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  2. Victim Kouhai GUID 0 Suspect I think Bonecrusher Date 14-08-2019 Text Evidence I think bonecrusher deleted my post on Discord #nsfw while it didnt break any discord rules :sad: Furry porn is not against any discord guidelines and should be allowed Visual Evidence
  3. Pacifist_Musician

    Accepted owo
  4. You must use this template for admin applications or your application may be rejected. All text in brackets (any text like this) can be removed for your own application. Please provide whether you're applying for the European or North American server. Admin Application Template: For the EUROPEAN SERVER Name: ( Your discord username, or in-game alias. ) Pacifist Musician, Kouhai Age: ( Don't worry; We aren't looking for a particular age for our admins, this is just for our records. ) 20 owo GUID: ( Series of numbers displayed in the bottom left in red text when you join the server. ) 892 427 Steam: ( Eg, http://steamcommunity.com/id/Scandypandy. ) https://steamcommunity.com/id/WhereIsMySenpai Discord: (Optional) ( Eg, Skeepr#6199) Kouhai~ #1628 Hours in-game: ( How many hours have you put into the game? ) like 732, about 600 on nrp alone Previous Admin Experience: ( Any previous experience as admin for other servers, or other experience which might come in handy. Earlier experience should be confirmed by the text field below concerning vouches. ) I once stole the admin password and wrote owo in pink chat Vouches: ( Vouches from other admins confirming your fitness for the job and earlier experience. It may be vouches from NRP admins, but also from other communities. Vouches will be valid as long as you provide the necessary contact info needed for confirmation. Eg, link to their Steam profile(s), or a screenshot(s) of conversations where they agree to vouch. ) Waterpolo wants me t o be admin owo Reason(s): ( Medium length description of why you'd like to join the team. You may include your opinion of the server and its management, your personal experience with the role plays and server rules and/or your perspective on the adminship. ) im already in the team and being admin might be fun OWO plus green color is nice i know like all the fricking roleplays, i just dont know the ratios brouh im here since 2014 Information to former staff For those who have been part of NRPs Staff at any point, simply indicate this in your "Previous Admin Experience."
  5. Pacifist_Musician

    i HEREBY award you those medals <3 Have fun on nrp CCSM <3
  6. Pacifist_Musician

    NRP Username: (The name you use on NRP) PACIFIST MUSICIAN GUID: idk uwu Are you reporting a player or an admin: admin Who are you reporting: (If multiple people, list their usernames or give a description of who was involved) 19th Hoops Date and time: (Use british Date format) 6pm 2nd June 2019 Reason: I want to give my reasoning why i dont like him as an admin We were playing few roleplays and i didnt like how he would do things. He didnt give any rules to Town Rp, didnt set up a riot timer or anything, didnt write anything for roleplay, just gave us town rp and fricked off , after that we were supposed to have linebattle rp, so he forced everyone in spectators and made them wait 5 minutes as he figures out who should be the officer, while everyone waited BORED Waterpolo sold NRP to 19th and i dislike this decision Evidence: (screenshot is preferable. Logs often don't tell the whole picture) everything will be in logs im pretty sure
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    I dont like your profile picture
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    I sadly dont vouch
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    lol, so official owo
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    Official beginning of the Campaign 2.0! Generals move their armies and start fighting for terrain! We yet dont know when the first battle will take place! Stay tuned! uwu
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    ok dad dont bully me
  14. Pacifist_Musician

    and that spurdospardegasp emote with open mouth i cant find it :C
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