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  1. Good pictures of you pounding those poor soldiers with cannonballs, The Artillery ribbon has been awarded for you great deeds
  2. Pele

    NRP Username: Pele Character Name: Pele Faction: Grande République GUID: 1490548 Why do you want a character: I want to be a soldier, so I can kill those silly monarchist from the Crown Colonies and I want to kill those dirty native savages that throw bottles at you for no reason.
  3. @Chinese_Propaganda Thanks for showing great interest in the medal system as it proves that the medal system is making people act and taking roles as the server is encouraging, and thanks for applying for Surgeon's Ribbon, I can see that all your evidence fit all the requirements for Surgeons Ribbon, and as a fellow player on nrp I can say its nice to actually see people picking flag bearer/sergeant for the simple reason to heal people other then waving a big flag in peoples face. you have been awarded Surgeon's Ribbon
  4. Pele

    I´m Pele, I started playing mount and blade all the way back in 2013 on a cracked client called imortaluz and of course I bought the legal version early 2016, but all you need to know that I am pele and I am part of the community staff.
  5. Best rp = Battle rp, Town rp and line battle worst = Cav vs Cav and storming of the bastille rp
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