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  1. Ewoksson

    Pls scandy this has gone too far. Battle RP is so excessive, man. No for reals, we might as well rename the server to An Organized Battle Server.
  2. Ewoksson

    wasn't it the guy complaining about being banned was called getting jewed who made the final blow?
  3. Ewoksson

    Nintendo Switch users
  4. Ewoksson

    fake and gay
  5. Ewoksson

    Almond is horrible as a snack. I find it very dry and bitter. That's why it's put in mulled wine. Pistachio is great as a snack though.
  6. Ewoksson

    Pepes as emotes aren't any more universal than Rajoys. How many do in fact know the history of Pepe? I didn't choose Pepe because it was universal, but because the meme already existed with various facial expressions. You'd have to be autistic to know how to use Pepes, but not how to use Rajoys. Yet again, what NRP should do is not to promote already known memes, or irrelevant ones for that matter. I get to ban people for making good emotes? In case you've missed the memo, the decision to never ban unless spam has existed since the start, since we'd promote growth and liberty. That doesn't make NRP into a democracy though. Anything and all I do and create doesn't naturally become a human right. See the earlier discussion about CC/custom commands on the Discord. If the intended use is disregarded and it instead is used for other things, I/the Management reserve the right to govern over our own services. That's stated in the ToS, etc. Same goes for emotes, they aren't a natural human right. It's a difference between autoblocking discord invites to other discord servers and allowing emotes. Now again, if I was to misuse any power and totally ignore the citizens I wouldn't have made a poll or discussion from the start and slowly reimplent commonly used Pepes while disregarding old ones only taking up slots. (Laugh/Cry will come back soon too [TM]) If they want the permission, they should show they're better than me, or do you prefer if some random person would receive the perms? Like with any job application, show your experience or education so we see you are fit for it. I said in the beginning of my last post that I try as best as I can, being self-taught in Photoshop and always considering various improvements. Most of the discord server is built upon my ideas tbh. Self-assigned roles, channel roles, most channels, etc. Easy to write down but takes a lot of work to implement. CS/Medals are not my ideas though. Personally though, do you think I am not justified? Standards vary of course, look at the JB discord and look at the NRP discord. But both should be right to be in their own unique way. That wouldn't put pressure on users to come up with alternatives though. Also, removing Pepes weren't my idea. I agreed with Diomedes, the HA, to remove Pepes as he argued it'd make users chat and expand their vocabulary instead of just reacting all the time. It was a nice experiment and it went like we expected. Thus Pepes are back until an alternative exist. Whether it be Scandypandy doing facial expressions, or Joeriig continuees to Photoshop NW faces. My goal is only having NW-related emotes, to represent and fit the Discord. On the forums? I saw that the amount of reputation everyone had was lower than they had a few months ago, and it might have been caused by the reaction likes, or something else. So we might revert to only like/not like, but as of now it seems to not happen again. The emotes themselves as being in posts and the chatbox were also removed because they were so large, and even if I resized them in photoshop they remained their large size. I won't bother until the forum software developers fixes that, or until someone posts a fix on their forums. CS can add forum emotes if they want to try or if there's support for them coming back anyway, but I had a lot of critic over their large size. In the end, there's no way to satisfy everyone. I guess the poll above shows just that. My solution is to do compromisses and be nonbias, to listen to both the management and the community, and sometimes no-one, eg, when it comes to the rule regarding no bans or kicks.
  7. Ewoksson

    I try to update the emoticons in rational ways and have tried since the start. That's why I don't allow anyone else to touch the emotes. There's a limit (50 slots) and we've capped it which means it needs to be decided whether a new emote should replace an old emote, and the to-be-removed emote need to be saved locally on my computer in case things don't work out and because they might be original work. The risk of sloppiness is greater the more cooks stir the soup. The Pepes were my idea and the initial reaction back in January 2017 was not overall a good one, but the users quickly became familiar with them within a month of the creation of the discord. That's pure psychology. Humans find new means to communicate, same goes for removing them and leaving users without them for a month. The tragic thing is what you say, that no-one really bother to put time and effort into creating original emotes for NRP, yet another reason why no-one else but me need access to add/remove emotes. If someone were to show me they can create NW-related emotes representing sadness, happiness, crying, laughing and smugness, they'd immediately receive access. Yet all I hear are demands and no showing. Unoriginal work doesn't really count either. We require someone who can create new memes and make existing memes transparent and fit as emotes. Cinnaman didn't add any Pepes during his HoCS time. He created the Scandy emote, nothing else. I edited all the Pepe emotes, made them transparent, correct/best size possible and enhanced them as some were cut in half. Anyway, Pepes are shit and so are most other alternatives. Why is Pepe more logical to have as emotes than, eg, Rajoy?
  8. Ewoksson

    Discord is a continuous stream of chat which means there is a small possibility of a persistent discussion there. It's much more viable to discuss matters in the Server Discussion - Suggestions forum or here in General Discussion when it involves the external services. The Pepes has been with the Discord since the beginning last year. It was mainly because we felt the need to fill the slots with some edgy memes. Pepe is good because it also has various reactions, but these are also expressed by the ordinary smileys, even if they are less edgy or fun to use. But the subject is controversial. Some users want to get rid of the Pepe emoticons, and some users want them to remain. Advocate for your opinion and link images of possible emotes here.
  9. Ewoksson

    Lyrics written by the Swedish national poet Carl Michael Bellman (1740 - 1795): Lyrics by the Swedish national poet Gustaf Fröding (1860 - 1911):
  10. I had Bahnhof as internet provider between 2012 - 2017. They were the sole swedish internet provider, with exception of the Pirate Party which also served as a internet provider for and to protect ThePirateBay. They still protect their customers by deleting all logs as a company policy, so they literally can't assist the police or copy right holders whenever they make inquiries into customers. It should come as no surprise that they're enlightened with memes, etcetra. Sexist to whom by the way? The guy who's the stereotypical guy interested only in attractive women, being blue-eyed and naive, the mad girlfriend or the attractive woman in focus? The picture really depicts men at their worst, not women. What's the fuss. As you say, the judgement probably some woman gone through a liberal arts education, who then joins a radical feministic party and get a position as ombudsman and the rest of the committee either didn't care enough to shut her up or they were afraid of retaliation of being called bigots or sexist themselves.
  11. Ewoksson

    Yeah, unfortunately this is the only way I know of. Be sure to insert attachment in the spoiler or you'll have to delete the attachment and redo.
  12. It seems like you'd need to fully delete the corresponding attachment for each of these pictures for them to disappear. It should be possible via the bin button for each image in the section for attachments below the content when editing the post.
  13. I don't know what you mean. Can I get a picture of the issue?
  14. Delete spoilers by using Delete button on keyboard after selecting them.