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  1. 16y old + not a recognisable/very active player. Ye thats a No thanks from my side.
  2. Name OldPotato Steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198007965363/ GUID 881532 Hours in-game 1500 Previous Experience 1000h as TF2 admin Vouches Darkslayer 1000000& ummmm Pele and DrStein ayyyyy ask arround damnit Reason(s) I got T-killed when i was eating mah favourite chilly flavored Lay's chips. Btw they are gr8. Also not enough admins at night time.*cough* 120 ppl and no admin *cough*
  3. OldPotato

    NRP Username: OldPotato Character Name: Shmickel Shmikliriuter Faction: Grande République GUID: 881532 Why do you want a character: I was once an arrow merchant but then i took knee in the arrow soo i guess best thing to do now is to be meat shield.
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