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  1. Chinese_Propaganda

    good point, guess its time to demote antonio seeing as he is a pretty low age.
  2. Chinese_Propaganda

    Haven't I already done that twice
  3. Chinese_Propaganda

    The Confederation needs you! After various setbacks the Confederation is lacking in officers, ability doesn't matter you just need to be able to read discord! We currently need line infantry officers and a cavalry general, PM me on discord for more info!
  4. Chinese_Propaganda

    Right: You seem mature in your time as commie staff Quite active on the server from what I've seen. Previous admin experience so knows the basics. We could do with new active admins so you seem like a decent option. Had decent reasons for leaving. Id /Vouch
  5. Chinese_Propaganda

  6. Chinese_Propaganda

    See him on the server quite a bit and has obviously spent a bit of time on the application, seen by the well explained and well played out rules. Overall seems like a good application, if his activity is good its an easy vouch from me.
  7. Chinese_Propaganda

    NRP Username: ChinesePropaganda GUID: 1523494 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Chinese_Propaganda/ Preferred Faction: The Confederation of Liberated Lands Preferred Role: Faction Leader, General or 2nd in Command Why you'd like to lead: After leading the CC cavalry in the first two events of the last campaign, a line at an RS event and then being the footguard officer in the ill-fated rebellion, I believe that I have a knowledge (someone limited I agree) of all fields of command, therefore, would be a good choice as a general for any tasks that the leader needs doing. As well as that Cecil Fawcett-Hackney has survived all of this, despite never winning a campaign battle, he is a battle-hardened veteran who would make a great addition to any army, he is loyal to the once mighty RS and would take a great pleasure forming a state to reclaim its once mighty empire. Despite his age, old Cecil is back in action. Edit: I have attended every campaign bar the last one, and I can't see that changing meaning that there would be no questions over my availability.
  8. Chinese_Propaganda

    I had something similar but we had a list of 8 and gradually got more information but had to eliminate one each time, I ended up with the straight white male. Only person in the class who did.
  9. Chinese_Propaganda

  10. Chinese_Propaganda

    Vouch - See him on the server a lot and seems mature.
  11. Chinese_Propaganda

    The GUID is 768342, sorry for the inconvenience gay
  12. Chinese_Propaganda

    I have helped him with the applications and he seems mature enough to be an admin and has obviously spent the time to make the applications good (format and content wise). Overall I think he would be a good addition to the team. /Vouch
  13. Chinese_Propaganda

    Clearly spent a lot of time on the application. Has quite a few vouches. Seems Mature. Somewhat cares for the server, due to that long ass Reasons bit. Has a good understanding of the rules. Has a lot of hours in-game, meaning he has a good understanding of how it works. Overall a solid application /VoUCh
  14. Chinese_Propaganda

    I see you quite a bit on the server, seems mature enough to be an admin and can always be removed if he isnt. Id say /vouch if he has a good activity history and can keep it up. ^happy now dio Happy now Gay?