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  1. Yes! Just what NRP needs!
  2. DE4D BE4R

    To the guy who used my screenshot WITHOUT ASKING FIRST to try and take NRP down: fuck you.
  3. DE4D BE4R

  4. DE4D BE4R

    It's 2 per week you big dumbino.
  5. DE4D BE4R

    denyed cuz ure prussian
  6. Is this an admin app or a block of text.
  7. DE4D BE4R

  8. DE4D BE4R

    I have to go with Wilhelm on this one. Sorry.
  9. DE4D BE4R

    jeez I just left a fricking Discord, it's not the end of the world
  10. DE4D BE4R

    I like the idea. Go and dew it.
  11. DE4D BE4R

    We've heard Florian's ideas but some people might have some good map ideas, so here's a place to post 'em.
  12. DE4D BE4R

    NRP Username: wootz Steam: wootz Preferred Faction: Austria Preferred Role: Guerrilla leader. Why you'd like to lead: wootz JAJAJAJAJAJAJA LAS GUERRILLAS SI SI JAJA
  13. DE4D BE4R

    It must have been a gnome.
  14. DE4D BE4R

    This app is insulting
  15. DE4D BE4R

    You can't vouch twice Polo.
  16. DE4D BE4R

    I deny your denied and vouch
  17. DE4D BE4R

    fricking plebeians
  18. DE4D BE4R

    Ex-GR leader and ex-Brendan Rocketeer Corps here. F
  19. DE4D BE4R

  20. DE4D BE4R

    Mariano Rajoy Brey. I don't need to explain why.
  21. DE4D BE4R

    Rajoys are still superior to pepes.
  22. DE4D BE4R

    Pretty sure *no one* thought about this. You get a monastery map, defenders are partizani. Attackers are militia-vikings. Their goal is to raid dem christianz. totally an original idea
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