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  1. Wilhelm_II

    >is from Yorkshire >has webbed feet >larps as an Austrian >made a regiment and left it instantly >likes men and their toes It's a /vouch from me.
  2. Wilhelm_II

    Says his admin status is important to him yet has never logged in to the server as admin 🤔
  3. Wilhelm_II

    This was a joke with my favourite sand dweller noval, i spawned him after i was done yeeting on him and he was left with no serious mental trauma.
  4. Wilhelm_II

    literally a year younger than you lmao
  5. Wilhelm_II

    So you closed this complaint on your own, without allowing others to chime in, that is pretty scummy, what you did on Saturday was pretty scummy as well, that is going on a figurative "holiday" over the weekend so try and prove a point that you are necessary and that the server NEEDS you, obviously the campaign went completely fine without you because being head of campaign really isn't that difficult, it is not nearly as stressful as you like to make it out to be, like it or not, but honestly you are not incredibly needed, its not like there is nobody that could step in as head of comm staff or head of campaign, and calling polo "the emotional one", when you just admitted that the reason for you going on break was catalysed by a "particularly rude comment" makes it seem like you are the overemotional oversensitive little bitch. It is also pretty shallow of you to not recognise that while other factors were involved you were a driving force in Florian leaving. Also using the excuse of "muted for toxicity" is basically you just admitting that you didn't like what he was saying so you muted him, its not like he spammed, no rules were broken, the "toxicity" rule is used solely on people of greek nationality anyway. Finally, you saying that your removal would "kill the server" is incredibly narcissistic and also very very wrong, the server did fine without you, and it can do fine without you again, thinking you are somehow on a higher plain of existence because you picked some maps and gave some people comm staff ranks is pretty retarded.
  6. Wilhelm_II

    Perma ban is harsh and you will be unbanned, but it is a warning to your gay regiment that they need to follow officers as well, just because you lot are shit at melee doesn't mean you are excluded from the rules, we do not pity your trash abilities, follow an officer next time. Edit: Aye lmao you are full on autists enjoy your bans
  7. Wilhelm_II

    This is a terrific application, one of the best i have personally ever seen, you clearly have an incredibly full and complete knowledge of the server, along with this you have demonstrated your unbelievably high IQ. All these factors combined make it impossible for me to not vouch for you, I expect you will be HA by the new year, it is a /vouch from me dawg.
  8. This man is a very sexy honourable member of the 17th, I have seen him about, decent application, vouches before you post your app mean almost nothing realistically, hours are acceptable, some grammar mistakes but nothing serious, it is gonna be a /vouch from me dawg.
  9. NRP Username: Wilhelm II Medal Requested: Survivor Ribbon Vouches: Meow, Gay, Predator, Scandy, Zobim, Timur, Harold, Noval, Florian Evidence:
  10. 1. Admin team is rigging the campaign. 2. Jailbreak opinions don't matter. 3. 65th bad lmao. 4. Greece bad lmao. 5. fug prasedonti.
  11. Wilhelm_II

    Previous admin experience is void since it is jailbreak, reasons are shit, roleplay list is nothing special, only 9 listed, no vouches, didn't include VietnamRP. Overall its a /vouch from me.
  12. Reset was to fix CC officers, this should have been clarified in internal chat to other admins and to other players via purple admin chat, the reset itself was somewhat valid but definitely should have been clarified more. I agree that the all charge message on the 2nd map was a bit eh, but it true the 65th chose to sally out knowing that they didn't need to for another 6 minutes, while i agree that to a certain extent the side with far fewer members shouldn't really be forced into an all charge the confederation did attack before the all charge was officially given. On your point about having a fixed all charge time, I am afraid i must disagree, a round on NRP can last anywhere from 2-30 minutes purely based on circumstance, and to force an all charge even when the round conditions presented are incredibly unfavourable to such a decision wouldn't be in the best interests of the round imo. Just to conclude, I agree that the reason for the reset should have been clarified, and that there wasn't really a need to post something regarding an all charge 6 minutes before the all charge was actually planned to be issued, but once again the 65th and the rest of the confederation soldiers did choose to sally out of their fort before the all charge was enforced, and I also disagree that there should be a fixed all charge time as it reduces the available round options and outcomes.
  13. Wilhelm_II

    List of RPs has to have descriptions attached to them, your reasons could also be longer, and finally, you are Italian so its a /devouch from me. Edit: New app is better, RPs have descriptions, reasons is still a bit short and none of your 3 vouches are actually admins.
  14. Wilhelm_II

    Please bring :pepetard: back x