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  1. diomedes

    You will be unbanned. However further punishments will not be eligible for appeal, last chance.
  2. Accepted. A capable former admin, no reasons to decline you. Welcome back.
  3. Denied. We have had bad experiences with younger admins in the past and you are relatively unknown within the community. I will rethink your application if you wish to reapply in the future if you are more active within the community.
  4. diomedes

    The server usually remains around 0 outside of late nights/weekends unless people like yourself and that other person who joined want to attract more people. Usually it's an admin who comes on first because no ordinary player wants to join an empty server. If all the server offers is ordinary battle for sub 20 players maybe only one or two of those players will stick around and the playercount will stagnate or decline overtime. The server has no allure if it's just battle with few people as players don't want to play on a server with nothing interesting or diverse at low playercounts, which is why servers like Jailbreak rightfully thrive even at low numbers. The trend you speak of does not exist commonly as it has been noticeable when an admin tries to actually 'force' an rp that is fun and engaging player counts will rise since people wont leave out of boredom of playing the same small maps over and over. The servers decline in average playercount is owed to no singular factor and rather a combination of the decline in popularity of the game and the lack of allure to join a server with fewer players that doesn't offer interesting things to do with lower numbers. The reason NRP thrived in 2015/16 is not the diligence of the admins or the frequency of regulars on the server but rather the amount of people joining the server everyday due to the large amount of players the server already had or was known to have had. This phenomenon is clearly seen when 'events' are held and people join saying stuff like "wow this server is back" or something along those lines. These are the sort of people who would just join any server with a large playercount and NRP has no appeal to them with lower numbers and prevents the snowballing of players. it's easy to do what you do and point fingers at various aspects but nothing can be done to attract the snowball of non regular players other than artificially inflating the numbers periodically with stuff like 'events', many admins have tried to change things but it really comes down to the lifetime of the game and how many players are willing to sit through the same maps, just playing battle with lower numbers as no prospect of people non involved people joining the server since it hasn't the promise of high playercounts consistently
  5. diomedes

    Hopefully this thread cleared the air a bit more. If you do not continue your quest to quit as Head of Community Staff it would be advisable to stop muting people when arguing with them and be the bigger person and ignore them. This I advised you to do with Florian but you found it difficult. If you have disputes with other staff they should be dealt with cordially and wholesale avoidance of slogging insults at one another. Having you removed is an overstep but I am hopeful you have learned from this experience and will avoid unnecessary mutes in future. Scandy is correct that you should try to delegate as trying to do too much leads to quick burnout. The apologies you have given are sufficient enough to avoid any action taken being taken so this thread can be concluded. And maybe Polo will get what he desires if you do decide to quit.
  6. diomedes

  7. diomedes

    I, and many other admins, have warned you and your regiment multiple times (even resorting to kicking & temp banning). You do NOT pick officer even though your leader has had ample opportunities to do so. Your regiment refuses to follow simple rules and your leader has refused multiple times to take officer (occasionally on insistence of an admin) to prevent complaints from the actual officer of the line your entire regiment is in. This causes much trouble for admins and is why you and your regiment have been punished multiple times. Due to you and your regiments continued refusal to follow simple rules and choosing to not take officer which makes everything much more difficult for not just admins but players who are trying to play officer, you and whoever else got banned is going to remain banned. You can apply for unban in a month, until then all requests will be denied.
  8. diomedes

    You can reapply in a week if you have a better application by then.
  9. Accepted. Sufficient application & vouches, you are also moderately active on the server.
  10. Accepted. Lots of admin experience and people I've asked from Jailbreak (and from what I vaguely recall) say you were a good admin. Application good too.
  11. diomedes

    Denied. App is far from adequate, I don't think you know much (or almost anything at all) about our server.
  12. diomedes

    forgot to cover the numbers at the top william
  13. diomedes

    Accepted. You are active in-game and within the community (i.e. Discord). Your app is decent and you seem mature.