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  1. The Tax Collector

    Player name: The Tax Collector Which faction do you want to lead? France Why do you want to lead said faction? There is only one emperor, and while my enemies are many, my equals are none.
  2. The Tax Collector

    I commend you for the work you've put to this Bulletmagnet and providing the campaign with player stories that are excellently written, enhancing the experience.
  3. The Tax Collector

    - UPDATE - - Faction special abilities are being rebalanced; • The Grande Republique "Military Masterminds" ability is only usable once per map in an engagement, while it is raised to 60 seconds per use in order to match its more limited use. • The Russian cavalry debuff is removed, the Russian Union will have access to cavalry normally and will not lose it the next round when it is wiped out. - Concerning taking a fortress or garrisoned tile (Rules apply to Republique capital aswell) • Winning a fortress/garrisoned tile requires the same round wins for the attackers or defenders as in a normal engagement (First to 4 round wins) so taking fortress/garrisoned tiles are now easier for the attackers; however a defending army may move ontop of its garrisoned tile or fortress against an attacking army moving onto it, if this happens it will require 5 round wins for the attackers to succeed in taking it, while it will still take 4 for the defenders. • Just like normal tiles, stacking is not allowed for garrisoned tiles and there can never be any more than 1 army ontop of a garrisoned tile. If an army was ontop of a garrisoned/fortress tile and is defeated trying to defend it, then it must retreat to an adjacent friendly tile and take a wound as per normal engagement rules - Concerning taking the Republique capital of the Bastion • An attacking faction now needs to have only 2 out of the 3 garrisoned tiles protecting the Republique capital in order to assault the capital itself, instead of having all 3 under control. • If a Republican Army wishes to take back control of the garrisoned tiles, it must fight to do so. Normal garrisoned tile engagement rules apply.
  4. The Tax Collector

    This thread is the main one where you will be able to post all the exemplary actions that you are witness to on the battlefield by your comrades or enemies. This could be clutching, helping the wounded under tremendous fire, assassinating the enemy general from across the map, playing music in the face of bullet-fire or even something like an average soldier rallying his comrades around him when his officer falls dead and bringing them into victory. You may not post for yourself and it must be something you witness firsthand. Screenshots of the person in question or the results of his actions will be appreciated. From amongst these actions and events, the staff will take the ones it feels are most important and valued and place it in the weekly campaign summaries, for everyone to see till the end of this server. Make history
  5. The Tax Collector

    Multiple mass graves of fallen combatants from all factions are found throughout the island. Most of the bodies wear wounds identifying them as killed in action rather then sickness or hunger. The air is somber as passerby's look on as families visit and grieve their fallen kin. Post the details of your character's deaths on here along with who they were, what they accomplished and how they died. As per the rules all soldier characters of a destroyed army die while officers also have a chance of dying. Remember that there will be many armies with most of them being destroyed at one point in the coming battles, so death is not the end and you can always make a new character with a new history. The fallen will be grieved when the war is over and victory is brought to your faction. Posting a picture of the deceased is advised. R I P
  6. The Tax Collector

    - UPDATE - Forgot to write this last update, regarding attacking fortresses; - The french fortress was made to protect the tiles adjacent to it and no ships may land on them before taking the fortress itself. However the fortress may be taken by Russians or a land force of brits if they cross from TILE F11. F11 will not be protected by the fortress if the tile is attacked by a land force. A naval brit force that has landed in a different tile and proceeds to attack F11 overland will be considered a land force. Neither the Russians land forces or the british land forces may cross into the other tiles adjacent to the fortress without taking it under their control. - The British fortress was made to protect the land border between the Colonies and France but it has a weakness. Tile U23 is not protected by the fortress and an army may take it and use it to attack the fortress directly. No factions land forces may attack and move to the other tiles adjacent to the fortress until the fortress is taken. (Except for example adjacent tiles already held by the faction enemy to the fortress held faction, such as the core french tile of F18 which borders the fortress from the game start but can be moved to by the french until it is lost to the fortress held faction.)
  7. The Tax Collector

    Players may continue to make new applications as the campaign goes on. You may make second applications if your previous character dies. All players should download our official campaign mod to view the new units with different names and uniforms along with regimental colors and flags. It also adds new graphical details, sound effects and new animations http://www.mediafire.com/file/voc80rr3z223wz2/NRP+Campaign.zip All characters are to use their factions abbreviations as tags infront of their names. For example; [GR] for Grande Republique [CC] for Crown Colonies [RS] for Rossiyskiy Soyuz Just added all this as a reminder, you may continue posting applications.
  8. The Tax Collector

    - UPDATE - Concerning encirclement and retreating on the campaign map. - If an army allows itself to be encircled aka has NO friendly adjacent tiles AND loses an engagement, it will have no tile to retreat to and hence will be destroyed completely regardless of whether it lost a previous engagement or not.
  9. The Tax Collector

    - UPDATE - Concerning choosing officers before an engagement; - If a faction is low on generals (They are unavailable that day, are wounded/dead from battle) or if the faction leaders doesn'tt want to use one or more of them, then official soldiers of the faction may be assigned to as generals before the engagement. The faction leader must inform the soldiers in question about this and the staff to make sure there are no suprises, delays or confusion regarding who will be acting-generals. - If a faction leader wishes to promote an official soldier to becoming a general, he may do so. The faction leader must inform staff about the soldier's identification promptly so staff can down in the campaign summary that he was given a glorious field commission for the actions that his faction leader deemed exemplery enough to earn such a promotion.
  10. The Tax Collector

    Eyyy can't believe it Vonny, you've sold out too. Here's my vouch for whats it worth being the oldest player on here. This guy has shown nothing but stoic levelheadedness and a good attitude on this server in the years that I've known him, quite frankly he's too good to be an admin like you lazy bozos but if he wants it give it to him.
  11. The Tax Collector

    - UPDATE - To make clear the rules concerning generals (the officers) being chosen and participating in engagements; - The faction leader accepts the generals he believes meets requirements from the applications section on the forum, those who don't apply on the forum will not be able to become a general during the campaign. The generals will make up the officer cadre of a campaign faction and the faction leader will decide which generals participate in a battle before the engagement begins. This is an important tactical decision as the generals that participate in an engagement as apart of an army that is close to being destroyed, have a chance of being killed. This means that assigning an officer to participate is a risk on a strategic level while not having him participate may save him for a later engagement. The faction leader will also be responsible for assigning the regiment he wants the general to lead throughout the engagement. The positions that can be assigned to an individual general throughout the campaign is as follows; First or second in command of an infantry line (Line infantry, footguard, riflemen or light infantry) First or second in command of the cavalry (Note that the faction leader will most likely command the cavalry himself if taking part in an engagement personally unless if he decides to switch) First or second in command of the artillery Optional : Officer responsible for guiding and assigning auxiliaries ( Sappers, Medics etc) - Generals should consult their faction leaders if they have a specific unit they wish to command. During an engagement if the officer(s) of a line falls, a nearby friendly officer should take it on him to assist and command the leaderless line if he is in the situation to do so. - When the faction leader takes part in an engagement, he is considered the supreme commander with all generals, regiments and units beholden to him. As such all generals will listen to his overall orders and complete them in whatever way they can. The faction leader has the power to "Pull out" a general if he deems it necessary to do so. During the engagement the faction leader may choose to lead any regiment himself personally including the cavalry. It is highly recommended that the officers and factions leaders engage in voice chat with one another in order to keep leadership smooth and focused while using team chat in the regimental level to command your own soldiers and engage in roleplay with the team. - The faction leader assigns a second in command (A Marshal) to take command during the campaign move and tactical mode if the faction leader himself is absent. The marshal will fill in for him and finish his campaign moves and/or fill in for him as supreme commander in an engagement of the faction leader is absent. If the faction leader is present then the Marshal acts as a second in command and is considered to outrank the other generals, he may order and advise the other generals unless it conflicts with the faction leaders orders and pleasure. He is advised to do so in the event the faction leader is incapacitated during an engagement.
  12. The Tax Collector

    - UPDATE - Concerning some rules regarding officer death and faction tags; - If an officer was apart of a destroyed army and participated in the engagement it was destroyed in, then the officer has a 33 % chance of dying. A six sided die will be rolled by staff to determine if if the officer in question has lost his life. If the officer dies, he loses the character and must make a new one to continue leading and may not participate in the next engagement with his new officer, he must wait for the following one to lead. - Faction members must use tags to differentiate them from public players as some aspects of the campaign will make it a near requirement to play the campaign efficiently and to play out some faction abilities with proper readiness such as the "Mass Assault" ability of the Russian Union. The tags can either be an abbreviation of the faction name or the second part of the faction name; [GR] or [Republique] for the Grand Republique members [CC] or [Colonies] for the Crown Colonies [RS] or [Soyuz] for the Rossiyskiy Soyuz
  13. The Tax Collector

    It's always tough to control thyself when you and everyone next to you dies to a grenade slinging mongoloid that may or may not have ramboed away from his line to take out abunch of guys, but even as someone who goes officer most of the time and is the most affected by having lines damaged by grenades, I think they need to stay in and shouldnt be limited from its current version. First off grenades fix a problem that has long plagued NRP for years and thats the problem of camping. We used to have entire rounds sometimes that started with two teams holding two defensive positions with none charging until given the all charge order after 10 minutes of sitting around, or one team holding off against the other starting from the beginning of the round. Teams are now more aware that if they and other lines of infantry stand and camp in a single position that normally would be enough to hold off against the enemy team of equal or greater number, they can no longer do so because of enemy grenadiers being apart of the assault. Forcing the defenders to instead break off into multiple units to combat this threat or target the grenadiers specifically, turning the game more into correct battle rp with more tactical decisions being used. Secondly it develops the right mindset for NRP players, forcing them to take into account when to spread out, cluster together, listen to their officer and environment for grenades or other such dangers that normally wouldn't be a thing in any other server. This again provides a more dangerous but tactical style of play, killing off anyone who doesnt pay attention or works with their team, thereby forcing loners to participate in rp's correctly.
  14. The Tax Collector

    Playername: The Tax Collector Officerslot: General unless if the team I'm put in is disgusting UK, then I'd rather go Line Infantry officer Motivation: I've been inactive for about a month or two waiting for the campaign, may aswell join back and not get rusty until it comes out. Also can't let incompetance run rampant by some last minute admin staff filling up the officer slots god forbid.
  15. The Tax Collector

    Basically copy and pasting my character app here; Character Name: The Tax Collector Faction: (Grande République) Describe yourself and why you wish to rule your faction: Being one of the oldest regulars on the server since its inception, I think I've made a name for myself as a dependable officer and established a reputation that can speak for itself, along with having been trusted enough in the past to have become an admin aswell and knowledgeable about the inner workings of the server from my time of that. During my years on here I've also come to know and have my name familiarized with all of the regulars and admins that have come and gone during the years. For this reason, I think I'll be suited to lead one of the factions. I'm the most experienced one when it comes to active leading, I know how to work with the server, I'm well known in the community and I got the chops to actually organize a team of plebs into an all killing all hating disciplined murder force. Also, I'm a sweaty rper that for years has tried his best to put on some role-play fun for players who come on seeking that sort of thing, or who discover that they enjoy it even if they didn't expect it. I also call on any players that are thinking of joining a faction, that you know what to expect under me if you decide to join this one. I can get ready a story backround, character history etc. when the app is accepted. Thank you and see you on the battlefield.

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