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  1. Name thalkhe Requested medal(s) Distinguished Service Vouches Kouhai maybe bmert idk Reason(s) i'm here since i bought the game back in 2016 i served in first and the last campaign as faction sapper :pepega: i'm more active than i should be on discord server. i introduced the carpenter brut cover of maniac to our most honourable community
  2. NRP Username: thalkhe/Ollieth Discord: thalkhe#7637 Medal(s) Requested: Distinguished Service Sapper's Badge Vouches(for DS medal): Broke Kouhai bmert06 pres Evidence:
  3. thalkhe

    is it really necessary to write down somethin here?
  4. thalkhe

    ey i’m thalkhe. i am here since 2015/16. i have autism.
  5. i did tried to add moar screenshots but it only uploaded one. if i add more ss’ to this thread is there a chance to apply again?
  6. Name thalkhe Requested medal(s) 13 Vouches Sherman from Wien Alpha Borsuk Siderfall and many other goys that i dont remember their names Reason(s) i did played some 18th century vibes thats all Visual Proof https://nwrp.eu/uploads/monthly_2018_01/20180131135343_1.jpg.6b8a9515c4a1ba6fb36bd0253cf474ec.jpg
  7. thalkhe

    NRP Username: thalkhe Character Name: Alois de Thalk Faction: Grande République GUID: 1391426 Why do you want a character: Soldier. Cuz fuck u thats why btw i hate ppl moaning like hurr durr thal is a shit general when they die
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