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  1. Wilhelm_II

    that would honestly be a good improvement, maybe not to remove them entirely as they have their usefulness, but just to reduce the effect.
  2. Wilhelm_II

    Reupload of Diomedes' previous topic for re-evaluation. Still unbalanced, overpowered annoyances as they were when they were first implemented. Only a handful of players would complain about their removal (those who always take footguard to use nades to increase their kills). Even adding a fuse did not balance them as sometimes you cant see where they land. I am sure they didn't work as mobile artillery historically like in game.
  3. Poke him and sees if he goes all Captain Jack.
  4. Wilhelm_II

    I like this person, its a vouch from me dawg.
  5. Wilhelm_II

    NRP Username: Kaiser Wilhelm II GUID: 1519153 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/erdoganisgod/ Preferred Faction: The Confederation of Liberated Lands Preferred Role: General or 2nd in Command Why you'd like to lead: I am a seasoned veteran of the campaign and have been an officer for the Crown Colonies through the bad times and the eventual singular victory at the end, I want the campaign to do as great as it possibly can and want to help in any way I can to make that a possibility, I think the new faction is very interesting and will be very unique in contrast to the bore ragnarok GR and CC, I wish to join this new faction as a general to make sure it does well and to remain in a position where I can look down on peasant rankers.
  6. Wilhelm_II

    This is not a good application in my opinion, you used "somali pirates" and gio horde as RP examples, both are awful, you hours are reasonable but not fantastic, you are most likely joking about your age but if you aren't then that's an issue, obviously the Nazi profile pic is a red flag, so is the layout of your application, the RPs and their descriptions are a pain in the ass to read, it is far easier for people to read if it is in a list like this; 1. It's 2. a 3. devouch 4. from 5. me.
  7. Its actually crazy how everyone decides to apply during the one week they have stuff to do IRL and haven't had that great activity, isn't that such a weird phenomenon.
  8. Wilhelm_II

    consistency very good yes fantastic affirmative wow zoom great.
  9. Dats pretty wack.
  10. Wilhelm_II

    Please ignore siege, he is literally a sub-human Nazi larper who was one of the worst admins the server ever had, I second the question from duke, I am intrigued as to how long you have been playing on the server, the application is reasonable but I do not want to vouch yet since i don't know who you are, our discord is a great way to interact with the community and talk to members of staff about any issues while getting updates about the server's status so consider joining that and get talking so we can learn more about you. Discord = https://discord.me/nwrp
  11. Wilhelm_II

    Ima keep it real with you chief, that is an awful idea.
  12. Wilhelm_II

    Cool kids like me are Rabbis, join the rabbi army my guy.
  13. Wilhelm_II

    I'vE cHaNgEd GuYs I hope you are serious this time, the moment any of us smell autism this app will be declined faster than Kouhai can post a pingu emote.
  14. You say he has spent time making his application, but his reasons are literally one sentence, that sentence also has two winking faces, strongly implying that this person in a homosexual, its not a shit app, but it is by no means a good one, add to that the fact that he has only been on the server recently, I would say give it some more time before applying, so its a /devouch from me.

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