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    You're probably one of if not the flakiest admin NRP has ever had I don't even bother to pay attention as to why you come/go anymore, I actually thought you were still on the team. I highly doubt that you're going to put time into adminning the server, regardless of how active you are on discord or on the forums. I absolutely do not think you have any intention on spending large or even decent amounts of time on the server itself, outside of perhaps Campaign Events. I have no say in whether someone does/doesn't become an admin but I'm just confused as to why you're actually applying beyond getting into the big boys club *again* Take a look at yourself and have a really hard think as to whether you intend to spend a great deal of time in the forseeable on NRP building population and running things. Whether you want to sit through that grind to get the population up outside of events. Whether you aren't just going to be quitting again in a month or two when you can no longer be bothered If any of the above puts you off, just rescind your app and save everyone's time my guy
  2. Scandypandy

    Hello, everyone! I’m here to bring you a huge update for NRP Campaign 3.0, with a major feature reveal. As the first public server to bring a Multiplayer Campaign to Napoleonic Wars, we continually strive for ways to innovate and improve on our formula. While people have enjoyed following the Campaigns in the past as the factions duke it out over the map, we wanted to find a way to streamline the way the off-server aspects of the Campaign were handled. It is my pleasure to introduce the NRP Campaign Map! The Campaign Map is a live-map which shows you exactly what’s going on. With custom sprites specifically created by our Campaign Team, you will be able to track every army/battle/event or movement that happens throughout the campaign with ease. Gone are the days of awkwardly photoshopping a ready-made map to show new moves, this new map makes the post-battle paperwork a fraction of the work required previously. To give you a little insight, I’ll explain exactly what you’re seeing: Armies and Occupation Armies are represented by their custom animated sprites which have the name of the army underneath. Armies and their strength are listed in the side panel. Armies can be simply dragged and dropped around the map to represent their movement. As for occupation, it is now simply handled by flags-these can also be dragged and dropped! It will be much easier to co-ordinate and follow grand campaigns using this tool; the sprites and names could even be edited to represent NW Regiments if they become a big enough part of the Campaign! Battle History In the side panel to the left, all battles and their results will be recorded so you can keep an eye on how things are progressing. Any serious developments, news snippets or announcements will also be listed here. Railroads, Forts and Other Icons You’ll notice a lot of different icons such as forts, cities or railways. These represent in-game mechanics which we’re still perfecting through our simulated campaigns on testing weekends. These can also be added, moved or edited very easily and this functionality will be extremely useful for the future. Perhaps the most exciting thing about the introduction of this unique new feature is the possibilities for the future; by streamlining the most complicated part of the Campaigns, the possibility for other Campaigns/Events/Simulated Wars are endless and we plan to capitalise fully on this; expect much, much more from NRP! In the meantime, don’t forget that the Faction Leaders are going to be picked and announced tomorrow. If you want to have a chance to lead Prussia to her Ascendance or maintain control of Germany as the Austrian Emperor, be sure to apply here. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.
  3. Scandypandy

    Can't find any record of what happened, but you were still muted at the time of this request. You should be able to use the discord now. Cheers!
  4. Scandypandy

    I don't think Presidente convincing people to his opinion can be considered gunboat diplomacy. Sure, I wouldn't disagree that he can get heated but honestly after several years of being quite consistently correct but rarely actually listened to I imagine he gets easily frustrated. Also Presidente's whole "I could delete the files" thing is his (albeit woefully articulated) way of saying "if I wanted to actively hurt the server I'd have done it in one of the Five-Gorrillion moments when I had the ability to. I do think the whole mess over Presidente assigning himself a rank was stupid since realistically out of everyone on the server the only two people more deserving of the benefit of the doubt are Ewok and myself. While I don't believe every incident here is the subject of malice or a vendetta I do believe a serious look needs to be taken at either what has happened or at how these things will be handled in future.
  5. Scandypandy

    -You not being trained as a Trial Staff of anything is a fault in the rest of the staff, not the rank. If you are TCS and aren't trained in any way, the Community Staff aren't doing their job. -It isn't an OTT system. It's literally one of the simplest and lest complex systems out there -XA isn't an unnecessary rank and its existence could have very easily solved the 4 big problems NRP had when an important admin had to be away for a while/indefinitely The hierarchy isn't a system of control, and the server's population and movement into essentially a small-RP server and host for the NRP Campaign is what relaxed it. Again, as for Diomedes being head he is absolutely free to do so however you hugely underestimate how easy it is for people to get sick of things when you increase the amount of work underneath them, even if its work that isn't present right now. Right now I don't think NRP really needs ranks other than for the Campaign Stuff, since that's the only time when the server needs to be very well organised both server-side and in the community side. I think many of the points you make are very valid in regards to everyday NRP-aka Jailbreak level population of around 10-50 players with less need for organisation. For the main attraction of today's NRP-the Campaign-much more organisation (and in it, hierarchy) is demonstrably required. Maybe it's time to make a proper distinction between the two different sets of NRP? Who knows!
  6. Scandypandy

    To simply bat away something said by Florian in regards to Bureucracy: As for "Trial Community Staff" I usually limited the team to HoCS, Senior CS and CS but that could be swapped out for Trial since the "Trial Admin" rank for NRP has always been important and hugely beneficial to the process. I can't say whether or not the role was created specifically to make you look like a little useless babby, but I don't think the role itself is a bad idea. However the timing does suggest that it doubled as a good idea and a way to lash out at you. In regards to mountain of complaints ITT, there is evidence for them and likely Duke will defend himself-as any member of staff should-if he so wishes. I have noticed a lot of seemingly pointless mutes or some over-zealous application of NRP Discord Rules/Guidelines, aka forcefully applying rules when no harm is really being done. Changes or edits to rules have also happened which I don't necessarily agree with, but again the Community Staff are the ones supposed to handle this stuff-just pointing out that I don't know if the direction they're moving in is the right one. I personally Duke has done and could still do a good job as HoCS but also believe that an serious review and dedication to change/the future is probably required to stop this exact same thread happening a month from now. Also please stop bumping the thread with shitty few-word replies, it does little other than suggest that those posting them aren't really fussed on the results of the thread.
  7. Scandypandy

    "I should get unbanned because everyone loves me and I'm a popular figurehead" the restored log cabin on Champ Elysee (raining) is a more popular figurehead of NRP than you are
  8. Scandypandy

    I don't get this hype for Smash. Why so excited to have all the characters spoiled? Shouldn't half the fun be the surprise on launch instead of the slow building "oh hey it's that guy" stuff?
  9. Scandypandy

    This post is split in 2. First: What a Head of Community Staff should be doing Second: "If I do leave NRP will die" So, first of all: Second of all: I don't know enough about this whole shitstorm to really weigh in but realistically it seems like yet another massive mess that could have been easily sorted by a brief and honest dialogue. smh
  10. Scandypandy

    Sounds absolutely rad. Modern Greece is overlooked a lot in particular their revolution and man it's the tightest shit.
  11. 1. Officer Slots The issue with the officer slots was cleared up already by myself to you in the discord. None of "us"-those being the people who encouraged Minisiege to reset the round despite CF's apparant lack of officers-did so because: a) As I said, basically nobody had any idea you were even a part of it. From the start of the event, the lack of presence in the NRP Discord's CF Channels gave everyone the impression that they had basically no officers anyway. I played the entire event and only became aware that your regiment was taking officer slots midway through the final event. We weren't told "The 65th didn't get their slots", just "CF have no officers" which was one of Duke's many mishaps and fuck-ups in that event due to the fact he apparantly had a stressful day. b) It was the final round of the event and we'd already had a clusterfuck of a reset prior, and several other confused episodes when Duke started a round when nobody was ready or restarted it pointlessly. We were frustrated and wanted to get on with it. 2. The Map The first map was heavily in CC's favour and chosen by Duke. Take your issues with that up with him. 3. "Responsible Admins" Theorhetically only 1 admin runs the event, who uses "CAMPAIGN_ADMIN." Other admins-notably Duke-often weighed in or took their own initiative around him in this occasion which caused much, much confusion. Another case of Duke being the one you need to take this up with. There is no "reflecting blame" on Duke. In my opinion he fucked this event up extremely hard, I only avoided saying so at the time due to the fact he seemed stressed and under pressure. 4. "Rigged Faction" From what I saw, Presidente didn't want rules suggested long ago to be brought in just for the sheer fuck off, likely also because it would fuck his faction over if done so-assuming you mean the attrition rule. On the flipside, he also suggested or allowed things to the detriment of him and his faction. Addressing each point made here: a) "BAN ON CO-OPERATION" the ban on alliances is something from the start to prevent the shitshow caused in the last campaign by players taking huge sweeping things into their own hands, such as rebellions and alliances. Blame me for making 3 factions instead of 2 if you like, but them saying "you can't ally" isn't them being corrupt, it's them pointing out that a Faction that is fighting a war of independece against another faction shouldn't be able to ally with it against a 3rd one. b) GR losing AP for a rule (not sure what this refers to) c) I believe extra armies were spawned to deter the alliances above by making people under pressure? Not sure on this one either. I know you fucking despise Presidente Dimitry but a lot of your points here are moot. You and your regiment didn't use the NRP discord and relied largely on people who simply weren't running the event to convey the fact that you were even a part of it, which they evidently failed to do adequately. What can be chalked up to a simple lapse in communication and dreadful performance by Duke due to extrernal stress on the day has now erupted into melodrama the likes of which I haven't seen in a long time. I do not take the time to post much anymore but I can not and will not sit here and have you attack the Campaign as a whole just because you believe Presidente and his faggy regiment have some big massive conspiracy to ruin it for everyone. I think it's a real shame that your regiment are deciding to bin it all out your spite for 1 mildly autistic yorkshireman but Presidente isn't some big evil fiend and has had ample opportunity to fuck everyone for his own personal gain for about 2 years now, and on 0 occasions has he done so. Every single time he puts the server as a whole before himself. tl;dr- This was a failure in communications, not helped by the fact that you and your regiment hid away in another discord giving everyone the impression that CF was a dead faction before the event even started. But thanks very much for now making the life of those running the campaign even harder as they scramble to settle the inevitable unrest that will come as a result of this drivel. Just call Presidente a blithering retard and move on with your day instead of all this shite.
  12. I think one thing-which I believed MiniSiege also stated in internal chat during the battle-was that the consensus on the rules of the battle were very muddled amongst basically everyone involved. The best example being the stance on artillery which many people seem confused about (or just outright ignored). I also think some admins were scared to punish much for fear of backlash from passionate campaign players. A very clear layout of the rules for a battle prior to its beginning which is advertised pre-battle to each faction might help, as it can be used as a callback for admins when they bring the hammer down. I also believe that-if the number of staff present allows it-only admins who aren't a member of either of the factions in a battle should be allowed to admin it, ideally. I like the idea of the campaign admins not using the username and instead using "Campaign_Admin" to avoid aforementioned backlash. I thought the event went great but Siege certainly had his hands full.
  13. Scandypandy

    my first post in a long time and my first ever actual vouch for an admin goes to this man provided his actual server activity is up to par or at least improves in the forseeable. Great guy, active in the community, posted Battlepasta, what's not to like Okay bye
  14. Here you can apply for the various positions of leadership within the upcoming second NRP Campaign. You can check out the 3 possible Factions here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact myself or a member of the NRP Staff. Please read the following before applying: Requirements of Each Leadership Role Application Template Note that if you apply for Faction Leader and are not accepted, you may be approached for the role of Second in Command or General if you indicate that you are willing to do so. Note that the following positions are currently filled: -Crown Commonwealth (Leader) -Crown Commonwealth (Second in Command)
  15. Scandypandy

    learning is fun, welcome to your new home
  16. Scandypandy

    The third and final faction to be introduced is the only one which survived the events of the first campaign: The Grande République. The flag may change however the title and faction will largely remain the same as it will be transitioning into the second campaign largely as the same entity as in the first. Lore The Grande République stands as master over all. In all her might, she stands uncontested as the primary military power having suffered only one defeat in her long history of warfare. The Grande République views the Revolution as the ultimate goal of any society, and rather than viewing itself as an example of a Revolutionary utopia it assumes the role of destroyer rather than reformer; the old world and the injustices therein will refuse to die and thus shall be put to the swords. Enemies of the Revolution and enemies of the Grande République go hand in hand, as the Republic spreads the ideas of the revolution not by propaganda or public dissent but by sheer force. Her armies are prestigious and well adorned with medals and eagles to commemorate past victories, her banners denote an aura of apparent invincibility. Having brought the Rossiyskiy Soyuz to its knees in one fell swoop and battled the Crown Colonies into a corner, the Grande République does not need to search long for an example of her glory and superiority. However, the very core of the Grande République has come under attack. Not by any army or natural disaster, but by an enemy unseen by all; hubris. The Grande République is structured almost entirely around its impressive military. Political power and military prowess go hand in hand, those who prove themselves on the battlefield find themselves in much grander positions of power and influence. The wars of the past paved the way for many self-made men to assume control of key positions, but the final defeat at the hands of the Crown Colonies left a sour taste in their mouths and a stubborn stain on the records of the Republican forces. Regardless, the prestige of the Grande République remained strong. Massive amounts of new land had fallen under her control and before long the Republican forces could turn their eyes to whatever remained of the Crown Colonies, in the form of the Crown Commonwealth. Then, disaster struck. Several territories-both native to the Grande République and recently conquered-have committed an act of treason so terrible that it threatens to tear the Republic asunder. The great hordes of uninformed tyrants wish to reject the rule of the Grande République and the ideas of the Revolution. They claim to fight for their liberty, but such a thing may come at the cost of a return to the old world. It becomes clear that with the rising power of the Crown Commonwealth and the defiant attitude of the Confederate Rabble that the Grande République much once more take up arms to restore her rightful place as overlord of all lands. Description A fan favourite from the first campaign and arguably undisputed victors, the Grande République returns as a formidable giant facing a serious crisis. The faction will be largely similar to the last campaign, it will see some changes potentially to units and to lore. The campaign of the Grande République can be compared to that of the Crown Commonwealth (our first faction, replacing the Crown Colonies) in the sense that the ultimate aim is arguably to restore something which has been lost. However, in the case of the Republic it is pride and undisputed total rule that has been taken from them, as opposed to land. The Grande République's campaign will be about bringing the swift end of the rebellion, a restoration of her rule over key lands and a final defeat of the Crown Commonwealth who defied the Grande République a clean win last time by beating them in the final battle of the previous campaign. If you want a campaign of prestige, assumed supremacy and rebellion crushing then check out the Grande République!
  17. Scandypandy

    Scuba-diving on NRP came with our medic scripts. Not the "NW Update" medic scripts, the ones we got about a year beforehand. Essentially, flagbearers and rifle sergeants spawned with a butter knife. You could hit people to heal them. The idea was that two "medics" could go under water and hit one another with their knives every few seconds to perpetually stay healed underwater. It allowed players to indefinitely remain beneath the surface.
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    Introducing our second Faction of the new NRP Campaign; The Confederation of Liberated Lands Known otherwise simply as The Confederacy, this faction is a totally new addition to the roster. As always, the name+flag+certain lore elements of the faction may be subject to some change as we develop the Campaign further! Lore After the Grande République conquered large swathes of southern territory previously occupied by the now-dead Rossiyskiy Soyuz, a large number of foreign soldiers and politicians became involved in various Republican circles. While previously all loyal Republican citizens were bred from birth to live and die for their capital and the spread of their ideas, this new influx of citizens were not "enlightened" by the ways of the Grande République. Soon several separate Legions and Regiments consisting entirely of these conquered peoples formed huge sections of the Grande République's armed forces, and many territories of the Grande République itself were governed and populated by folk who all shared one common trait; their lands had been annexed by the Republican forces. As the years went by the Grande République grew more and more complacent, and with this attitude came negligence of many territories not governed by veterans of the previous war. A divide began to spread across the Republic, with more demands for increased autonomy flooding the Capital only to be met with a flat refusal. When rioting broke out after a group of Republican soldiers became involved in a dispute between a corrupt landowner and his tenants, a group of military veterans gathered their militia and arrested the Republican soldiers. The Capital erupted with outrage at this apparent act of "treachery" and demanded the immediate release of the prisoners and surrendering of the arms by the veterans. Across the Grande République several lords and commanders declared support for the Veterans, whilst others continued to demand the release of the prisoners. Tensions reached boiling point when an army of the Grande République was went to forcefully subdue to town in which the prisoners were kept, resulting in a battle between the local militias and the Republican forces. Much to the shock and disdain of the Republican commanders, the Militias were decisively victorious. It was then that a secret meeting of veterans and politicians in the nearby woods came to light, an event which became known as "The Monster Meeting" where a large amount of landlords and military commanders declared that they would co-operate with one another to resist the tyranny of the Grande République. Over time as the dispute escalated into a full blown rebellion, the lands owned by the rebels came to be named The Confederation of Liberated Lands. Description The Confederacy is a totally new addition to our faction list, however it has some ties to the RU of the previous campaign. It represents a union of various people conquered at some point by the Grande République who have now declared independence. This is not a simple "rebellion" faction; the legitimacy required for nationhood has been gained and only the high command of the Grande République (more on the evolved GR in a later update) view them as a simple "rebellion." The Confederacy will focus much on ideas of liberty/self reliance but will have many eastern-european themed units; we wanted to mix up some common themes to create something memorable. It is not a Russian faction but rather a group of different nationalities and units all pooled from conquered lands. While other factions may seem prestigious, noble or associated with power and might, the Confederacy appeals more to an everyman/militia sort of campaign playing as the apparent "underdog", however do not make the mistake of viewing them as less powerful than the other 2 factions. Playing for the Confederacy will largely be about defending ones newfound freedom and attempting to liberate more lands from autocratic rulers. Expect some pretty funky special units, too!
  19. Scandypandy

    I remember it first becoming Winterloo, although my Winterloo map with santa and narnia references is in my opinion THE coziest christmas map to ever exist in all of NW. Seasonal maps are so so good. I remember Scuba Diving, an enlightened era of NRP
  20. Scandypandy

    Many of you have been playing the server for several years, and I think it'd be neat to share memories/pictures/whatever that will let us all remember the good times had on NRP. Personally I always fondly remember the initial addition of grenades and how absolutely dreadful they were before the explosion timer was added. Nothing like having 2 massive AOE explode-on-impact weapons to huck at crowds!
  21. Scandypandy

    In this update I'll outline some changes to how Faction Leadership in the Campaign will work. Previously, all of the wargames aspects (army movement, map control, aka everything not in the battle) was controlled by 1 individual as the Leader of their faction. I felt this needed improvement for two main reasons: 1. If said person is unavailable OR ineffective, it brings their faction to a grinding halt. 2. All the mechanics and campaign tactics which took so much work to plan are only really experienced first-hand by one person. Therefore, I'm reworking the command system into a simple Chain of Command. Currently, the template is as follows: 1. Faction Leader Same as before, this is the overall leader and representative of the Faction. They are in charge and will have the most influence in the running of their Faction during the campaign. 2. Second in Command Essentially there to fill in when the Leader can't be present or is otherwise occupied. When the leader is present they will likely still be quite influential in his decisions. 3. Generals The Generals (up to 3 maximum) can take on some devolved duties from the Leader or Second in Command to ease the amount of work dumped on them. An example of this can be leadership of a particular army which they can command each turn, etc. The Chain of Command allows each Faction to not have just one person running things, but rather a team of people running things. It will also improve immersion and lore for the campaign as we can be more personal with who commands what. It also grants players more incentive to move up the ranks of their Faction in order to potentially enter one of the multiple leadership roles. All changes applied to the Campaign are either simple improvements or streamlines of previous systems to ease the level of stress/paperwork for our staff to undergo for each battle.
  22. Scandypandy

    First reveal of the Campaign will be the Faction which will replace the Crown Colonies! Here we have our first attempt at creating a flag to represent the new faction. In this update I'll be referring to the new faction as the "Crown Commonwealth" (CC) however this name may be subject to change. When the Faction is fully fleshed out there will be more lore and information made available. This is just a placeholder name for the time being until our friendly lore-goblins have come up with some concrete stuff! Lore The Crown Colonies saw many defeats at the hands of the seemingly unstoppable Republican forces of the Grande République. The unique Governmental Structure of the Crown Colonies proved popular in times of peace, but ultimately contributed to the downfall of the faction. However, just as it seemed all hope was lost, a group of veteran Crown Commanders rallied a Colonial Army and lead them to victory against the Grande République, inflicting the first serious blow to their campaign. While the victory was not enough to turn the tide of the war, it was enough to secure a hastily drawn up peace deal to allow the two exhausted nations to recover from seemingly endless conflict. The peace deal was heavily in favour of the Grande République-only natural due to their much stronger position at the time-with much land conceded to them and their newfound vassal in the Rossiyskiy Soyuz. It was only natural that the leader who signed the peace treaty stood aside after doing so, with no man able to bear the burden of rule after doing so. However, a new problem presented itself; who would now rule the Crown Colonies? The war left many electors dead or missing, and few wished to take the reins of such a shattered nation. Many settlements once more began to go dark, as the divisions within the various townships of the Crown Colonies started to solidify. Crisis arrived when one of the larger cities attempted to officially "secede" and fend for themselves rather than contribute to what they believed was a doomed nation. It was only when a veteran of the final battle against the Grande République rode an army into the town and arrested the Mayor for treason that hope returned to the eyes of those loyal to the Crown. He quickly rose in popularity, with much support from his peers as he began to rebuild the war-torn lands and unite a divided people. The previously somewhat overlooked German and Dutch population of the Crown Colonies were overjoyed at acts which saw them granted laws protecting their language, culture and identity within this new nation, and soon they too were given official Regiments and Companies within the army. Many mused that it were as though the Grand Veteran had reached into the heart of these people and pulled from it a Prussian Army. Before long, many saw him as the embodiment of their nation; strong, resilient and unwavering in the face of seemingly hopeless odds. With the Crown Colonies and the politics therein quickly becoming a battered memory, a set of unprecedented reforms lead to an event which would change the face of the nation forever; the Crowning of the Colonial Soldier. Description We wanted to make the Crown Colonies into something a little more extreme-or rather a little more exciting. The "Crown Commonwealth" will be a Faction out for revenge, seeking to regain lost lands and with them a sense of pride. They will be themed much more toward Monarchs and Royalty than before, with the High Command taking titles denoting nobility and prestige. The units will mostly be British-themed, however it will also have several Prussian-inspired units to represent not only the German/Dutch-English population of the Colonies but also some potential mercenaries which may have arrived to help. This faction is for you if you'd like to not only restore the honour of your allies, but also strike back at the heart of the Grande République and her delusions of invincibility.
  23. Due to the overwhelming success of the first NRP Campaign, work on the second has been underway for some time now. Much of the groundwork which held us back before is already in place, the main development goals for the second campaign are: -Development of the 3 Major Factions of the Campaign -Development of an improved Campaign Map -Retextures/modding We will have people working on all major development points, however one other main thing we'll be working on is streamlining the experience while also expanding the number of people who can feel involved both on and off the battlefield. With each major update we'll put the information here!
  24. Declined. Came and went too much from Admin but realistically due to recent events and the vulnerability of our rules to change or scrutiny I don't think you'd be suited to Comstaff right now. Good to see you back regardless, though.
  25. Scandypandy

    Certainly doable, although locating several people able to write the lore/narrative for each faction may be difficult. I did most of the updates personally for the previous campaign and we have another decent writer at hand, what we would need are "camera men" who can watch and note down key events during battles as well as the names of those involved, so that we can detail them in updates and events. However, I see what you're proposing is an extension to the narrative outside of the "weekly updates", which are a more generalised description of major developments. At the heart of the Campaign are the players and therefore if anyone has suggestions as to how these ideas can translate to the running of the campaign please do throw them here.
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