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  1. NRP Username: Florian GUID: not relevant since it's for the discord Time/Date of Ban: 06/07/2019 Have you waited at least 1 hour since you were banned: Yes Reason for unban request: I accept that my previous behaviour was not acceptable in NRP or conducive to the environment that management was trying to foster, and for this reason I apologise for any transgressions I have made against the community. I feel as though this is the right time for me to be unbanned from the discord server as the new campaign is about to begin (and to be a useful part I need to be in the discord) and I also feel that enough time has elapsed since my ban from NRP that I can re-enter with the right mindset and understanding of how a member of the NRP community is expected to act in these modern times.
  2. Duke Florian

    canny seem to edit the OP This evidence should suffice for the Captain's Medal, Leadership Medal, Battlefield Surveyor if you consider the early part where I was talking about troop movements and then use your brain to realise this was an ongoing thing that I said a lot, ruthless attacker if you consider the epic victory, It doesn't cover the cav medal obviously because I applied for that because of my actions in the first 3 rounds of the last battle when i was the austrian general, and it doesn't cover the old guard medal since we rescued Noob's rifles in like the first round, so it's not shown there T
  3. Duke Florian

    Long life to all those glorious ones named here
  4. I'm going to apply for several medals at once here NRP Username: Florian Medal Requested: Captain's Medal Battlefield Surveyor Ruthless Attacker Old Guard Leadership Cavalry Captain's Medal Vouches: none Evidence: Check logs from the campaign if you're really skeptical. My time as commander and officer of Austria is the reason why I've applied for these medals, but let me give each one an explanation just in case: Captain's Medal As an officer of Austria I've frequently led many charges of not only 2 lines, but the entire army. Battlefield Surveyor During the campaign, I often relayed enemy positions into voice chat and sometimes text chat, giving precise descriptions of units and their movements so that the army could prepare to engage them Ruthless Attacker Maybe a bit of a stretch, but definitely in the final campaign battle I led cavalry to destroy at least the requirement amount of enemies for this medal as a cavalry officer, and as infantry officer I have led my men into battle against Prussians and come out victorious against their entire army on countless occassions. I don't know if the fact that I co-ordinate with other allied lines as a way to do this disqualifies me or what, but I definitely think I qualify just based on the final campaign battle alone on that crappy random map. Old Guard During my first 4-0 victory in the campaign, Noob's rifles got caught by enemy forces, so I sent out our entire force from the river banks to save Noob and annihilate the enemy, a manouevre which succeeded. Leadership I led a campaign faction and when I wasn't in command, most of the time I was an officer. I'm sure anyone on NRP would attest to the fact that I've been a leader. Cavalry Captain's Medal Perhaps a stretch, but I was in the general slot in the very last battle of the campaign, and my cavalry on at least one round flattened a couple of enemy lines before infantry arrived, though at great cost to our own. In at least one round on that random map when I was general, thanks to the cavalry's actions we won with 50 men remaining where the enemy had 0. Obviously I don't have screenshots for any of these since I was busy being commander or officer whilst chambering cannon balls etc, but any admins who were in the Austrian faction I'm sure can vouch that I deserve these medals.
  5. Duke Florian

    I was muted by Polo a couple of times in the past for no reason, so much so that I'd considered making a complaint. Ultimately I didn't bother because I thought it'd be ignored and he'd get off scot-free because he's just one of those people who seems to be allowed to get away with anything. I encourage other fellow survivors to follow suit and tell their stories too.
  6. Duke Florian

    NRP Username: Florian von Kapfenberg Discord Alias: Florian von Kapfenberg Character Name: Florian von Kapfenberg Faction: The Most Serene Empire of the Truly Invincible Mountain Nation and its Impossibly Humble Dominions and Colonies (aka Austria) GUID: 1596350 What kind of character do you consider: Florian was born a nobleman of aristocratic pedigree in the mountains of Styria. From an early age, he was skilled in the art of horsemanship, able to exert control over any type of horse - stallions, mustangs, chargers -- even Khergit women and Daisy Ridley. As such, he was commissioned as an officer in the Austrian army by the age of 12 (a move which attracted attention from international human rights groups campaigning against the use of child soldiers). By the age of 16, he was a highly renowned officer of horse, and it is rumoured that he made love to a different woman after each of his meals. Given his experience with handling a very long pole, he opted to become a lancer. During a peasant revolution in a T*rk-populated area of the empire, he used his lance as a skewer, turning Kebabs into literal shish kebabs. By the time this campaign rolls around, Florian was firmly established in the annals of Austrian martial history as a dashingly handsome and frighteningly effective cavalry officer and lancer, even with ambitions to use his popularity to gain control of the Empire's throne. However given that the outcome of such a coup attempt is unclear at this time, it should for now be recorded that Florian is merely a heroic horseman and master of the lance. Whilst the official story is that Florian lost his eye in battle, he maintains this is untrue, as that would imply his martial skills lack. However, amongst the ladies of the realm, there are rumours that his eye was lost due to an incident involving Florian's own renownedly-huge "seminal lance"
  7. Duke Florian

    disclaimer: i won't be able to attend all battles. my plan is to work very closely with the 2iC and generals so that the faction is run as effectively as possible. i plan to do 99.9% of the administrative work that's needed and whatever else is needed behind the scenes, but i can't guarantee i can show up to every battle on time NRP Username: Florian Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/selh88/ Preferred Faction: Austria Preferred Role: Leader Why you'd like to lead: 1| I did a good job of organising GR before I had to leave, getting back 99% of former members even after they had previously decided to leave. If nothing else, my abilities to organise and ready the faction will be very valuable both inside and outside of battles. Even if I didn't get to lead the faction in a battle, I'm sure many former GR members will testify to how we set the faction and and planned very efficiently. Now I'd like to translate that efficiency outside battles into an efficiency that will help us win battles. 2| I have the special ability to instill discipline in the men via team chat and whenever I've been leading lines against pubs I've generally had success. On top of that I have a good grasp of tactics and how to lead a line in such a way that you can minimise casualties before you've entered the fight, which is quite necessary for maximum engagement for pubs during long campaign events because it ensures the poor sods get to actually fight. 3| I think we ought to give new people the chance to lead where possible, instead of having the same old officers every time.
  8. Duke Florian

    Look here Son, I'm quite unsure that you have any deeply intellectual understanding of the Napoleonic Wars. The enlightened amongst us realise that the Prussians, with their superior intelligence, discipline and military might, crushed the French like the maggots they were.
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  11. Duke Florian

    so to sum up, you're saying to me that benis is the physical embodiment of the Form of the Good? plato was right plato 1:0 aristotlecucks
  12. Duke Florian

    help me obi-kenway, you're my only hope
  13. Duke Florian

    i think @Generalissimus Kenway should join us on this thread and give us an indepth explanation
  14. Duke Florian

    it requires a great deal of meditation to gain a personal understanding of this the ancient masters say you just have to type :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD until you understand it also rep 4 rep for god's sake
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