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  1. TichePotato

    decent app, decent guy, could've sworn you were admin already but at this point even Pew is more active in the team than me. /vouch
  2. TichePotato

    Fucken automatic /vouch. Oldmin, goodmin, accept plos.
  3. TichePotato

    what everyone else said you shouldn't've had to make an app /vouch
  4. TichePotato

    Why was it you left again? I can't quite remember.
  5. TichePotato

    fuck's sake daddy we've been asking for that since before I was a TA
  6. TichePotato

    does that mean search function in the banlist? thanks daddy
  7. TichePotato

    cheers daddy
  8. TichePotato

    Like a month late, I don't check the forums much, but to clarify what I meant by auto-rp setup - you click a button, select an RP, and it automatically sets the balances. I can personally never remember the correct balances, nor the correct order in which the spawns should go. Actually running the RP itself is beyond script functionality.
  9. TichePotato

    A search function in the banlist. A list of the item ids ingame, basically what we've now got with the maps. Automatic RP setup. Teleport everyone. Force all units. Set % of all units. A "ban all" button so it's easy to pull a Harold.
  10. voich oldfag might do shit but should do good
  11. TichePotato

    Outstanding experience of being an admin then. Promote this man to HA already. /s
  12. TichePotato

    He added two servers, neither of which I've heard of, and again completely failed at English when stating why. Everything else is copy/pasted I think.
  13. TichePotato

    Husarion rings a bell, but is just a mildly uppity player who ranks himself higher than he really is, if memory serves. That doesn't count. No idea who the fuck the other is, they don't count either. Slow clap.
  14. TichePotato

    It's mostly the circumstance and the meme. It's not something that always happens, but if there's one guy versus like five or six, and they look to be a decent memer, I'll occasionally slay someone if they interfere in the duel. Really is just down to the admin and the mood they're in. Basically, don't rely on it, but take advantage of it if it happens.
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