darkslayer

    I love the detail and effort you've put into that @Bullet Magnet! May - Llewellyn Daffyd Ewis. R.I.P <3
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  4. [59th] Darkslayer

    Hey there! @47e_SoD_Otto_De_Adolf Campaign achievements will be coming soon to the forums. These will be medals available to earn alongside the campaign ONLY! I just want to mention again, IT'S FOR CAMPAIGN ONLY! You'll get more news of them soon.
  5. [59th] Darkslayer

    ^^ Never forget.
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  8. [59th] Darkslayer

    He made a "serious app." The "hero" must be unbanned for that!!
  9. [59th] Darkslayer

    Thanks for the opportunity, I'll contact meow now! Thank you!
  10. [59th] Darkslayer

    Hey guys, Ok so, @Gay_ningaja I appreciate the feedback provided. The reason for my removal, evidence in the logs which I thank @Dimitry For posting! The reasons started after my (Head Mentor) was removed. After this incident I became very inactive, to the point I didn't go on for 2 months. (My activity before hand, was ok, going on about once a week, but still wasn't satisfactory.) I became demanding on why it was removed, and was frustrated with it. It would come to a point where I messaged scandy almost every day about it. I began to just shitpost on Discord, and would furthermore cause issues on there. Whenever announcements would appear, Scandy could always rely myself to appear infront of him about them. Admins were becoming fully frustrated with the person I'd become, I wasn't fully toxic to say, but I did have my moments. (I'm sure everyone does.) After 2 months acting like this, Scandy took the right action to remove me. I hope this is what you were looking for? @Gay_ningaja. I didn't do the minor Roleplays, because I just wanted to show the main ones, but I am happy to edit it to show other ones like, Ambush, Naval etc...
  11. Name: Darkslayer or as some know me as [59th] Darkslayer Age: 15 GUID: 1664271 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198257035857 Hours In Game: 597 Previous Admin Experience: I was an admin on NRP from September 2017 - February 2018. Vouches: Presidente Kaiser NSL (TA, not sure if it counts.) And if anyone else I've forgotten, or if you would like to input to this, feel free to comment it. I respect all feedback and all opinions. Reasons to join: After my removal from the admin team, I took a break from NRP completely. But recently, I've come back as a new person, I'm trying to be nicer to everyone, and as helpful as I can. I want to start fresh on the admin team, sure I was a quite a meme when I was last there, but I took it a little too far. I want to join back because I want to provide my full support to the server once again. It was the main reason why I originally applied to join, although I didn't fully achieve that through my course. This time I'll stay dedicated to helping the server, as I have a lot of free time now. Although my activity on the server has been shitty. I've started to appear more in the community - on discord. And I've been attending the campaigns (love them btw.) But if I get admin, I'll be on the server most days helping out. Roleplays: Battle RP: Every lineman on their officer All cavalry must be on the General No Rambo, unless want a thicc warn and then slay. No team hits/Kicks. All charge when admin deems it suitable. Cavalry vs Infantry RP: Balance should be 2:1 In favor of the Infantry (Russians) Cav must wait in their spawn, and Russians must form up. Russians must only take Militia or Partizani. Cav charges when admin will it. Cavalry vs Cavalry RP: Balance 1:1 Cavalry usually should never include UK due to the weakness. Both teams wait at spawn, and then they charge after admin wills them to charge. Assassination RP: Balance 2:1 usually, can also be set higher. The defending team must hide their general, the Partizani - Russians must find him. The general must reach the Russians spawn to win the round. If the general dies the Russians win. Linebattle RP: Everyone must follow the officer. People can't step out of line to shoot. Soldiers can't crouch. Once the officer starts moving, everyone must follow. Any team hits, trolls or Rambo's should be warned not to continue, refusal = Slay.
  12. [59th] Darkslayer

    We had a whole bunch of good times Lamb, on NRP and in the Discord. Hopefully, such memories can carry on, but I wish you all the best of luck in Thailand, and with the future career you're pushing for! I hope it all goes your way. A great friend and a truly helpful person. Best of luck! - Darkslayer
  13. [59th] Darkslayer

    When the power is forced out...
  14. [59th] Darkslayer

    Also, you say Diss the 59th. However what have they done? The is only basically 3 59th admins. Krytenn, lady and myself. So don't blame us for your fault being banned thank you.
  15. [59th] Darkslayer

    Vouching: A dedicated player. I've seen him he is always following rules. Although this app is a bit messy. It still shows sign of dedication to join. Seems like a nice guy to get along with. And shows some good sign of Roleplay Knowledge. I wish you luck!!!
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