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  1. Accepted. This is on the presumption you will be mature while admining and not spamming the admin chat with stupid stuff. Being immature will result in your removal.
  2. diomedes


  3. diomedes


  4. diomedes


  5. diomedes

    This is your GUID on the banlist: 1637630. Unbanned.
  6. Accepted. You were good enough previously as an admin, good vouches too. No good reason to not accept you.
  7. Accepted. Good app & activity with the bonus of sufficient vouches.
  8. Rejected. You are very eager to be admin which is nice but I do not think I can accept you with you being rejected three times recently and regarding the events which contributed to your removal. I will reconsider in two weeks time if you are still eager to apply then.
  9. Accepted. Whatever your current activity is irrelevant, however I am accepting you on the assumption that you will become active once you are an admin. If you are inactive you will be removed.
  10. diomedes

    Ramboing with OldGreg, Dunce and Great_Leader_Putin and taking out entire groups of cav or everyone guarding arty.
  11. It's Mozniak or a lookalike of him
  12. diomedes

    nice video
  13. Vouch - server regular, as far as I can tell a nice guy.
  14. diomedes


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