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  1. Prussian and Austrian camping omegalul
  2. Siderfall and Predator are not admins btw
  3. NSL

    I like Powerwolf and MyGrain ;-)
  4. NSL

    :pepesmug: and delete rajoy, more than 75% of ppl on discord don't know this fat guy
  5. NSL

    Joseph Joestar emote
  6. NSL

    Good guy /Vouch (if it counts kek)
  7. NSL

    NRP Username: 20th_LCpl_NSL Discord Alias: NSL Character Name: Matthew Enesel Faction: Grande République GUID: 1582567 Why do you want a character: I just want to have.(I said i will make when i back from holiday).
  8. Name 20th_LCpl_NSL Age 16 Steam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198060514845/ GUID 1582567 Hours in-game 652 Previous Experience I dont had any experiences :C Vouches Joeriig(ask him) :) Reason(s) I very like the server and i want to help NRP! Roleplays Battle: No rambo,follow the beacon, Beacons on officer, don't tk, kill surrenders during a firing line Linebattle: No cav,no rambo, no arty, no grenades, beacon on officer, to shoot you must be in line. Trench: A special trench map, no grenades, no rambo. Western: Only officers, only pistols, a special map War and peace: Peace untill a cav gen dont say a war, no rambo Cav vs inf: No rambo, the second team must be a russia and only militia is for players, the first team is only a cav, russians must leave a fort , a special map for it, Cav vs Cav: No rambo, only cav, a special map, sometimes speech Volley: No grenades, no rambo , no cav, inf must be on line or slay untill all charge, Etiquette and Server Rules No spamming in chat. No throwing grenades in the ally troops at start of the round. Someone who attacked a teammate on purpose is called a teamhitter. Slays for rambo, teamhitts, teamkills.
  9. Playername: 20th_VTrp_NSL Faction: France Officerslot: Line infantry officer Motivation: Successfull officer on the Egypt campaign. I love watching enemies dying and i love making flanks on them.
  10. NSL

    Playername: 20th_Trp_NSL Officerslot: Line infantry Motivation: I want to lead some soldiers to win. When we loose, flame me.
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