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  3. Name bmert06 or mert06 Age 13 Steam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198230105904 GUID 1292440 Hours In-game 500 Previous Experience unfortunately i dont have any admin experience however i know how to use the admin panel Vouches (will add them later) Reason(s) i have been playing on this server for nearly 4 years and its my favourite server.İ know that its in a hard phase,but it can survive till bannerlord is out.And i think that NRP needs more admins from turkish timezone. Roleplays battle RP for less people:ramboing allowed no trolling surrender killing is allowed balanced.battle RP:follow your officer no BP spam no surrender killing balanced . linebattle RP:follow your officer random maps balanced no crouching no firing without your line.assasination RP balance in favour of russia the russia must go partizani the othr team must protect the general.war and peace RP:balanced admins pick generals the generals can make peace and start a war not obeying the general is not permitted.hunger games RP: both teams go partisani after they split up the admin alllows team killing. naval RP: no special rules dont kick people off the ships or dont act like an idiot while controlling the ship.bastille RP balanced in favour of russia russia must go partisani double assasination RP:balanced two generals both teams have to protect their general and attack the enemy one generals beaconed if the game turns toa hide n seek cav vs cav RP: no special rules everyone goes cav cav vs inf RP: balance in favour of inf the other team must go cav and not directly rush to the enemy. Etiquette and Server Rules no teamkilling/teamhitting;no wasting BP;no TNT spam;no spamming in chat;no foreign languages on chat(one or two words can be tolerated);no ramboing(unless its a RP that ramboing is tolerated);follow the RP rules no surrender killing(unless its a RP that surrender killing is tolerated) no trolling arty;no acting like an admin;no hacking;no trolling in general.
  4. Bmert06

    NRP Username mert06 GUİD 1292440 steam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198230105904 preffered faction GR preffered role general why would you like to lead because of the fact that i lead troops good on the field as well as i lead cav and i want to support my faction as well as and i know my responsibilites well i can easyly make a fancy backstory for my character
  5. Bmert06

    NRP Username: Bmert06 Character Name: mert06 Faction: grande republic GUID: 1292440 Why do you want a character:i am playing this game for a long time at this server i have like 100 + hours i can suitas a officer very well (character backstory will be given after thiss aplication is accepted)
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