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  1. Gay_ningaja

    Will check activity and make a decision afterwards. Meanwhile you might want to edit your vouches, there seems to be no current active admin on there.
  2. Gay_ningaja

    The moment it stopped existing
  3. Gay_ningaja

    Was useless back then, will probably be useless now, nothing indicates otherwise. Application is sub par even for a regular player, not even talking about for a previous admin. Activity is almost non existent. Presidente vouching for 19th and an admin that he accepted in the first place means next to 0. I don't have anaything against the guy, but then again, I do not see a reason to accept him.
  4. No please, i've had enough of his autism
  5. Gay_ningaja

    >Delets all weps >Spawns one wep >NEW RP GOYS You'll see what a proper roleplay looks like when we host double assasination real soon
  6. Gay_ningaja

    Did you just completely copy paste your rejected application without adding a thing? https://nwrp.eu/topic/341-rejected-admin-application-hawkeye/
  7. Gay_ningaja

    Last time, when i helped you make your admin aplication and even said you looked like a decent guy, after the application still managed to get rejected, you for some strange reason treatened to rape my family amd sabotage the server. You are very lucky we didn't permanently ban you right there and then, thanks to our merciful ex HA joeriig. There are no third chances in real life my dude Application is rejected.
  8. Gay_ningaja

    Here's an example of good reason(s)
  9. Gay_ningaja

    I'll just leave this here, in case you want to edit stuff
  10. Searched with nickname Knusprig and ID: 768347 26- No activity 27- 35M 28- 2H 29- 1:30H 30- 20M 31- 1:20H 01- 1H Lets finally get to the judgement of this application, shall we? You obviously have will and desire to be an admin, i can see that even solely from you checking on your application status multiple times a day. You took time to write the app form down, responded quickly and managed to get quite a few admins (mostly trial admins) to like you/ vouch for you. Now, what i like a bit less. The application itself is painfully average, we've seen worse but we have also certainly seen better, it isn't a massive bonus for you to say so. Hours in game, lack of experience as an admin, lack of experience as a regular player (been only playing on NRP for a week), lack of new RPs, sub par reasons, and vouches from mostly trial admins. Activity is decent. Not much to be said there, it could be better, but it isn't bad either. Your english skills. Considering you'll be leading RPs possibly with 100-200 players and speaking/directing/explaining with your admin duties, it is a considerable flaw. Now you might rightfully think that this is looking pretty grim, but there's a saving grace for you! One of our SAs, chinese, has decided take the responsibility and take you under his wing to make a fine admin out of you if accepted. Considering that big promise, decent activity and an average app, this application is now tilted to be being accepted. BUT! There's some things we have to get out of the way first. 1)Activity, in no circumstances will it drop. I will personally recheck ocasionally and make sure you're not slacking off. If the activity dropps after being accepted, you will be instantly removed. 2)Lack of experience, you will read trough all of the admin/player guids, which you'll be directed to, before doing anything at all. 3)A supervisor, along with chinese, when logged in as an admin on server, you'll tag other senior admins/admins to make sure you're not doing anything out of the books. Remember, we can recheck everything with logs! Welcome to the team, hoefully you will not dissapoint us and be a worthy admin ti serve the community we all love! DO NOT log in as admin until I/other XA have said so explicitly, as the whitelist needs to be updated first. Logging in as admin without an updated whitelist will result in you getting perma-banned by the server. Add me or other XA on steam, if you haven't already (https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561193930680748) Make sure you are on the NRP discord and have the admin role on there and on this forum. If you do not have this role, contact a community staff. You will be joining as a TA, but fear not, if you prove yourself competent and active (which I'm sure you will) , you will be promoted in no time. Have a read of pinned discussions in the steam admin group for basic admin rulesets//guids, to which you will be invited to. It will help you get more familiar with how we run things. And this thread for how the TA promotion system works: https://nwrp.eu/topic/313-ta-promotions/  Go to the important links channel of the discord in the admin section to get your admin scripts, map guide etc. Feel free to message me or the staff_quarters channel in the discord if you have any questions, you will be assigned a personal senior admin to train you, and as said above, you'll have to tag him on discord when going on the server with admin passeord, Congratulations!
  11. Checked with GUID: 768347 26- No activity 27- No activity 28- No activity 29- No activity 30- No activity 31- No activity 01- No activity
  12. 26- No activity 27- No activity 28- No activity 29- No activity 30- No activity 31- No activity 01- No activity Activity is the one of the biggest factors for a successful admin application and having none, doesn't look very nice, to put it simply. You might want to recheck the guid, it might be incorrect, because there's no sign of your presence on the server, while some admins say they've seen you around. "I will be rlly active" isn't going to cut it. I don't give the benefit of the doubt that you will become active after getting an admin rank, we need proof before the decision. This application is on hold for a couple of days to give you time to recheck your guid or dramatically improve your presence on the server. If the activity remains non existent, this application will be rejected. Thank you for showing the will to help out our beloved community, we do aporeciate time and effort you put into an application, but for a desirable outcome it has to at least meet the minimum criteria.

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