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  1. Ewoksson

    Lyrics written by the Swedish national poet Carl Michael Bellman (1740 - 1795): Lyrics by the Swedish national poet Gustaf Fröding (1860 - 1911):
  2. Ewoksson

    I had Bahnhof as internet provider between 2012 - 2017. They were the sole swedish internet provider, with exception of the Pirate Party which also served as a internet provider for and to protect ThePirateBay. They still protect their customers by deleting all logs as a company policy, so they literally can't assist the police or copy right holders whenever they make inquiries into customers. It should come as no surprise that they're enlightened with memes, etcetra. Sexist to whom by the way? The guy who's the stereotypical guy interested only in attractive women, being blue-eyed and naive, the mad girlfriend or the attractive woman in focus? The picture really depicts men at their worst, not women. What's the fuss. As you say, the judgement probably some woman gone through a liberal arts education, who then joins a radical feministic party and get a position as ombudsman and the rest of the committee either didn't care enough to shut her up or they were afraid of retaliation of being called bigots or sexist themselves.
  3. Ewoksson

    Yeah, unfortunately this is the only way I know of. Be sure to insert attachment in the spoiler or you'll have to delete the attachment and redo.
  4. It seems like you'd need to fully delete the corresponding attachment for each of these pictures for them to disappear. It should be possible via the bin button for each image in the section for attachments below the content when editing the post.
  5. I don't know what you mean. Can I get a picture of the issue?
  6. Delete spoilers by using Delete button on keyboard after selecting them.
  7. Ewoksson denied the submission
  8. Ewoksson

    U get gassed I surviv
  9. Ewoksson

    Yeah, the answers needs a bit of polishing and fills. Check the past (accepted) admin applications to see what kind of applications we're looking for. As long as you learn from them and maybe don't copy stuff straight off, it'd be fine. However best would be to remember what admins write in-game, although what admins write in-game also reflects on how admin applications look. You might also find more stuff to learn here: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/officialnrpcommunity/discussions/0/1694919808742154215/ https://steamcommunity.com/groups/officialnrpcommunity/discussions/0/1694919808742169037/
  10. Ewoksson

    Doxx-proof (also serves as toxic chat protection)
  11. Pew is 12 so yeah, don't judge by age.
  12. Confirmed previous admin. Applied 8 Jul 15, can't vouch for experience, but I can contact Razor and ask since he can vouch ...unless someone else feel up for that. Please add the general server rules to your application. You can find them in a topic on our steam group. To further clarify a few things, With power comes responsibilities. We got instructions on how to generally deal with abuse, and Trial Admins should always discuss harsher punishments like permanent bans with the Head Admin or a Senior Admin. It's great that you want to help and be interactive with the players. It's not a requirement to be admin to be helpful to other players though. Admin chat is not supposed to be a way to brag, try to get famous, have small talk or meme via. Informative messages useful for everyone, warnings and RP instructions are obviously allowed via admin chat. But surely you will have more information to hand out as an admin since we got internal talk both in-game, but mostly on discord where everyone receives first hand instructions for upcoming events and so on. But admin chat should be treated with utmost respect since it can easily be abused and spammed, should everyone use it for smalltalk.
  13. Ewoksson

    I've always found it quite ironic when players claim Battle RP is reason why server is popular when they got all those other 200 dead public servers to play their preferable version ("Deathmatch") of Battle RP on. Same goes for players complaining about admin abuse when all they do is separating this server from those servers. Admins admin, it's common sense. So when players complain over rambos getting slayed, delayers getting slayed or the enforcing of charge when players camp it's laughable since NRP would be as dead as NA_Official without those rules. So yeah, it must mean something when NRP is the only server still alive with a Battle RP concept. It means players actually like other RPs, and the rest of our server rules. Also, don't put the demise of the natural popular state of NW/NRP on the RPs or admin decisions. There are many other factors in play, some of which we can't do anything about (eg, release of Holdfast and time itself) and stuff we didn't do in time, eg, keep the admin team populated throughout 2016 when a lot of veteran admins retired. Scandypandy and SacrificialLamb has spent a lot of time with the admin team and with joerrig as event coordinator to return the server to its former glory.
  14. Ewoksson

    This game might be too old for you, not vice versa.

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