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  1. SacrificialLamb

    Just wanted to say that Bluck has admitted to being in the wrong for what happened which at least counts for something. I hold no ill will towards him now and we get on fine when we attend LBs or events together. For reference for why he was removed tho (I will note siege that the insults started flying way before his removal.)
  2. SacrificialLamb

    #1376573 # Corinthian (giving out pass no unban), from banlist. (the # before your GUID means you're already unbanned on NRP)
  3. SacrificialLamb

    You sure? Try again just for good measure. Logs says you’re unbanned (unless I’m a retard)
  4. SacrificialLamb

    Post yours @Meow you pussy
  5. SacrificialLamb

    Only posting logs regarding Dimitry's comment about arno threatening to ban him on Saturday 14th below. Joe will decide when he has a free moment.
  6. SacrificialLamb

    Yes I saw pew add them to admin as well meow. Pew also told joe in lobby arno and wookie were added as admin when I was HA which isn’t true. Then one of them was on the verge of getting admin (whitelisted and was awaiting reset). Just makes me slightly suspicious (telling him this in lobby meant I could have easily missed it) is all but could be nothing.
  7. SacrificialLamb

    I don’t mind you raising points which you disagree with at all btw, which is why I discussed it calmly with you on friday. I also think you do genuinely care about the server. The only point I took issue with was when someone else (and you’re ofc not liable for this) suggested the new admins / rules was somehow causing the server its problem and the downturn that happened last summer and about 3 months ago was due to the end of the glorious 59th rule. Could I also ask if you’ve perhaps asked pew to add you to admin before making this app? I’ve seen pew asking around for joe to add you to admin is all. Clarification would be nice. I don’t doubt that you didn’t actually ask tim, but it seems like that phrase was used as a threat to try to convince me to add you. But perhaps it was all just a joke, I’ll never know for sure.
  8. SacrificialLamb

    It does seem a bit odd to make such a joke on probably our first serious conversation, especially since you were asking me to give you admin.
  9. SacrificialLamb

    Just so people know btw, we’ve had an average of 140-150 at our peak at 9pm GMT on weekdays for a while now, although understandably the later peak time might have hidden this from you. On weekends we get 200+ with the campaign as well. You seem usually to be pretty reasonable but at certain time I do feel perhaps you believe your 59th ties means ‘a bit’ too much. Last time you applied, in our steam convo you told me you could get Tim to add you to admin anyways (which didn’t happen) but was asking me (HA at the time) out of courtesy.
  10. SacrificialLamb

    Posted one in lobby and staff channel when asked. Time for you to post an actual one chin.
  11. SacrificialLamb

    Lets revive this thread. Someone be brave pls. @The Tax Collector Why don’t you get the ball rolling.
  12. SacrificialLamb

    I don't do vouches etc. anymore ofc, but I have to say I do remember his name from the server and don't remember him breaking any rules or trolling. A log check will ofc be much more informative on how active he is. Also, hes on the discord as alex and is fairly active on there.
  13. SacrificialLamb

    (As much as Nobo says he hates these things I had to do one, if only to piss you off nobby) As mentioned on the discord, I'm leaving the UK and returning to Thailand for a long time (possibly forever if I don't return to do a masters degree). The time difference plus a full time job would mean I wouldn't be able to put in the hours to justify me being HA. As a result, I've handed over my HA-ship to Joeriig, someone who has already achieved incredible things in his short time on the server. I'm able to leave with no worries as I know he will only improve it much beyond what I had left behind, and what he had already helped strengthened. I wasn't a HA, admin or even a player for too long (joined NW in early 2017, admin in late 2017 and HA since May 2018) so I'll keep this short. I won't get into specific names etc. as there is simply too many amazing people I met during the relatively short time I was on the server and the even shorter time I was an admin and HA. Those of yous who helped me out as a player, admin, and HA you know who you are. I thank you so much for going out of your way to help or even just befriend a noob player, a noob admin, and finally a noob HA. Chances are, if you think you've helped me out or is a friend to me then you are, and I do wish to thank you. Before I came on NRP, I had no idea how amazing online games can be; I had never properly played an online game, and FIFA and FM were the only 2 games I had proper hours in. Even then, it was minute compared to the hours I later put into NW. I got the extension after never actually playing the Native multiplayer and with the expectation that there would be a NW singleplayer. When I found out there was no single player, I didn't know you could refund it and so resolved to stupidly put hours into the multi to justify the money I had already lost. I've never been happier to be so utterly retarded about something. And so I thank all of you so much for showing that you can actually meet people through a video game, get to know them, and start calling them your friends. It really has open my eyes, and it really has been a pleasure playing with and meeting you all. I hope to still see you on the server or discord sometime.
  14. SacrificialLamb

    To enhance the NRP Campaign experience, we suggest you download our mod! You will be able to play the game properly with it installed. The mod will retexture your units skins to reflect the factions in our campaign! link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/voc80rr3z223wz2/NRP_Campaign.zip Step 1. Download Link Paste the url in your browser and search, you will find the mediafire page with a large green download button. Its quite a beefy download so make sure to download it soon! Step 2. Rename the original "Napoleonic Wars" Folder. You can only play multiplayer by making mount & blade think the mod is the original "Napoleonic Wars" module. Rename the original "Napoleonic Wars" folder to anything you like, just to make sure you backed it up. You can find all your modules in here: Steam\steamapps\common\MountBlade Warband\Modules Step 3. paste the new "Napoleonic Wars" folder into your modules directory Paste the: "Napoleonic Wars" Folder found in the "NRP Campaign" zip into your Steam\steamapps\common\MountBlade Warband\Modules folder. This folder is your mod.