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  1. voich oldfag might do shit but should do good
  2. TichePotato

    Outstanding experience of being an admin then. Promote this man to HA already. /s
  3. TichePotato

    He added two servers, neither of which I've heard of, and again completely failed at English when stating why. Everything else is copy/pasted I think.
  4. TichePotato

    Husarion rings a bell, but is just a mildly uppity player who ranks himself higher than he really is, if memory serves. That doesn't count. No idea who the fuck the other is, they don't count either. Slow clap.
  5. TichePotato

    It's mostly the circumstance and the meme. It's not something that always happens, but if there's one guy versus like five or six, and they look to be a decent memer, I'll occasionally slay someone if they interfere in the duel. Really is just down to the admin and the mood they're in. Basically, don't rely on it, but take advantage of it if it happens.
  6. TichePotato

    Rimworld Homeworld Remastered Collection, cos you fuckers need a 3d RTS that isn't a paradox game I would suggest a paradox game, but pretty much every Warband player also has Hoi and Eu and shit. Uhh... Minecraft.
  7. TichePotato

    The name rings enough of a bell for me to know he's somewhat of a regular, but not enough for me to properly recognise him, so yeah, I can't really vouch either way tbh.
  8. TichePotato

    Pretty much. At the core, JB and NRP still share the same application process and rejection/acception principles. At one point, our application forms were identical up until the server-specific section, and were handled by the same few people.
  9. TichePotato

    Being active as a player means a higher chance of active as an admin. It's pretty much indisputable fact that your activity will dip after about a month of being admin. Most don't survive a year. Crappy activity as a player almost certainly means crappy activity as an admin.
  10. TichePotato

    Basically what Gay said. Just keep playing NRP, get well known, and you'll be on your way to couping Joe in no time.
  11. TichePotato

    As Scandy said, Dark's a great bloke. Bar his splurging out at Scandy and inactivity, I never had any problems with him when he was an admin, and was actually quite surprised to see him removed. I'd been on the server with him the day before, and he was nothing but a regular admin having a joke with the players. He wasn't removed due to the quality of his admining skills, just his splurging and inactivity. /vouch
  12. TichePotato

    Most of us do, and we don't act up. Much.
  13. TichePotato

    I mean, Pew was like 12 when he was HA. Shock was 23 when he was fired for being an immature egotist. Age does not equal maturity.
  14. TichePotato

    Basically what Ewok said. Work on your english, work on learning how the server works, and try to be active. The best way to improve your understanding of the rules, wants and needs of the playerbase and how the server works is to simply play the server. You seem really enthusiastic, but simply aren't experienced enough yet. I wish you the best of luck and look forward to seeing you on the team once you've built up those skills.

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