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  1. Meow

    sorry sounds way to time wasting
  2. Meow

    I banned you and i stated the rules when i joined, its just a temp ban don't do it again you should be unbanned soon.
  3. Meow

    it was an accident you have already been unbanned
  4. Meow

    theres 1 other cav guy
  5. Meow

    that role gets auto assigned when you've donated
  6. Meow

    i talked to joeriig and we both decided to give you a LAST CHANCE you won't get any warnings since this was your 3 ban basically so behave yourself next time you will eat my shoe :pingu:.
  7. Meow

    I'd say bud spencer and Terence hill come along the way and bitch slap everyone till they have won
  8. Meow

    I slaughtered a whole line with grenades for King and Country!
  9. Show unwavering dedication to music on the battlefield. This may be for players that are well-known musician players, help congregate large bands to play together or for those who are brave enough to continue playing while surrounded by enemy soldiers and gunfire. Simply show proof of your musical endeavors and you just might find yourself with this musical medal!" sorry but there's only you and not an ORCHESTRA however you can reapply when there's higher pop later today and you're with a line and i'll give you the medal
  10. Meow

    lmao killing 1 cav player isn't exactly an "anti cav expert" declined
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