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    NRP Username: Silver_Von_Preussen Discord Alias: Silver Von Preussen Character Name: Adolf Shickelgruber Faction: (Prussia or Austria or maybe Both?) Prussia GUID: (The number displayed next to your name in the bottom left/chat when you join the NRP server) 1438933 What kind of character do you consider: (Optional but helpful - What sort of character you want, what role you want to have, why you chose it, etc)
  2. Generalfeldmarschall

    NRP Username: Generalfeldmarschall Character Name: Pionier Pretzel Faction: Crown Colonies GUID: 1438933 Why do you want a character: The idea of a campaign in this community is an interesting one as nothing like it has ever been done on such a scale in NW. I'd also like to see where it'll go in the future.
  3. NRP Username: Generalfeldmarschall Medal Requested: Clutch Award Vouches: n/a Evidence:
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