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  1. DukeOfWellington

    Campaign Ruleset update and more: Army Health and Balance mechanics: The Campaign will begin with 3 Nations with 2 Armies each. Every Army is worth 15 "AP" (Army Points), armies lose 1 AP just for participating in a battle and they also have the number of rounds they lost subtracted from their total ap, for example if the Confederation won 4-3 agains the Grande Republique and both armies were at full AP before the battle - both armies would lose 1 AP just for participating and then the GR would lose another 4 , for losing 4 rounds whilst the Confederation would lose 3. This is a balance mechanic to ensure one army can't win 21 battles and not lose a single man. Turn Order on the map and Beginning location for each army: -The CC's armies are will start on Providence and Wellington Village, -The CF's factions on Sarkow and Drepesk -The GR on L'Aumond and Rouez The turn sequence will be: Crown Commonwealth, Confederation of Liberated Lands, Grande Republique. Movement on the campaign map: -The CC will therefore have the very first move. Armies move from province to province. The maximum amount of movement is 2 provinces in friendly territory and 1 province of movement when moving from a friendly province into enemy territory or when moving from a enemy area to another hostile area. Armies can additionally move between occupied ports. This will take a total of 2 turns; 1 turn to embark and 1 to disembark. Battles: When 2 opposing armies collide on the campaign map, a battle ensues. Battles are planned to be fought on the server during Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.The battles will be normal battle RP but with reserved officer slots; every three rounds the map is changed. A battle is won if one of the two involved faction reaches a total of 4 round victories first. When a faction reaches a total of 5 rounds, the campaign event is ended and the results will be translated to the campaign map. The faction that won the 4 rounds will be deemed the winner If an army scores below 1 ap point it is deemed destroyed and will be removed from the campaign map. Summary: lose 1 point automatically for participating in a battle + how many rounds you lost. Victory Condition(s): The Victory Condition is to take a total of 6 provinces; when one faction gains control of 6 out of the 9 settlement (all shown in a bolder shade of white on the campaign map), the campaign will end and the respective faction will be victorious! Islands: All the smaller islands namely: Ostrov Nirok Ostrov Erlok Ile de Burly Ile de Nevoy will start as unoccupied lands meaning that the first faction to get their armies onto it will assume ownership of X island. Date: We hope to begin the campaign in the next few weeks End + Infos: If you wish to help plan the campaign pm me on discord. Credits for this to all members on discord who have the "campaign developer role" As you my see abilities have not been mentioned, but we are looking into the possibility of implementing them in the next update so stay tuned!
  2. DukeOfWellington

    @Dimitry He says he's also banned on nrp
  3. DukeOfWellington

    Executing people for their past crimes with a guillotine is a barbaric practice
  4. DukeOfWellington

    His GUID is : 3687880
  5. DukeOfWellington

    Crown Commonwealth Leader Lore: El Presidente Like the great Homer once told the tale of the tempest-tossed Ulysses, shall all those within the purview of the Provisional-Governor`s leadership rejoice in the story of the man, and the immortal legions fielded under under him. For on this sceptered isle, perched perilously above the staff of Republican tyranny, there is but one man who can hold his people well above the grasp of the perfidious Gaul, and it is by the grace of God that His Majesty`s subjects are under his protection. This is the story of El Presidente, slayer of the French, and loyal servant to the people. When the cowardly Republicans first crossed into our land declared war on our people, it was him who rallied men from all over the colony to defend their homes. When the estates of mayor after mayor fell under the hellish shadow of the imperial eagle, it was he who carried the flaming torch of the Empire- first in the rolling hills of the frontier, then in the great forests of the far north, where all who trespassed met a just end. When word finally reached El Presidente of a new British colony, founded on the key principles of resilience, he at first wished to continue the struggle on the mainland. However, due to the advice of his trusted advisor Kieran, his retinue made the perilous journey- though far less perilous than the Commonwealth`s founders- to the island. Upon disembarking, he found a land of internal squabbling- no better than the petulant mayors of the old country. Such insolence towards the legacy of the colonies was downright treasonous. A treason which could not exist as long as he walking this land of opportunity. Now, with the quarrelsome chaff swept aside and his triumphs known the world over, El Presidente sets his sights once more on the Republican menace, which grows decadent and weak. Towards the south, the cowardly Russians lead a group of bandits and miscreants towards the perverted cause of overthrowing governments across the continents. This defiance may have to be tolerated, however, at least until the greater threat is neutralized. Of course, we must remember that not all of our enemies are as visible as the French. There are subversive elements among us- among ourselves- who notice our position of power and look at us with an unquenchable envy…
  6. This thread is going to be used to justify the deaths / losses of some noteworthy characters and to justify the appearance of the new officers lorewise - enjoy. Shepard: The air in the colonies was heavy, Shephard the "Armchair Marshall" was the obvious choice for the populace to direct their anger at, elected under mandate to expand the crown, only to do the opposite, proving that administration and military command were not one in the same. After the only victory of the entire war came without his knowlage Shephard decided it was time to leave the colonies and return to Britain for better or worse no matter the chances of survival, leaving with a short informal goodbye to the cabinet he made the march from the capital to a port with a small escort of 30 men. However leaving his office behind as it stood, due to the impracticality of carrying all doccuments to port, Shephard had allowed the members of the colonies to see the large volumes of letters written in a foreign language, each doccument sighned "Shephard Kopanski" instead of "Shephard Kemp". Word soon spread about the foreigner that had lead the colonies to disaster angering the population even more, causing even those in New Cambridge to tear down the formerly proud statues of the Armchair Marshall. Meanwhile Shephard had arrived at the port town, ready to leave the colonies behind. Upon seeing the former leader of the crown colonies the population was less than happy. The townsfolk, many of whom had been plagued by the recent refugee crisis caused by the annexation of the teritories by the GR, wanted justice. The populace took up arms, a mob of men surrounded the 31 men strong force in the narrow alleys. Some of the militia possessed guns which they used to pick off small numbers of the guard, 5 men were lost before the rifles were driven back by volley fire. The withdraw of the riflemen had provoked the main mob to close in on the surrounded force. Volley after volley was fired on the charing townsfolk who seemed to only desire Shephards head on a pike. The mob's numbers dwindled but the towns people still easily outnumbered Shephard's force. Desperate, and with a dwindeling supply of ammunition, Shephard drew his sword and ordered men to fix bayonetts. The guard would charge the peasant mob on both sides, fierce fighting continued as the well trained soldiers and their commander held firm. The fighting raged on for an hour before the peasant militia finally broke through the lines of the exhausted soldiers, cutting many down quickly, the remaining soldiers and their commander fought on until eventually being cut down by improvised clubs and pitchforks. Shephard's body was later found at the sight of the slaughter. The corpse was uncerimounously impaled by a pitchfork while still clutching the sword. The attack was used to highlight the instability of the local towns, townsfolk being desperate enough to attack and kill a member of the colonies cabinet was used as an excuse to decentralise the crown colonies into the crown commonwealth, with many strong military veterans as leader to ensure that an single administrator would not be the downfall of the colonies again.
  7. DukeOfWellington

    The battles of the 2nd Campaign will be fought on a new map, with new leaders. Why, you may ask? well read below and find out. Map Lore: Description and Explanation: This map is portraying a fairly large archipelago just northwest off the old map, off the coast of GR owned lands. Timewise it's set a few years after the first GR defeat. The landmass to the top right of the map is Grande Republique, the Crown Commonwealth owns the Island to the left, and the Confederation owns the Island to the south. As you may all see there is water, quite alot of it - which is why I am very sad very glad to announce there will be NAVAL and NAVIES - a topic i will discuss in the next development update. Make sure to stay tuned to find out more soon. Credits for creation of map - DukeofWellington and Joeriig Credits for lore - Bulletmagnet
  8. DukeOfWellington

    Given lamb's past experience with bluck - I would say negatory, nothing personal.
  9. DukeOfWellington

    Well done , Accepted.
  10. DukeOfWellington

    NRP Username: [CC_Cav]_DukeOfWellington GUID: 1530283 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198062905501/ Preferred Faction: Crown Commonwealth Preferred Role: General Why you'd like to lead: The Duke was CC cav commander during essentially the whole of the campaign - after many defeats the Duke has learnt much and shown this in the most recent battle he participated in where he was instrumental towards achieving victory. Many years may have passed but the Duke is still eager to prove his skills in battle again, and to show those frogs how the Commonwealth still reigns supreme - and to redeem his passed failures. (and as a member of the nobility it makes sense a duke would hold a position of influence, or want to - atleast for this faction)
  11. DukeOfWellington

    medics can still do this fortunately - but most players aren't aware flag bearers still bear a healing knife
  12. DukeOfWellington

    Wait a moment - is that Diomedes in the first group photo?
  13. DukeOfWellington

    who comes up with these questions?
  14. DukeOfWellington

    Come on dimitry you certainly had a better picture for lamb - like that one in the ardennes forest for example, also soon ill be posting some pictures soon of some ugly folk who were there...
  15. DukeOfWellington

    Just out of curiosity ,how long have you been playing on NRP and what ingame name do you use?

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