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  1. Prince Florian

  2. Prince Florian

    How sharp should the blade of a guillotine be? How many necks can it cut through before it should be sharpened again? Asking for a friend
  3. Prince Florian

    /devouch will vouch when he convinces sneakypanda to join GR
  4. Prince Florian

    NRP Username: Prince Florian GUID: 1596350 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/selh88/ Preferred Faction: LA GRANDE REPUBLIQUE! Preferred Role: (General/Leader/Second in Command/multiple): Leader (if I don't get it don't give me a lesser role) Why you'd like to lead: When it was announced that the previous leader of the Grande Republique had died of a rare disease called "being Turkish", I hurried to the Tuileries Palace to give counsel to the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. However, from the moment I stepped into my carriage to the minute I stepped out, I was swarmed by hundreds of thousands of Parisians all begging that I apply for the role. However, I am a humble man, and recognise the people have no worthy opinions. It was only when I spoke to Emperor Napoleon himself and he suggested that I take charge of the entire French Empire that I had to assert myself. "Non, mon Empereur, I could not succeed you" I said to him, but it was not enough. He gave me an ultimatum: become the leader of the Grande Republique or succeed him as Emperor of France. Naturally I chose the former: it is obvious that the Grande Republique is on the decline and will probably never win another battle. If I took leadership of it then after its collapse, I would get a nice pension from the Army but I'd also get to live out my days in exile on a tropical island paid for in full by the government of the Confederation or CC, whoever it is that captured me. On a real note, GR has a severe lack of leadership applications. I'm not a totally incompetent leader and I certainly had a lot to say after GR got beaten in our final battle. I think it's the right thing to do to honour Goki's sacrifice and put my money where my mouth is and see where I can take GR in the absence of an actually good leader like Warclever or Tax. A big plus for me is that I have a mic. And also, when GR do inevitably lose, I can be excused because of my Austrian ethnicity. When was the last time Austria won a war? Also, I was one of the OGs of the original GR and I'm frankly not quite ready to see it die if there's anything I can do to help it (despite my posturing about how I was going to merc for whichever faction was winning).
  5. Prince Florian

    /vouch you're not a total retard. application could be a bit more detailed but you'll learn the rules pretty quickly if you don't know them and you're active on the server
  6. mine was when i hit the escape key then clicked on "quit" long live minisiege
  7. Prince Florian

    hi, head of head admins here. Whilst it's a shame that my 2nd favourite server died and i am left only with BBG, Minisiege and NRP, i hope to see this forum flourish also rep 4 rep
  8. Prince Florian

    oh shit i'm from huddersfield wanna get together and fight? if you beat me you can have my vouch
  9. Prince Florian

    What part of Yorkshire are you from?
  10. Prince Florian

  11. Prince Florian

    It's a devouch from me. This application is far too professional and detailed. Were you to be accepted, I'd have a rival for my position as Head of Head Admins. I advise all other Admins to take the same course of action
  12. Prince Florian

    I'm by no means the authority on this and you should wait for someone who knows the ins-and-outs of the rules. However as it stands, I believe Taleworlds do not object to racism from the players. The issue comes with when the admins start to spout the racist rubbish, which then I assume would make it look like the server endorses racist behaviour. Thus I don't think TW would have an issue with an immature player name like this. Anyway, don't take my response as gospel, I'm only replying to sate your need for a response as you're saying in the Discord.
  13. Prince Florian

    warning: worthless TA opinion incoming. reader discretion is advised

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