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  1. Wilhelm_II

    If the Rolelays section is improved this app would be up to par, please look at accepted applications and at this discussion on the steam group - https://steamcommunity.com/groups/officialnrpcommunity/discussions/0/1694919808742154215/
  2. Good app, not from Kuwait /vouch
  3. Wilhelm_II

    Please look at accepted applications before you right your own, role plays and server rules sections waaaaaay too short, but since you haven’t bothered with the guid and have 25 hours in the game this is most likely a troll app anyway. /devouch
  4. Probably shouldn't basically declare that you should get accepted. And "trial admin for 5 months" isn't a great sign, why didn't you hang in long enough to get full admin? Many TAs play for a month or two then go inactive and are eventually kicked off the whitelist, I'm not saying you were one of them, I am just curious as to why you were never promoted.
  5. Hmmmm, checks out.
  6. /devouch See imperial guard for more information
  7. He has been pretty active on the server recently. Plenty of experience, even if it is on JB. Decently structured application. /vouch
  8. Post the most valiant acts of your comrades with screenshots and a short description here! Or maybe post the most epic fails too, just legendary moment in the campaign in general.
  9. Wilhelm_II

    A confession of guilt has been made, we now wait for Diomedes to make his resolution. I assume of course the just court will come to a fair conclusion of Waterpolo's immeasurable guilt in light of a barrage of evidence.
  10. NRP Username: Kaiser_Wilhelm_II GUID: 1519153 Are you reporting a player or an admin: Admin Who are you reporting: Water_Polo Date and time: 23/03/2019 6:33pm Reason: Muted me on the NRP discord for little to no reason. Evidence: Muted for 5 minutes on the discord, claimed it was because I "spread information about people's IRL business" yet I was discussing it with the person who's IRL business it was, and that person had brought it up first therefore I wasn't "spreading" anything. Also said he muted me for telling to shut up, this is clear abuse as he muted me purely because I disagreed with him.
  11. Wilhelm_II

    Coming with the new campaign we are introducing a new ruleset, these rules will be used throughout the campaign battles in 3.0, faction leaders and generals should make sure to be well acquainted with these rules to make sure there are no misunderstandings during the battles. Battles Battles take place over 2 Maps of 3 Rounds each. After 3 Rounds on the first map, the map is swapped to the second. In the case of a 3-3 score, a decider round will be held on a third map, different to the first 2. The first Army to Win 4 Rounds in a battle is the victor. The All Charge order will be given when a gridlock has taken place and neither side is attacking. Health Points -Each Army has 15 Health Points (HP) -Losing a round in a Battle subtracts 1 HP from the Army For example; In a Battle where Austria win 4 rounds and Prussia win 2 rounds; Prussia lost 4 rounds in total, and loses 4HP Austria lost 2 rounds total, and loses 2HP Assuming both armies started with 15 If an army does not lose a single round in a Battle, it does not lose any HP. The number of HP an army has does not affect the damage inflicted in battle. An army which loses all of its HP is destroyed and cannot be respawned. Army Movement -An army can move over 2 Tiles in Friendly Territory, 3 on a friendly Railroad, 1 in Hostile Territory. -An army that controls the entirety of an enemy railroad can use it as a friendly railroad unless: -It has already passed over Hostile Tile, in which case it cannot return to a friendly tile. Example: Army -> Friendly Tile -> Friendly Tile -> Hostile Tile -X Army -> Friendly Tile -> Hostile Tile –X If friendly tiles contain a Railroad and are not controlled by Hostiles then an Army can move 3 Tiles. If an army enters an un-occupied Hostile Tile then that tile is conquered. If an army enters an occupied Hostile Tile then it must win a Battle to conquer it. Only One Army can be present in a single tile. Tiles Some tiles have special affects if a battle is fought on them: -Hills: No cavalry -Mountains: No cavalry, attackers don’t have any artillery -All other terrain types have no special factors. -Forts: No cavalry for attackers/defenders Win/Lose Conditions A Faction automatically loses if: -All 3 of its Armies are destroyed -90% of its territory is occupied Likewise, a Faction can win if: -All enemy armies are destroyed -It occupies 90% of the enemy’s territory See you on the battlefield
  12. Age: 11* Lied on admin app, /devouch
  13. Is Turk /devouch until Kurdistan is freed
  14. JB admin /devouch
  15. Wilhelm_II

    Stop spamming nigger in the discord channel every day you spastic donkey, also run your app through word or literally anything so you can fix your 377 spelling mistakes. Half the time you are on the server is spent trolling with Antonio (a fantastic admin). You are only 12 but somehow still manage to have a lower mental age, it’s truly impressive, so yeah it’s a /devouch from me.
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