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  1. Gay_ningaja

    go vegan u tards
  2. Gay_ningaja

    Hello, i'm gay and i'm the record holder as the person with most warnings.
  3. is this the part you admit you're shit?
  4. Gay_ningaja

    Or just take away weps and give pistols and bullets..
  5. Gay_ningaja

    make me proud
  6. Gay_ningaja

    The moment it stopped existing
  7. Gay_ningaja

    >Delets all weps >Spawns one wep >NEW RP GOYS You'll see what a proper roleplay looks like when we host double assasination real soon
  8. Gay_ningaja

    Sarissa not the filth of humanity when
  9. Gay_ningaja

    I feed on misery, i dwell around in search of suffering, pain is what keeps me going.
  10. Gay_ningaja

  11. Gay_ningaja

    Dick revials when
  12. Gay_ningaja

    it's called muscles, skinny bitch
  13. Gay_ningaja

    Look cute in this pic
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