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  1. Chinese_Propaganda

    After checking your activity in our logs and finding it to be roughly: Unless this improves along with the application (adding more role plays and removing all the useless instructions) it is a /devouch from me.
  2. Chinese_Propaganda

    Along with Arno I believe that Crontz would be a fine addition to the admin team. /vouch
  3. Chinese_Propaganda

    Was a good admin in the past, and it never hurts to have ex-admins back on the team. My one criticism is that it is a copy-paste of the last application from September 2018, however as long as you are still up to date on the RP rules, how the server works and keep up a good activity, it is a /vouch from me. (Fully dependent on activity however).
  4. Chinese_Propaganda

    out of smash, marry kill. Id smash you, count that as a /nocommen a kill would be /devouch and we cant go around killing ex-ha EVEN IF THEY DELETE US ON STEAM and marrying a cat is just fucking gay so not a /vouch
  5. Chinese_Propaganda

    This is why we need capitalism. fuck the people
  6. Chinese_Propaganda

    Ill vouch for old times sake, ive vouched for you about 4 times now so dont make me have to do it for a 5th. Good admin, can be professional but also have a laugh. Solid /Vouch
  7. Chinese_Propaganda

    Good idea vouch
  8. Chinese_Propaganda

    Decent app. Vouch
  9. Chinese_Propaganda

    NRP Username: Chinese Discord Alias: Chinese Character Name: Franz Xaver von Chincus Faction: Austria GUID: 1523494 What kind of character do you consider: General. Chincus as a rough man, drilled in many martial arts yet a firm alcoholic who spent most of his nights drinking with his soldiers. This however was during times of peace, with news on the street proclaiming an up and coming war with the Prussians, Franz decided that this would be his last chance at glory. He soon whipped his regiment into shape and it was respected as teh best regiment in the Austrian army, he would lead it to victory and prosper.
  10. Chinese_Propaganda

    NRP Username: Chinese Steam: (link to your profile): https://steamcommunity.com/id/Chinese_Propaganda/ Preferred Faction: Austria Preferred Role: (Leader/Second in Command/General) (either) Why you'd like to lead: I have been involved with leadership in the past campaigns, in the first I was a general for the CC during the first two battles and leader of the CF in the second (although not for the whole thing I left it in good hands and didn't suddenly bail unlike another leader in that same campaign). I would like to continue this streak and help out with the management and on field leading of the Austrians.
  11. Chinese_Propaganda

    not that its needed but /vouch
  12. Chinese_Propaganda

    I cant devouch two in a row /vouch
  13. Name Chinese Requested medal(s) Leadership Vouches all the people that served under me Reason(s) Lead the CF for the first few weeks of this campaign + CC rifles at one event + CC cavalry at the first 3 events of the last campaign Visual Proof 1 Visual Proof 2 Visual Proof 3 Visual Proof 4
  14. Chinese_Propaganda

  15. Chinese_Propaganda

    Doesnt like duke, old ex-min, can help with events /vouch also @DukeOfWellington you nonce, remove my management thing
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