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  1. Emil

    Why is this in general discussion and not in the private web development in the of Admin Section or the public server suggestions forum?
  2. Emil

    Minecraft Server Files

    Version 1.0.0


  3. Emil

    Fourth NRP Campaign

    Check out the latest threads on our forums re-introducing the factions in the upcoming campaign, view the change logs, read additional lore and/or apply to become a part of the faction high commands.
  4. Emil

    NW Championship 2019

    Created to showcase players in the public Napoleonic Wars community. The tournament will be held with the help of dedicated servers, a team of referees and the honesty of the participants reporting the match results. Please keep the username you sign up with familiar and reachable via Discord and/or Steam. Sign up here: https://challonge.com/nc2019 then respond to: https://forms.gle/CrJMGxCm6DRhBLSs6 Find your opponents contact details here:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18HEbzs4WFyp6k8yTyB-5p7c-TnzL52S27peJkTdWaGo Date of start: 1 July. Sign up will close a couple days before in order to give users a chance to make predictions and allow confirmation of the initial participants. Game mode: Duels thus melee only. Time limit: Seven (7) days deadline per match. Resets per match. Combatants: This is a one versus one tournament. No intervention is allowed. Rounds: The pairs will fight to up to thirteen (BO13) consecutive rounds and report the first to win seven (FT7) rounds. Allowed classes: Line infantry. Allowed weapons: Standard musket with bayonet.
  5. The way applications are made is about to change, you slipped past though. This would probably not have been sufficient if he had applied a few weeks ago. However, with the current changes which are going to focus more on learning by doing it might just be a /vouch, as I have seen and heard his interest in the server. Hoops was quite active and involved during the campaign both in-game and on the discord. Quite young, but he seems serious.
  6. bannerlord_when.mp4
  7. Emil

    Fourth Battle of Niederschlesien

    More info coming soon nwrp.eu/discord
  8. Emil

    Battle of Königreich Sachsen

    Join on the server Napoleonic_Role_Play for our next campaign battle.
  9. Emil

    Battle of Vienna

    Join on the server Napoleonic_Role_Play for our next campaign battle.
  10. Emil

    Battle of Königreich Ungarn

    Join us on the Napoleonic_Role_Play server.
  11. Emil

    Third Battle of Niederschlesien

    Join the Napoleonic_Role_Play for the 3rd Battle of Niederschlesien this Saturday, April 13th at 20:00 BST.
  12. Emil

    Battle of Brandenburg

    Austro-Prussian War - Week 3 With the lower Oder river completely under Austrian control, the Prussian 1st finds itself on the retreat. They have fought hard but to no avail, the Austrians pushed deep into Silesia. Will they ever be stopped? Meanwhile in the south, Prussia remains in full control of Prague and the Bohemian countryside, withstanding countless Austrian attacks. As neither side has been able to inflict a finishing blow. The war continues this evening on the Napoleonic_Role_Play server. Campaign Map: https://nwrp.eu/campaign/#2/1734.0/1712.0
  13. Emil

    You can select various themes by going to the footer of the site. The one you're referring to is named ''Day'' in the drop-down. The reason why we've a new theme as standard is because some people had an issue with the old theme since the new update to the forum software. I can change to the old theme and see if these people still have issues with it though. Edit: Yes, people are still having issues with the theme. In case you receive issues, clean cookies of the site to allow for reverting back to this theme.
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