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  1. hauptmann

    Historic depictoion of the Second Battle of U20
  2. hauptmann

    Final republican assault on the tavern durning the second Battle of U20
  3. hauptmann

    French soldiers rallieng before the second Battle of U20
  4. hauptmann

    Death charge of the brave Regiment de grenadier durning the battle of U20. Even though horribly outnumbered they made the enmey pay bitter for ther victory.
  5. Since partisans are basicly irregular troops and mostly fighting out of revenge, I think it would add to the roleplay experience if partisans were allowed to kill yielders without orders from an admin or an officer.
  6. hauptmann

    NRP Username: 20_VTrp_hauptmann Character Name: Philippe 'Haupt' Hauptmanné Faction: Grande République GUID: 6421 Why do you want a character: Soldier, to give Tax a scape goat when he fucks up and get shot by artillery
  7. hauptmann

    Hi, i'm hauptmann, i have actually no clue since when i play on the NRP server, but i have been playing NW since i came out (and still suck at it). If you have played arty frequently their is a good chance you killed me atleast once. I have played on several servers like 84e siege, 33rd siege or even the offical nrp battle servers but i can say that NRP has by far the most retarded, and therefore the best communtiy on NW.
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