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  1. I shot my teacher in the throat after playing too much GTA V, this was the only cause and couldn't be because my dad left my mum at the age of 3 and all she does now is abuse me giving me severe psychological issues. I'm 100% sure it was the video game
  2. Due to you have a solid number of vouches, as well as very recent admin experience, your application is hereby ACCEPTED. Please wait to join the server until you are informed that you are whitelisted.
  3. Skeepr

    Clear demonstration of how you destroyed the beta Prussians in Melee and Shooting. This Medal Application is hereby accepted.
  4. Skeepr

    Did you just delete the "Reasons" part of the app? You're missing it. I suggest you look at some other accepted apps and add that parts as it is very crucial to the app. It shows us why you want to be an admin and that you are going to be a passionate member of the admin team
  5. Campaign is rigged, how did Austria win. SMH /Vouch
  6. On the young side, but he is more mature than a lot of the older admins. Roleplay's are on the short side but he has a good base to learn from. I'm sure he has a lot of potential. /Vouch
  7. What is this? NRP will never die. Active in the community as of recently, and we need more admins. /Vouch
  8. Decent app, seems like a genuine fella. /Vouch
  9. Seems like a well-rounded application. Do you have a lot of free time now you are out of university or do you work?
  10. NRP Username: Skeepr/[AUS]Skeepr Medal Requested: Grenadier, Notorious Fighter (Maybe) Vouches: (Vouches are not essential, however having admins that were present vouch for your deeds will greatly speed things up) A lot of people saw what I did, I had 15 kills by the end of the second map (Which was only 2 rounds) Evidence: I blew up 5 people with 1 nade and 2 more with the second, by the end of that round I had 11 kills, 4 from melee 7 from nades (place images or media here which prove you met the requirements)
  11. Name Skeepr Age 17 Steam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198114229688/ GUID 937816 Hours In-game 2696 Previous Experience old NRP admin, old JB admin. I am able to use scripts. They were added for a few months before I became inactive and was purged. Both times were removed for inactivity, but this was over a year ago for both. Vouches Waterpolo Reason(s) I know the admin team is low on staff. I am a more than capable member, plus I have also been playing in the campaigns (although I am a bit late) and have some ideas to revitalise the server and breathe some new life into it. As well as this I have many friends who are role-players who I bring to the server in a lot of the campaigns, and i'm more than sure would also like to be admins on the server. Roleplays Battle; Any Nation vs Any Nation Infantry follows officer (Cav on General) Firing line used to kill surrenders (On admins or officers orders) Line Battle; Any Nation vs Any Nation Infantry follows officer No Crouching Can only shoot once lined up Volley; Any Nation vs Any Nation 1 Big Line on each side for each team Must fire in volley's until admin says to charge Assassination; Any Nation vs Russia Defenders protect the general Attackers must be partizani Balance should be in favour of Russia/partizani's Hostage; Any Nation vs Any Nation Defenders must keep the hostage away from the attackers Defenders win if hostage dies, either via trying to escape or by running out of time Attackers win if they escape with the hostage Naval; UK vs France No sailing before admin's command Trench; UK, France, Russia vs Prussia, Austria Can only leave trenches after admin says so Team must charge on admin's command Stalingrad; Russia vs Prussia Russia must be militia Balance can be changed depending on who is winning Melee only each 3rd round Cav vs Cav; Any Nation vs Any Nation Cav only Charge on admins only Infantry vs Cav; Russia vs Any Nation Infantry must be militia Cav charges on admin's command Town; Russia vs Any Nation Partizani's rebel (Normally at 56:00) Guard's must keep hold of the town Western; Any Nation vs Any Nation Officers only Etiquette and Server Rules May only speak English No spamming No Rambo No Surrender-kill No Teamhitting No Delaying No BP wasting Listen to admins No cheating/hacking No impersonating admins
  12. For all it's worth; I have seen Vixtro on the server and was playing with him for about an hour (If it was this same person or maybe another similar name). However much that contributes to the overall playtime i'm not sure. But he seems very genuine.
  13. Skeepr

    NRP Username: Skeepr Character name: Skeepr Faction: Grande Republique GUID:937816 What character: I would prefer to be an officer/general. I enjoy tactics more than just right out fighting but am comfortable with being a soldier as well. I aspire to help lead this Grande Armie to victory!
  14. Found the proof of former adminship; i am still in both the "NWRP Server Admins" and "59th Server Admin's". So if that isn't proof, I don't know what is.
  15. If any of you have KL4R he may or may not remember me, it was quite a while ago that i admined on JB. But if he does remember he can clarify that i was an admin
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