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  1. Not to be condescending or rude, but take a look at your application and then compare it with all the other accepted applications, play a game of spot the difference. Then ask yourself, will mine also be accepted?
  2. Arno

    59th is BACK in Mount and Blade: Napoleonic Wars! Join TODAY ! We still use the same website - 59th.eu
  3. I copy and pasted my own application and then went through it and edited parts of it, that is there for all to see, I am not denying that. There is no point in me typing out the exact same thing that I would type into a blank text considering there is nothing wrong with what I have stated. Furthermore there is nothing against copy and pasting to my knowledge, previous applications would have normally been accepted if it followed all the guild lines and met all other criteria. (If I am wrong, my apologies, however that was the norm) The comment on the campaign was only a side note of the bigger issue which is the general population of the server throughout the day, and like I've stated I would help contribute to rebuilding "off-hour's" population so to speak. As far as I'm aware, I am well enough known in the community and especially to the veteran players of NRP.
  4. Name: 59th_Cornetto_Arno Age: 18 GUID: 408489 Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198044662170/ Hours in-game: 4,500 Previous Admin Experience: Was a Senior Admin from 2015-2017 (Late October) And am more than familiar with basic admin'ing through the admin panel of the 59th Event/Training servers. Vouches: Anyone who knows me well enough can vouch on my behalf. Reason(s): 59th has recently came back to M&B and has a whole we are all interested in getting the server back up and running during the off-hours, I believe that I can help with this through admin'ing due to my experience. Additionally the Campaign event's have added an exciting twist to the server which hasn't been seen before on this scale and is something that I most certainly want to contribute to. Moreover, Previously a Senior admin like I said, back when LonelyWolf, Shockwave and WordEdit_XIII were Head Admins. Roleplays: Assassination - Partizans try to kill general, guards are outnumbered 2:1 depending on balance. Partizani' win by assassinating the general. Rules applied are just universal server rules (Following admin instruction, go consistent toxicity etc...) War/Peace - Period of peace to allow prep time for inevitable war, then evolves into battle RP but with more RP elements. Standard Battle rules applied. (No rambo, follow beacon, listen to admin etc...) Standard battle RP - Battle, all classes allowed, battle to one team is all dead (Rules; no Rambo, Follow beacons, listen to officers/admins, no BP spam etc...) Austerlitz/Waterloo RP - (Pretty similiar to Battle with a few roleplay elements) obviously on the correct maps (The Island and Champ Eleyses*) Cav vs Cav - Self explanatory, Large Cavalry battle. (Universal server rules) Pike vs Pike - Equip everybody with a pike, self explanatory like Cav vs Cav. (Universal server rules) Battle of Egypt RP - Basically Cav vs inf with organised inf squares, play on Pyramid map . (Admin instruction needed) Trench - 2 trench's, hold the trench, charge when all charge is given, again self explanatory (Follow admin instruction when given) Naval -"I still believe that naval is a broken RP and always has been, it results in constant resets due to players falling, and the general boat mechanics are broken. Additionally constant bickering over who gets to drive the boat etc does not provide a good experience on the server and does often cause conflict - something which I believe should not expected when you join NRP." Ambush - An marching column enters a forested, when ambushed by partizan guerrilla's (2:1) Fight till either side wins (Guards most stay in formation until attacked, and aren't allowed to rambo; Partizani's are allowed to spread out amongst the tree's and attack when the order is given) Storming of the Bastille - Partisans storming the Bastille (obviously) 2:1 Partisan ratio vs French Guards. Stalingrad RP - Prussia vs Russia, Russia pick militia or Partizani, must be European city map. Usually (2:1) balance in favor of Russia Hostage RP - Faction 2 General TP'd to Faction 1, Faction 1 must hold the enemy General hostage and prevent Faction 2 from rescuing their General. Faction 1 wins if General dies when escaping or Faction 2 is all dead. Faction 2 wins if General is successfully rescued and escapes or all of faction 1 dies with General still alive, regardless if he has made his escape. I'm sure I can add a few more once I become 100% acquainted with admin'ing on the server once again.
  5. Like i’ve said countless times now, i’ve written enough in my defense, through my post on this thread, to PM’s on the website, conversations on Discord, Steam and even my own profile page on 59th.phy. I will refrain from commenting further unless actual evidence is provided, such as logs or screenshots in reference to any issue’s anyone has. I will speak later with Joeriig on the matter and that should hopefully bring about a conclusion. Regardless of the outcome, I thank you all for taking the time to highlight your thoughts and concerns. X
  6. Arno

    DarkSlayer has always been pleasant to talk to, although I would say our time has been limited while in the 59th, he is very mature and well educated with the admin panel. Moreover, his application is well presented and would definitely would be a good addition to your admin team if his activity keeps getting better (which I seen it has been today) Obviously my application is still up in there air, but seeing that players opinions do matter, i'm happy to share mine I VOUCH for DarkSlayer you are 15? wtf
  7. I was attempting to break the window, and the guy walked in front of me - obviously that isn't view able from the SS, it occurred upstairs if logs could show that it was only 1 hit, it would help shed some truth of my story. It was completely unintentional, hence my response.
  8. Please don't go into some sort of conspiracy crap, the only way I will get admin, is my posting an application here - I ain't thick, and I ain't some snake speaking in a back alley about trying to launch a 59th coup on NRP. I was added to the group prematurely in anticipation of the campaign today, nothing else.
  9. I believe I am to be standing in for arty on CC today, if the 1st choice does not attend. I asked if it would be possible to have admin for the campaign - however, I was to still put up an application regardless. Pew added me to the list prior to me posting my application, something which I only found out after going on the discord last night at 1am...
  10. I already said this was not me, and therefore is irrelevant to my actual app. That only puts me in a worse light.
  11. If you wish, you can speak to Tim about to clear up any illusions. This conversation is just gonna revolve around certain perceptions of me, which I would much prefer to clear up over Discord or TS; not to avoid the attention of those on the forum, I welcome anyone to come on as well, but to get this perceived perception of me out of everyone's head. I would not be sitting here righting out paragraphs if I wasn't genuine, I could easily go shit post on some other M&B forum like 59th.phy like some other individuals who potentially title me as "toxic" but truth be told, I am not.
  12. This is again an ignorant response which makes me question whether or not you are possibly influenced by someone else's opinion of me. It lacks any sort of basic knowledge of my previous experience. I have answered your queries, but your only alternative is to devouch because, uh well, why risk it?
  13. That should have been edited, however it was taken from my previous application. I have noticed a rise in server population.
  14. To start, Tim is too lazy to add me just based of the good of his heart, it was a joke. The entire 59th "Superiority" stuff is a meme, the only reason I do it, is because a lot of players seem to have forgotten us and it is just a way for me to wind people up abit, no harm from it. I take admin'ing the server rather seriously, as i'd prefer it be more professional is some ways as you know, through our conversation on the server the other day. That doesn't mean I don't joke or be sarcastic. However be under no illusion that I will abuse, even to the point of spawning in admin horses when not live.
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