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    What is this post?
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    What happened to the theme of this forum? I liked the previous one more. With paintings of the Napoleonic Wars and things like that. What do you guys(/girls) think? You could try to make a theme for this forum similar to the campaign page, www.nwrp.eu/campaign
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    NRP Username: Graaf Gérard Leman Discord Alias: Graaf_Gérard_Leman Character Name: [PRU]Graaf_Gerard_Leman Faction: Prussia GUID: 1563495 What kind of character do you consider: Born in Liège, Belgium he first saw combat in The First Battle of Oberschleisien. He really wanted a military career, that's why he joined the side of the Prussians in the Austo-Prussian war, as Prussia was at the time one of the greatest military powers. He hoped to learn a lot from them to later serve his own fatherland. So he joined the 3rd Kurmarkische Landwehr-regiment as a ranker.
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    It's kind off like the Capture the Flag gamemode? Could be cool. I think it would be easier to play it in the capture the flag gamemode instead of battle.
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