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  1. Name 20th_LCol_NSL Requested medal(s) Distinguished Service Vouches Isaac Reason(s) Joined nrp in 2016, was an active player in 2018, participated in all campaigns, was a admin for 2-3 months, active discord user :PepeHands: Visual Proof 1 Visual Proof 2 Visual Proof 3 Visual Proof 4
  2. NSL

    I like Powerwolf and MyGrain ;-)
  3. NSL

    :pepesmug: and delete rajoy, more than 75% of ppl on discord don't know this fat guy
  4. NSL

    Joseph Joestar emote
  5. NSL

    NRP Username: 20th_LCpl_NSL Discord Alias: NSL Character Name: Matthew Enesel Faction: Grande République GUID: 1582567 Why do you want a character: I just want to have.(I said i will make when i back from holiday).
  6. Playername: 20th_VTrp_NSL Faction: France Officerslot: Line infantry officer Motivation: Successfull officer on the Egypt campaign. I love watching enemies dying and i love making flanks on them.
  7. NSL

    Playername: 20th_Trp_NSL Officerslot: Line infantry Motivation: I want to lead some soldiers to win. When we loose, flame me.
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