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    this is a terrible idea /vouch
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    We need to bring back this wonderful emoji seeing as we have no other laugh emoji.
  4. Name: The_Pleb_Knight Age: 15 GUID: 1738918 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/lonehunter32/ Hours in-game: 3,049 as of November 19th 2018 Previous Admin Experience: Pretty much nothing Vouches: Chinese, Hopefully someone else eventually Reasons: Since I'm homeschooled and have pretty much no life I figured I could help NRP stay alive since I will be able to be on for quite a lot of time compared to other people . I also just want to learn how to admin properly in case I have to do something similar some other time, and since I somewhat frequently accuse the admins of being biased towards the CC I figured I should go for admin as well so I can balance it out. Etiquette and Server Rules: No Trolling No BP Wasting No Delaying No Chat Spamming Kill surrenders via firing line Roleplays: Battle RP Follow your beaconed officer if there is one, if there isn't join another line or stick together Both Factions are allowed to do whatever they want as long as they follow officer unless they both camp, then an all charge is called Trench RP Both factions stay in their trench until allowed to shoot Then one or both factions are ordered to charge the other faction Only infantry allowed Line Battle RP Players fight an infantry only battle Crouching is banned Must stay in line and on an officer Cav vs Cav RP Both factions must go all cav Limited dragoons Players from each team line up and then charge Cav vs Inf RP One faction goes all cav and the other normally goes militia Cav lines up and waits for the order to charge Militia form square most of the time Assassination RP On that one map I can't remember One faction take Napoleon and Line Inf Other faction takes all partisans Assassins outnumber the French Bastille RP On the Bastille map One faction is partisans and outnumbers the defenders heavily Partisans attempt to take the flag on the top of the Bastille Naval RP Done on Naval Maps Both factions can take any class except for arty Hostage RP One factions tries to defend a Hostage and prevent him from escaping Other faction tries to rescue him Inf only Western RP On the map Spanish Town I think Both factions use pistols Normally use swords as well but can use other weapons
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    Cav v Pikes from a while ago
  6. lonehunter32

    NRP Username: lonehunter32 Character Name: lonehunter32 Faction: Rossiyskiy Soyuz GUID: 1738918 Why do you want a character: Partizani Charges are my fetish, and the campaign sounds like good fun.
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