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  2. Yes of course it doesnt means that i will be admin again due to i was once. I type all RPS to list which is that i know, i remember. Do i have to not type it if we dont do it which doesnt means we wont do the RPS again. I Just back to NRP. Maybe thats why you didnt see me before. It is ok i can understand you what you mean, of course i have to be seen active by staff team. But as i said honestly i just returned to NRP.
  3. I dont know why i didnt get promoted. Didnt ask to anyone about that.
  4. Name: 59th_LCpl_Crontz Age: 22 GUID: 1461709 Steam: Crontz Hours in-game: 540 Previous Admin Experience: Trial Admin for 5 months. Vouches: - Reason(s): I have dicipline, I want to keep server alive and fresh. There is no admin available during some night-the period when im usually available-when 15-30 people are online or more less, so I thought an admin could keep things under control so i have decided that i can help you guys keep things. I was admin in 2017 so i have enough experience to get that duty again. Etiquette and Server Rules: ~Players must respect the admins. ~Rules for the current RP must be followed! ~Members of other regiments ,other than the 59th regiment can recruit only once per map! ~The chat must not be spammed or trolled,spammers and trollers are warned, then kicked then temporary banned if they continue to spam. ~The primary language must be English! Keep less Other languages. ~Hacking,scripting and modifying game files is forbidden . People who do so are perma banned! ~Surrender kill only with out admin order or officer command. If any one kills a surrenderer without admin's permission, admin must slay him/her ~Rambos must be warned first, then slayed. If they continue ramboing they can be banned by admin. ~Delayers are warned then slayed then temp. banned if they persist.Because delaying is wrong,the victory should be quickly determined ~Trolling is forbidden.Trolling could include bloking arty,infantry,officers,cavs etc.Trollers must be warned first then slay.If they contiune trolls they can be banned by admin. ~Using names of real life persons other than big people and offensive names is wrong and unnecessary. People who do so will be warned first , kicked then perma banned! ~Teamhitting is forbidden and wrong! Bomb throwing,shooting,kicking arty shoting stabbing is considered to be teamhitting.Teamhitters are slayed if they contiune Roleplays: -Battle Roleplay :Don't be Rambo,Don't Troll Dont' Delay.Infanty follow beaconned officer while the cavaraly follow the general.If officer and general dies cav,infantry players to remain stick together and stick to another officer.Surrenders must be killed in a firing line under the command of the admin or officers/general unless they do not drop their weapons.Teams,class should also be balanced. Naval Roleplay :Cavs,grenaders not allowed.Ships are steered under command of the admin. Line Battle Roleplay : Light infantry can crouch while line infantry may not. Cavs not allowed.Each player must remain in formation. Trench Roleplay :At first (Peace) is enabled until all are in the trenches.The players then shoot each other until one team is commanded to charge Hostage Rescue :2 Team-Partizans and random team.An attacking hostage will be among the defenders.Hostage must drop weps and hostage cant say location. The attackers must save this hostage or back to safety. Cavalry Vs. Cavalry Fight :Players is restricted to go into any class of cavalry.Fight For Glory. Infantry Vs. Cavalry Fight One team is restricted to cavalry while the other team an infantry regiment.The cavalry are expected to charge the infantry which are arranged in squares.If they can make square.Infantry must depend on their formation only to survive. Volley Roleplay:Certain line infantry regiment is used for each team under the command of an officer.With admin orders the 2 officers are expected to lead their men.Infantry must remain in formation. Ambush Roleplay:1 team marching for glory and protecting general other team partizani going mountains and killing marching team and general. Stalingrad Roleplay : 2 Team- Prussia and Russia. Admins decide which team commences the attack.2 maybe 3 round. Town Roleplay :Russia and Random Nation,Russians need to defend vilage.Partizani doing peasent work.Random nation control the vilagers.Until a given time, the Russians can revolt. Bastille Roleplay :We have 2 Team.Partizans and France Forces.Partizans goal is to penetrate the few defending French forces and reach their flag on the top of the Bastille. Although the partizans outnumber the French, they do not re-spawn after death until the round is over! Battle of Warsaw RP:Russia defends the church,its invasion of poland from germany russians are polish soldiers Helms Deep Roleplay :We have 2 Team.Partizani and the Gandalfs defenders.The Defenders must stop a non stop spawning horde of partizani from reaching the Gandalfs flag deep inside the castle until time runs out or until Gandalf's forces reach the Castle. Each player should switch sides eventually Next 2 round. Assassination Roleplay : Russians(Partizans) and Random Faction.No cav allowed.Grenaders maybe allowed.All partizani forces attempting to kill the general,soldiers will defend their general until they kill all Russians or the time runs out.
  5. In-game Crontz Discord Crontz #5200 Steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/crontz24 In-game activity 200 hours? Community activity I am new on Forum and discord Explain if and how you contribute to the community. I will try bring players to NWRP Forum for make it more active. I will take care about NWRP players. Explain why you'd fit for the job. I am ex Admin on NRP. I learned too many things there. Also I am leader of a community on MTA CIT2. I am experienced for that duty. Any immediate suggestion? I dont have any suggestion atm.
  6. Crontz

    FORUM SUGGESTION My first suggestion is creating a board "General Support/Questions" so ppl who got a problem about NWRP Server/Forum can ask it there. Everyone can reply to topics if they know how to fix X problem etc. Another suggestion is creating another board "General Guides" for who want to know things about NWRP server/forum.
  7. In-game Crontz Discord Crontz #5200 Steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/crontz24 In-game activity 150 hours? Community activity I am new at forum tbh Explain if and how you contribute to the community. I am helpful to ppl Explain why you'd fit for the job. First of all maybe i am not too old but NWRP is like my family on Warband. I want a part of Staff team for make NWRP better day by day. I will be happy help to New members for NWRP. I like NWRP thats why i want this duty. I will be here whenever NWRP members need help about smth. Thats All, Thanks. Any immediate suggestion? For forum: Opening a development board = For developers , General Support / Questions board = For questions about NWRP forum/server/discord and helping to them. and a Uptades board/topic =uptades about can be listed there.
  8. NRP Username: Crontz GUID: 1461709 Amount Donated: 10£ Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/crontz24 I want smth cool please. that is all. Message : k1nG Crontz logged in
  9. Crontz

    NRP Username: Crontz Character Name: John Manners Faction: Crown Colonies GUID: 1461709 Why do you want a character: Born to Fight
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