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  1. DukeOfWellington

    Roleplays section could be formatted alot better... For the moment no vouch or devouch from me.
  2. DukeOfWellington

    Applications will only be open for so long... apply now before we close this thread!
  3. DukeOfWellington

    not the best app but given that you've been a goodmin before, /vouch.
  4. DukeOfWellington

    All applications are as standard accepted as "soldiers", while General and Leader slots are individually chosen. All you have to do in order to have a character is register in this thread, and then use the name you register with in game during Campaign Battles. This thread serves to allow us to track players, note them in the narrative and generally keep in touch. In this thread, you can apply to have a reserved "character" in the upcoming NRP Campaign. Characters can be anything from footsoldiers to generals, and will be woven into the narrative/lore if they perform notable deeds during the various Battles. For example, if someone achieves a great KDR or performs a heroic clutch their character may be noted in the narrative for doing so and may have further opportunities presented to them down the line in the form of influence over their chosen faction's direction. Characters can simply be called what you're usually called on NRP; Applications entirely optional. A character is more of a reserved slot in the Narrative and Faction over anything else. Note - You can only have one active character at a time. If you wish to make a new one, your old one will be killed. - You must use your characters set name when playing Campaign Battles for your actions to be counted in their name. - Characters cannot be replicas of Admins/Real Life Figures (real-life figures with altered names are fine). Character Types 1. Leader Leaders will be the most regular and most involved characters; they play a huge part in communicating between the staff and the members of their faction. The exact way in which they will "lead" their faction is still in development, but it will likely involve a near-constant back and forth between the Staff to keep the faction's actions updated. They are also usually the only ones who can engage in the Diplomacy/Map Mechanics. Leaders can reserve an Officer Spot on during Campaign Battles and can only play as Officer. Leaders must wear their unique Leader Tag. 2. General Generals are those who prefer to lead armies on the Battlefield; they will rarely engage in Map Mechanics and will instead focus on winning engagements. Generals can reserve officer slots on the server for Campaign Battles and can only play as Officer. Generals must wear faction tags. 3. Soldier Soldiers are the most basic character but they also have the most flexibility; their character will be recorded and should they perform anything noteworthy this will be announced in the Narrative Updates. Unlike Generals or Leaders, they can choose whatever unit they like. If you don't want too much responsibility but want to immerse yourself in the campaign and narrative, register as a soldier! Soldiers must wear faction tags. Tags Each faction has specific tags for each type of character. These should be worn during Campaign Battles. Tags are currently a work in progress but will be posted here when decided upon, TEMPLATE APPLICATION NRP Username: Discord Alias: Character Name: Faction: (Prussia or Austria or maybe Both?) GUID: (The number displayed next to your name in the bottom left/chat when you join the NRP server) What kind of character do you consider: (Optional but helpful - What sort of character you want, what role you want to have, why you chose it, etc) All details (backstory, character specifics, etc) can be worked out if your application is accepted. You cannot reserve any character type other than soldier or general. Initial leaders will be chosen by the staff. You can indicate what role you'd like to have in the "why do you want a character" section.
  5. DukeOfWellington

    Due to the overwhelming success of both NRP Campaigns so far, work on the third one has been underway for some time. We have many incredible development goals which we will hopefully achieve soon thanks to the large campaign development team who are working hard, should you wish to join us contact Wilhelm on discord. With each major update, we'll put the information here.
  6. DukeOfWellington

    Here you can apply for Faction Leader, 2nd in Command or General. if you need assistance or want to ask a question then ping Community Staff or a member of the admin team on our discord. If you are unaware of what factions are included in this campaign in this campaign then go to this link = https://nwrp.eu/topic/675-nrp-campaign-30/ Responsibilities of each Leader role: Application Template Note we are looking for active people who are willing to actually take the time to do the role properly and who is at all the campaign battles and who have enough time to not resign at the beginning of the campaign.
  7. DukeOfWellington

    Not the best app in the whole history of NRP but certainly a decent one, roleplays list is complete with the essentials, your reasons are fine and you have quite a few hours in-game : /VOUCH
  8. DukeOfWellington

    I remember this oldmin, he was good - /vouch
  9. DukeOfWellington

    @Frankie Once again i made an assumption that seems relatively logical, someone who won't sacrifice time to make a decent app, why would they do so for NRP is the question it made me think? I didn't know you had little time to spend. Secondly, since i don't really know, yes the app is all i have to base myself on when thinking whether to vouch or devouch Thirdly, you're a ex admin, i took that knowing rps was something that you should know, and applying to be a event admin or normal admin doesn't exist - they're just made up terms, do you see "event admin application" on the top of this page? Admins should be open to both. And as i said we don't need event admins, since we have many but not many regular day admins please read what I said earlier about this so I don't have to repeat myself. And another question which i now ask myself, how can you not have the time to spend a couple dozen minutes admining nrp if you have so much time to write these lovely in-depth replies? And don't take criticism from people as insults , they are meant to motivate you to improve your app and knowledge of rps , nrp etc
  10. DukeOfWellington

    <Spends time talking about superiority < doesn't bother himself to edit the app after other admins gave relevant criticism. I won't bother trying to criticize something if you won't change anything and I made a right assumption in the first text i wrote and you just proved it @Frankie Secondly you said you wanted to be a "event admin" and which i noted and replied with the statement "we dont need event admins" . "want to see the server do well" - Doesn't play on nrp at all almost - doesn't bother himself to make his app atleast half decent so he has a shot at helping out - do you see the irony?
  11. DukeOfWellington

    almost the worst app i've ever seen (even my joke one was better) and no motivation at all shown to admin outside events/recent knowledge of NRP its going to be a strong /DEVOUCH from me.
  12. DukeOfWellington

    Haven't seen you on much (maybe I just didn't notice) on server or discord, otherwise a very mediocre app given that you have half a year's admin experience, brush up on your roleplays section and you might get my vouch but atm this just isn't enough for me. - no devouch or vouch
  13. DukeOfWellington

    Minisiege might have a point. Also pres when is that from? months ago? well the poll i did is from just yesterday so i think my evidence is slightly more relevant than yours :nwdab: also You were the one peddling 3 points which i originally agreed with after you convinced me but the campaign devs sobered me so i warned them. LIBTARD DESTROYED im done spending hours writing replies to something that could have been solved in minutes.
  14. DukeOfWellington

    Literally delays campaign giving devs a harder time and says he wants to it to die because of his personal opinion on someone "not jeopardising the community in any way" "hurting the community. " somewhat ironic given that the community was fine before this drama and it will remain just fine after, have you considered your attitude of "everyone here is 1 IQ , i am far superior and i saved nrp all hail me" might be the one hurting the community? I mean it already caused multiple people to not attend campaign events...