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  1. Gay_ningaja

    go vegan u tards
  2. Gay_ningaja

    Hello, i'm gay and i'm the record holder as the person with most warnings.
  3. Gay_ningaja

    Where did all my freaking medals go
  4. is this the part you admit you're shit?
  5. Gay_ningaja

    Or just take away weps and give pistols and bullets..
  6. Gay_ningaja

    make me proud
  7. Gay_ningaja

    Will check activity and make a decision afterwards. Meanwhile you might want to edit your vouches, there seems to be no current active admin on there.
  8. Gay_ningaja

    Was useless back then, will probably be useless now, nothing indicates otherwise. Application is sub par even for a regular player, not even talking about for a previous admin. Activity is almost non existent. Presidente vouching for 19th and an admin that he accepted in the first place means next to 0. I don't have anaything against the guy, but then again, I do not see a reason to accept him.
  9. No please, i've had enough of his autism
  10. Gay_ningaja

    >Delets all weps >Spawns one wep >NEW RP GOYS You'll see what a proper roleplay looks like when we host double assasination real soon
  11. Gay_ningaja

    Did you just completely copy paste your rejected application without adding a thing? https://nwrp.eu/topic/341-rejected-admin-application-hawkeye/
  12. Gay_ningaja

    Last time, when i helped you make your admin aplication and even said you looked like a decent guy, after the application still managed to get rejected, you for some strange reason treatened to rape my family amd sabotage the server. You are very lucky we didn't permanently ban you right there and then, thanks to our merciful ex HA joeriig. There are no third chances in real life my dude Application is rejected.
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