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  1. Accepted. You clearly have a lot of experience and it would be good to have an experienced admin return. Please join the discord if you haven't already since it helps with admin related activities.
  2. Accepted. You may have been immature in the past but clearly you have developed and are now a regular within the community who shows a decent amount of maturity. Being accepted as trial admin means you will be expected to be active.
  3. Sorry for the delay, will review this application when the campaign is in full swing and the server is more active.
  4. Sorry for the delay, will review this application when the campaign is in full swing and the server is more active.
  5. Accepted. You are rather young but it seems I can make an exception as you are clearly knowledgeable regarding the roleplays and server rules, and you also are fairly prominent within the community, in which I haven't seen you act too immature as would not be expected for your age.
  6. diomedes

    Declined. With admin maturity being such an important factor in my acceptance of applicants (mainly because of what happened to Jailbreak) I am unsure if you could be responsible at your age to be mature consistently. If you stay active within the community and are shown to be mature enough I will reconsider in a month, until then no applications will be considered.
  7. diomedes

    No reason to not accept
  8. diomedes

    Accepted. Bad application but you are experienced enough and were an admin for a fairly long period of time who stayed pretty consistently active.
  9. Accepted. You have basic knowledge of the roleplays and are moderately active at best. However I think I'll take a chance on you. Being accepted as Trial Admin means you are being accepted upon the assumption you will be active.
  10. diomedes

    Denied. I told you I wouldn't even consider accepting you for a long time, mainly because you were recently banned. Also you didn't log in as admin once the first time you were admin, despite playing on the server multiple times.
  11. diomedes

    pepe laugh restored thread over
  12. Accepted. Clearly knowledgeable about the server, even listing relevant maps for specific RPs. It would be a missed opportunity to decline you. Please contact me on the NRP discord (i.e. @ my name or private message) or join it if you aren't in it yet and do so then I can give you the information.
  13. diomedes

    D-day rp

  14. diomedes

    D-day RP

  15. Accepted. You have plenty of experience and have not stopped being active in various ways since you quit as an admin, it is good to see you return.
  16. Accepted. Despite being relatively unknown prior to this application you have been noticeably active and seem a good sort for admin. Regarding the racial slurs Polo mentioned it would be expected of you to not use them (or anything along those lines) while admining as you are representing the server as a whole. Being accepted as a TA it is expected of you to be active in-game.
  17. Accepted. You are very active within the community (mainly discord) and seem mature and sensible enough to represent it. Being accepted as a Trial Admin means you are expected to be active in-game.
  18. Denied. I am sorry for the awful conduct of some of the admins in this thread. Your app does make you come across as more of what we don't need as admins, that being admins who only show up when they're not really needed. I would be more open to accepting you if the app didn't make this attitude clear. I would happily reconsider if you made another app at a later date since former admins with good experience and no marks against their name are usually welcome back with much gratitude. You can reapply in a week if you're still interested. I must reiterate my apologies for the conduct of some admins here and hope they haven't turned you away from reapplying or even the community as a whole.
  19. Accepted. You were a capable admin and the event regarding Sneaky you seemed to have learnt from.
  20. diomedes

    The main issue with the removal of Presidente is lack of communication. Duke is allowed to remove his own staff as long as he has good reasons (the same is true for myself). If Duke had communicated properly with Presidente it is likely this drama would have been avoided. In future Duke should communicate properly when dismissing staff and take up their lack of performance or whatever their fault is with them long before removing them and try to get them to correct it. Duke's previous faults such as deleting messages/unfair mutes were actually abuse and further actions will result in reprimanding (as discussed in the last complaint). Further action from either side will result in punishment for whoever is accountable. If Duke wants to restore Presidente to CS it is up to him but further dismissals without communicating will also result in punishment.
  21. Accepted. Active server & community regular, seems mature enough.
  22. diomedes

    You will be unbanned. However further punishments will not be eligible for appeal, last chance.
  23. Accepted. A capable former admin, no reasons to decline you. Welcome back.
  24. Denied. We have had bad experiences with younger admins in the past and you are relatively unknown within the community. I will rethink your application if you wish to reapply in the future if you are more active within the community.
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