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  1. [59th] Darkslayer

    I love the detail and effort you've put into that @Bullet Magnet! May - Llewellyn Daffyd Ewis. R.I.P <3
  2. [59th] Darkslayer

  3. [59th] Darkslayer

  4. [59th] Darkslayer

    Hey there! @47e_SoD_Otto_De_Adolf Campaign achievements will be coming soon to the forums. These will be medals available to earn alongside the campaign ONLY! I just want to mention again, IT'S FOR CAMPAIGN ONLY! You'll get more news of them soon.
  5. [59th] Darkslayer

    ^^ Never forget.
  6. [59th] Darkslayer

  7. [59th] Darkslayer

  8. [59th] Darkslayer

    He made a "serious app." The "hero" must be unbanned for that!!
  9. [59th] Darkslayer

    We had a whole bunch of good times Lamb, on NRP and in the Discord. Hopefully, such memories can carry on, but I wish you all the best of luck in Thailand, and with the future career you're pushing for! I hope it all goes your way. A great friend and a truly helpful person. Best of luck! - Darkslayer
  10. [59th] Darkslayer

    When the power is forced out...
  11. [59th] Darkslayer

    Also, you say Diss the 59th. However what have they done? The is only basically 3 59th admins. Krytenn, lady and myself. So don't blame us for your fault being banned thank you.
  12. [59th] Darkslayer

    Of course, it's hard for me to point out my favorite topics. But as subjects in history, I study. I like the following: Napoleonic Era British Empire WW2. Civil Rights in 1950/60s America And I do like Victorian England. All these because of so many interesting topics inside these 5 categories.
  13. [59th] Darkslayer

    NRP username: Darkslayer Character name: Sir Darkie Faction: the Crown colonies. guild:1664271 Why you want this character: because I like the campaign idea and wanna join in on it. And I like to lead lines so can help doing that. :D.
  14. [59th] Darkslayer

    Yes as @Gay_ningaja said. You should be unbanned it was a temporary ban. So feel free to go on the server have and have fun. Just please don't spam "naval" or anything after being wanted countless times not too. Have fun!! ??
  15. [59th] Darkslayer

    Yeah, and I don't mind that happening, however, scandy did state he was going to look at it. It's good you're sticking up for someone but when someone says they're looking at it please refrain from carrying out the complaint. thank you xoxo <3
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