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    canny seem to edit the OP This evidence should suffice for the Captain's Medal, Leadership Medal, Battlefield Surveyor if you consider the early part where I was talking about troop movements and then use your brain to realise this was an ongoing thing that I said a lot, ruthless attacker if you consider the epic victory, It doesn't cover the cav medal obviously because I applied for that because of my actions in the first 3 rounds of the last battle when i was the austrian general, and it doesn't cover the old guard medal since we rescued Noob's rifles in like the first round, so it's not shown there T
  2. Duke Florian

    Long life to all those glorious ones named here
  3. I'm going to apply for several medals at once here NRP Username: Florian Medal Requested: Captain's Medal Battlefield Surveyor Ruthless Attacker Old Guard Leadership Cavalry Captain's Medal Vouches: none Evidence: Check logs from the campaign if you're really skeptical. My time as commander and officer of Austria is the reason why I've applied for these medals, but let me give each one an explanation just in case: Captain's Medal As an officer of Austria I've frequently led many charges of not only 2 lines, but the entire army. Battlefield Surveyor During the campaign, I often relayed enemy positions into voice chat and sometimes text chat, giving precise descriptions of units and their movements so that the army could prepare to engage them Ruthless Attacker Maybe a bit of a stretch, but definitely in the final campaign battle I led cavalry to destroy at least the requirement amount of enemies for this medal as a cavalry officer, and as infantry officer I have led my men into battle against Prussians and come out victorious against their entire army on countless occassions. I don't know if the fact that I co-ordinate with other allied lines as a way to do this disqualifies me or what, but I definitely think I qualify just based on the final campaign battle alone on that crappy random map. Old Guard During my first 4-0 victory in the campaign, Noob's rifles got caught by enemy forces, so I sent out our entire force from the river banks to save Noob and annihilate the enemy, a manouevre which succeeded. Leadership I led a campaign faction and when I wasn't in command, most of the time I was an officer. I'm sure anyone on NRP would attest to the fact that I've been a leader. Cavalry Captain's Medal Perhaps a stretch, but I was in the general slot in the very last battle of the campaign, and my cavalry on at least one round flattened a couple of enemy lines before infantry arrived, though at great cost to our own. In at least one round on that random map when I was general, thanks to the cavalry's actions we won with 50 men remaining where the enemy had 0. Obviously I don't have screenshots for any of these since I was busy being commander or officer whilst chambering cannon balls etc, but any admins who were in the Austrian faction I'm sure can vouch that I deserve these medals.
  4. Duke Florian

    I was muted by Polo a couple of times in the past for no reason, so much so that I'd considered making a complaint. Ultimately I didn't bother because I thought it'd be ignored and he'd get off scot-free because he's just one of those people who seems to be allowed to get away with anything. I encourage other fellow survivors to follow suit and tell their stories too.
  5. Duke Florian

    NRP Username: Florian von Kapfenberg Discord Alias: Florian von Kapfenberg Character Name: Florian von Kapfenberg Faction: The Most Serene Empire of the Truly Invincible Mountain Nation and its Impossibly Humble Dominions and Colonies (aka Austria) GUID: 1596350 What kind of character do you consider: Florian was born a nobleman of aristocratic pedigree in the mountains of Styria. From an early age, he was skilled in the art of horsemanship, able to exert control over any type of horse - stallions, mustangs, chargers -- even Khergit women and Daisy Ridley. As such, he was commissioned as an officer in the Austrian army by the age of 12 (a move which attracted attention from international human rights groups campaigning against the use of child soldiers). By the age of 16, he was a highly renowned officer of horse, and it is rumoured that he made love to a different woman after each of his meals. Given his experience with handling a very long pole, he opted to become a lancer. During a peasant revolution in a T*rk-populated area of the empire, he used his lance as a skewer, turning Kebabs into literal shish kebabs. By the time this campaign rolls around, Florian was firmly established in the annals of Austrian martial history as a dashingly handsome and frighteningly effective cavalry officer and lancer, even with ambitions to use his popularity to gain control of the Empire's throne. However given that the outcome of such a coup attempt is unclear at this time, it should for now be recorded that Florian is merely a heroic horseman and master of the lance. Whilst the official story is that Florian lost his eye in battle, he maintains this is untrue, as that would imply his martial skills lack. However, amongst the ladies of the realm, there are rumours that his eye was lost due to an incident involving Florian's own renownedly-huge "seminal lance"
  6. Duke Florian

    disclaimer: i won't be able to attend all battles. my plan is to work very closely with the 2iC and generals so that the faction is run as effectively as possible. i plan to do 99.9% of the administrative work that's needed and whatever else is needed behind the scenes, but i can't guarantee i can show up to every battle on time NRP Username: Florian Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/selh88/ Preferred Faction: Austria Preferred Role: Leader Why you'd like to lead: 1| I did a good job of organising GR before I had to leave, getting back 99% of former members even after they had previously decided to leave. If nothing else, my abilities to organise and ready the faction will be very valuable both inside and outside of battles. Even if I didn't get to lead the faction in a battle, I'm sure many former GR members will testify to how we set the faction and and planned very efficiently. Now I'd like to translate that efficiency outside battles into an efficiency that will help us win battles. 2| I have the special ability to instill discipline in the men via team chat and whenever I've been leading lines against pubs I've generally had success. On top of that I have a good grasp of tactics and how to lead a line in such a way that you can minimise casualties before you've entered the fight, which is quite necessary for maximum engagement for pubs during long campaign events because it ensures the poor sods get to actually fight. 3| I think we ought to give new people the chance to lead where possible, instead of having the same old officers every time.
  7. Duke Florian

    Look here Son, I'm quite unsure that you have any deeply intellectual understanding of the Napoleonic Wars. The enlightened amongst us realise that the Prussians, with their superior intelligence, discipline and military might, crushed the French like the maggots they were.
  8. Duke Florian

    Vouch. You seem serious enough without being over-serious, and we shouldn't have trouble training you to be a good admin. The roleplays section on your application is a little lacklustre but the point of being a TA is to be trained and so there's nothing you shouldn't be able to overcome.
  9. Duke Florian

    Hi Broke! Thanks for applying! I can't say I've ever seen you around before. Unfortunately, this is going to be a devouch from me. I'm unsure about your personality. Your application was good, but I'm unsure as to how active you'd be when we actually need activity, and also how you'd actually be as an admin. If you're unsuccessful this time, and happen to make a new application, there's a high chance I'd vouch on this one. After being shown the FAX and LOGIK, I have instead decided to rescind my comments about activity. It would be good for us to have an admin active during NA hours, so it's a VOUCH from me
  10. Duke Florian

    so to sum up, you're saying to me that benis is the physical embodiment of the Form of the Good? plato was right plato 1:0 aristotlecucks
  11. Duke Florian

    help me obi-kenway, you're my only hope
  12. Duke Florian

    i think @Generalissimus Kenway should join us on this thread and give us an indepth explanation
  13. Duke Florian

    it requires a great deal of meditation to gain a personal understanding of this the ancient masters say you just have to type :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD until you understand it also rep 4 rep for god's sake
  14. Duke Florian

    FANFARE PLEASE - KING OF TAs COMING THROUGH this application is atrocious but there are people who've done worse than you on this admin team who're still here (i'm looking at kenway and brendan in particular, but there are others too) so you can get a valuable vouch from the only TA with a valuable opinion. of my own volition, and definitely not anybody's advice, i will vouch but only if you apologise to sneakypanda, even though i don't really like sneaky because sneaky is irrationally mean to me and won't tell me why
  15. Duke Florian

    Well that is what I've been saying for a long time - in its current state, NRP doesn't need this unnecessary hierarchy. That includes ranks such as XA. If Dio needs a deputy he can sort it out as and when. Anyway, this is besides the point of the thread and unfortunately, maggot, I'm going to have to ask that you stay ON TOPIC or face the armoured car.
  16. Duke Florian

    Alright well to put this easter rising to bed: We can have a community staff without stupid ranks. Especially when ranks are designed with the implicit purpose of degrading those holding them. Does Dio really not have time to look at community staff applications? I think you've misunderstood what I said. I'm not saying get rid of community staff, I'm saying let Dio be the head. CS already seem to be pretty self-governing - we get our job done with minimal input from the HoCS. There are so many unnecessary ranks on this server, like XA and TCS. They serve no purpose that could not be fulfilled by another rank. Your point that the structure is very loose is precisely why we don't need such an OTT system. If it were the military then I could understand the need - but there really is no need to have some guy able to pull rank on you when you both do the exact same job. Can you explain to me why I need to be a TCS when I do the exact same job as the rest of the CS and receive no training? It's just a way for someone to make his dick feel bigger. If the server was getting 200 players every night and the discord was absolutely buzzing with new faces then I could understand the need for a rank like XA, but right now even that has no purpose that the SAs cant deal with. This hierarchy very much has been a system of control. I think Diomedes has been very good in relaxing it in a sensible way. For CS, Ewok has wrapped the role in so much safety netting that we couldn't fuck up if we tried. As for your final comment, I honestly don't care about the outcome of this. I'm just incredibly bored and trying to help out the people that do care. I think people in general are way too serious around here and all it does is breed drama.
  17. Duke Florian

    I'm going to give my own personal opinion on this, seeing as I lead the First Crusade against Duke. I'll say it now: I think that in the very least, Duke should face a review in front of all the staff where we are able to decide on his future Why do I say this? There has been controversy surrounding Duke right from the word 'go'. His promotion was rather shady, and following that, there were times when he got too big for his boots, and occasions where he presumed to tell the Venerable One, Diomedes, how he should be running the server and which admins he should purge. I also have concerns that Duke has taken some unnecessary steps in carrying out his job, which to me paints him as a somewhat power hungry character. For example, him deciding to take control of the second campaign by himself. He also sometimes tries to micromanage things that just aren't his job involving admins, often trying to reprimand admins where that's not his job. The final nail in the coffin that confirms this for me is this ridiculous "Trial Community Staff" role. It's an unnecessary extension of an already unnecessarily bureaucratic system that serves no purpose - as a "TCS" I've had no training at all and all the responsibilities of a regular CS. Quite frankly I view this as an attempt to degrade me, and it ties in rather well with Pres' idea of a "personal vendetta". I see no purpose for this other than to fuel a personal vendetta, however up until this point I've not spoken up because quite frankly it hasn't been an issue; I only think it should come to light as an issue now that it will affect a fairly important decision on the server. As 'Head of Community Staff' he seems to have trouble in setting a good example for how the community staff, and the community at large, should act on the server. He is often at the centre of drama when the appropriate course of action is to simply not fuel it and thus avoid toxicity. He fails to do this . His previous history of muting for silly reasons, deleting messages etc is also rather worrying. Example: I had the idea of making the sports channel. In keeping with my own autistic brand of humour, I stressed this point in the sports channel - that this channel was MY idea, so I was "the king" or something. Harmless joke, no? Duke then proceeds to delete that message, so I sent it again. I believe he deleted it and I re-sent something similar about 3 times. It was an absolutely unnecessary abuse of power that suggests I had in some way hurt his ego. There is also the earlier controversy of him allowing his community staff to also mute people for stupid reasons. This issue is of course resolved by now, but given Duke's recent actions in the sports channel, I believe there is still the potential for Duke at least to start this again on a wider scale. On top of his inability to avoid drama, he also has had a history of "sperging out" in DMs. I will withhold any further comment for now simply because I have no evidence of him doing this recently - but I have lots of evidence of him doing this back before I left the server for a while. It was some koba-tier behaviour, not HoCS behaviour. One of my biggest gripes with the staff of NRP in general is the absolutely unnecessary bureaucracy. This isn't a complaint against Duke per se, but I really do not understand why we even need a "Head of Community Staff". Why Diomedes can't do this job is beyond me. HoCS just appears to me as a rank so someone can feed their ego and feel powerful, but I digress and this isn't an issue that has to be addressed right now. Another complaint about Duke is how he seems to act with some sort of impunity because he seems to believe he is more important to the server than he really is. When confronted, he often likes to remind us about how he's "worked hard" on the campaign and just in general how he seems to believe that without him, NRP would've gone to shit. On top of this, he seems to have a heavy workload that he has shown us time and time again that he has trouble managing. I might add on top of this that I have heard Wilhelm ran the campaign highly efficiently when it fell to him, and he hasn't complained about it like Duke has. To me this suggests that Duke is making excuses that in reality do not hold up. Anyway, my reason in giving my opinion on this is because I believe it is valuable for others to make their decision on what is to be done. I don't harbour any personal resentment towards Duke but I believe what I've said has relevance. I may be updating this as I think of more to add. I believe that given all of the controversy, it is time for a review of Duke's position in the very least. This sustained drama is no good for anybody.
  18. Name: PrinceFlorian Position you are applying for: Head of Head Admins Age: 19 GUID: redacted Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/selh88/ Hours in-game: 1939 Previous Admin Experience: I was an admin on a server called "Napoleonic Roleplay" for a few months and was so epic at my job that the Head Admin, Diomedes (you probably won't know him) was telling me he was thinking of making me a "senior admin" A little known fact about me is that I'm actually head of head admins across about 14 different servers Vouches: Reason(s): because i am too scared to uninstall the admin scripts Also the server's fricking dead and is clearly lacking someone like me who will play for at least 30 seconds per week at times when the server is totally dead. It's obvious you need a chad like me, with all my thousands of hours of admin experience, to come and do some actual admining. also reminder that i voluntarily resigned, and now i am out of hibernation, i can carry on my duties to Dio and God seamlessly as though I had never resigned (and so NRP had never lost its best admin) Roleplays: ( List of RPs you know, along with a short overview of the rules. i.e. you don't need to list the specific ratios etc. needed, but should at least say which team has more players and so on. If you're unsure, check out the accepted applications. ) As a general rule for all roleplays: -Buildpoints, if available, musn't be wasted -Other forms of trolling are prohibited (such as destroying your own team's defences) -Spamming the chat is prohibited -No delaying: one may not go out of his way to prolong the round if he is one of the last players alive on his team and he is able to run down the clock (or any other reason he may wish to delay for) -No killing of regular surrendered troops if they are unarmed -Harming your teammates in any way on purpose is forbidden Having detailed these general rules, I will omit them from the roleplays I describe. Battle RP: Team Sizes: Two teams of even size Objective: To defeat the other team by killing their players Rules: -Follow your officer -No ramboing (Not following your officer) -Cavalry must stick together as a group if the general is killed -Surrendering: In order to surrender, a player must drop all of his weapons and surrender. He may then be executed by firing line. Footguards who surrender can be executed instantly on account of the fact that their hand grenades are not visible on their person and thus it is impossible to tell if they have dropped their weapons. Optimal for: Any server size, but is done best with a large population Line Battle RP: Team sizes: Two teams of even size. Objective: To defeat the other team by killing their players Rules: -You must follow your officer -All players must be infantry -In order to attack another line, you must form line formation with and fire in the manner in which your officer orders -You may not crouch -Surrendering: Dealt with in the same way as Battle RP Optimal for: Any server size, but is done best with a large population Volley RP: Team Sizes: Two teams of even size Objective: To defeat the other team by killing their players Rules: -The two teams must form a line (lines can be composed of several ranks if team size permits) -When the lines have been sufficiently damaged and enough players are dead, the all charge command is given and ammunition is taken away from the player. -One can only attack from this line formation, and only when the "fire" command is given by the admin presiding over the roleplay Optimal for: Large server populations Cav vs Cav RP: Team Sizes: Two teams of even size Objective: Defeat the enemy team by killing all their players Rules: -All players must be cavalry; all types of cavalry except artillery train are permitted -The two opposing sides must line up outside their spawn -When given the order to charge, they charge. It is forbidden to charge before this point. A player might also be asked to give a speech to their team before the charge. -There is no need to follow an officer for this RP Optimal for: Medium server size or above Cav vs Inf RP: Team Sizes: In the beginning, the cavalry team must be a third of the total population, but the ratio can evened increased if necessary Objective: To destroy the infantry square OR to repel the cavalry attack Rules: -Infantry must form an anti-cavalry square formation and should be given pikes -The infantry team must all be of the partisan class -Cavalry must form a line outside their spawn -The cavalry can only charge when given the order to by the admin (this order is only given once the infantry square is complete) Optimal for: A server where there can be at least 20 cavalry on the cavalry team - thus a fairly sizeable server population. Naval RP: Team Sizes: Two teams of even size Objective: Destroy the enemy team by killing all their players, generally best done when their ship is sunk Rules: -Players must board their ship -Artillery can be used on islands in order to sink the opposing ship -For added "fun", all players must be sailors, marines or naval officer (this isn't a requirement) -Players may board the enemy ship if possible Optimal for: A medium server population (the boats should be fairly full) or greater Assassination RP: Team Sizes: The assassin side should be at least twice the size of their enemies Objective: Assassinate the enemy general, or protect the general so he is able to reach the assassins' spawn. Rules: -The assassin team must be populated by partisans only -The general may hide, but eventually he will be beaconed. He will also be beaconed if he is making a break for the spawn but the assassins do not know where to find him. -There is no ramboing in this gamemode - even defending soldiers may abandon their general so long as they are fighting partisans Optimal for: A medium server population or greater - it should not be easy for the defending soldiers to eliminate the assassin partisani because there are so few of them. Trench RP Team Sizes: Two teams of even size Objective: Eliminate the enemy team Rules: -Each team must fight from their trenches in the beginning -Every player must be infantry -After a period of time from which fire is exchanged between trenches, players can charge over into the enemy trench, used the craters for cover Optimal for: Any server size, but far better on larger servers Civil War RP: Team Sizes: Two teams of even size Objective: Annihilate the revolutionaries/loyalists of the enemy village Rules: -Played on a map with two villages in close proximity -All players on each team must be partisani -Players need not co-ordinate their attacks: they simply attack the other team Optimal for: Small server sizes Western RP: Team Sizes: Two teams of even size Objective: Eliminate the other team Rules: -Every player must be an officer and use a pistol and sword -No rankers or mounted soldiers allowed; cavalry officers are permitted but must dismount Optimal for: Small server sizes, but can be played on a large server Small Naval RP: Team Sizes: Two teams of even size Objective: Defeat the enemy team Rules: -The smaller naval map must be used (the one with the two ships that are nearly wrecked) -Infantry, sailors only -Officers need not be followed Optimal for: Small server sizes Etiquette and Server Rules: for admins: no saying racist things, in compliance with Taleworlds Commission Directive 66, which means admins have to avoid foul language to protect the server Many of the general rules I wrote before apply here: As a general rule for all roleplays: -Buildpoints, if available, musn't be wasted; they can only be used to create fortifications for your team -Other forms of trolling are prohibited (such as destroying your own team's defences, using other people's cannons or taking up a cannon but not using it, stealing the artillery train horse) [trolls] -Spamming the chat is prohibited [spammers] -No delaying: one may not go out of his way to prolong the round if he is one of the last players alive on his team and he is able to run down the clock (or any other reason he may wish to delay for) [delayers] -No killing of regular surrendered troops if they are unarmed [surrender-killing] -No team hitting/killing [teamhitters/killers] -English is the only language allowed in all chat on the server Breaking these rules will result in a slay. Repeat offenders will face a ban. ============================================NOTE FOR EPIC GAMERS============================================= a couple of weeks back, i logged into the server under a different name, said some gibberish about a handaxe, then left. this is proof of my high activity to come
  19. Duke Florian

  20. Duke Florian

    How sharp should the blade of a guillotine be? How many necks can it cut through before it should be sharpened again? Asking for a friend
  21. /devouch will vouch when he convinces sneakypanda to join GR
  22. Duke Florian

    NRP Username: Prince Florian GUID: 1596350 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/selh88/ Preferred Faction: LA GRANDE REPUBLIQUE! Preferred Role: (General/Leader/Second in Command/multiple): Leader (if I don't get it don't give me a lesser role) Why you'd like to lead: When it was announced that the previous leader of the Grande Republique had died of a rare disease called "being Turkish", I hurried to the Tuileries Palace to give counsel to the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. However, from the moment I stepped into my carriage to the minute I stepped out, I was swarmed by hundreds of thousands of Parisians all begging that I apply for the role. However, I am a humble man, and recognise the people have no worthy opinions. It was only when I spoke to Emperor Napoleon himself and he suggested that I take charge of the entire French Empire that I had to assert myself. "Non, mon Empereur, I could not succeed you" I said to him, but it was not enough. He gave me an ultimatum: become the leader of the Grande Republique or succeed him as Emperor of France. Naturally I chose the former: it is obvious that the Grande Republique is on the decline and will probably never win another battle. If I took leadership of it then after its collapse, I would get a nice pension from the Army but I'd also get to live out my days in exile on a tropical island paid for in full by the government of the Confederation or CC, whoever it is that captured me. On a real note, GR has a severe lack of leadership applications. I'm not a totally incompetent leader and I certainly had a lot to say after GR got beaten in our final battle. I think it's the right thing to do to honour Goki's sacrifice and put my money where my mouth is and see where I can take GR in the absence of an actually good leader like Warclever or Tax. A big plus for me is that I have a mic. And also, when GR do inevitably lose, I can be excused because of my Austrian ethnicity. When was the last time Austria won a war? Also, I was one of the OGs of the original GR and I'm frankly not quite ready to see it die if there's anything I can do to help it (despite my posturing about how I was going to merc for whichever faction was winning).
  23. /vouch you're not a total retard. application could be a bit more detailed but you'll learn the rules pretty quickly if you don't know them and you're active on the server
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