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  1. FreyrDS

    Looks like a professional and very skilled group!
  2. FreyrDS

    I'm Freyr. I've been playing on this server for 3-4 years and am one of the great founders of the TRH. Despite what he says, Robin did not teach me anything. I really hate inf and I love playing hussar (What a surprise). Also a former member of the HoH (Hussars of Honour, for the new players) and the wafflemin of cavalry groupfight (check it out sometime, great server).
  3. FreyrDS

    Stop being jealous of our glorious nation.
  4. FreyrDS

    I don't need to be good at inf, it's beneath me.
  5. FreyrDS

    This is really amazing, seems like a very cool group!
  6. FreyrDS

    NRP Username: [TRH]FreyrDS Character Name: Freyr le Waffle (Gotta represent my people) Faction: Grande République GUID: 837710 Why do you want a character: I want to be a soldier since I'm too lazy to lead or do anything helpful at all. I've been on this server way too long so I thought having a thing like this without including me would be blasphemous. Though I would appreciate a cav spot since I think infantry is for plebs (Yeah that's right I said it).
  7. FreyrDS

    Soooooo can I play cav? pls
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