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    • Bearforce II
      The mod developers of SW: Bearforce II has invited us to join their Saturday event!
    • Waterloo Event
      It is what NWRP is most famous for; and it's that time of the year.
      The Waterloo Event is here! Beginning on the 18th of June at 7pm BST, 1 Hour Earlier than our Usual Events Like last year we will be using the Event Stages:
      1st, The Defence of Hougoumont
      2nd, The Defence of La Haye Sainte
      3rd, All of the Battle is Unleashed
      4th, The Charge of the Scots Greys
      A Secret 5th part
      6th, Ney's Cavalry Charge
      7th, The Advance of the 71st Highlanders
      8th, Napoleon Commits the Old Guard And Finally,
      The Arrival of the Prussians!
      We expect this to take between 1 - 2 hours so be prepared and set some time aside for a truly action-packed evening! This will give us many different Roleplays but it will be mixed in with some standard Waterloo Battles like in the Golden Days. We've even modified some of the maps to make them more competitive and to even the playing ground for some of last years unbalanced sequences. I hope you guys will take the effort to spread the word of this Event! As we pull out all the stops to make this Waterloo the most memorable of all!
    • NARC Campaign
      The campaign is the common term for several events occuring on a weekly basis. The game take place both in-game and on an interactive web-based table-top map at sagt.nu/campaign.
    • Services & Servers
      Our purpose has always been to bring people together. Where and how is just a minor detail. Whether it be through daily events, weekly campaigns or yearly championships. to be a public organisation, encourage the creation of fellowships and allow for game events.
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    • The NW Commemorative Pin
      As previously stated in the announcement on discord last Friday, we've done something rather special in order to celebrate more than five years of hosting dead servers. We've made sure to not dishonor any existing insignia, violate copyrights, nor have the physical pin contain weapons of any kind. The intended symbolism is a reference to 17th/18th century uniforms, as a nod to our roots. The colors are made by hard enamel (or cloisonné) and the shoulder belt consist of polished metal. They’ve all been made according to our design. Any profit will go to ensuring the continuity of our community. This should be seen as a experimental community project. The funds of the management made it possible and no-one is expecting to personally benefit from the low margin sales which are to be expected.
      The NW Commemorative Pin as an award
      Members who have been awarded a special award or honorary title on the forums. Platinum medalists on the forums/discord through in-game achievements. Leaders of affiliated communities/regiments who’ve supplied us with manpower. The NW Commemorative Pin as a token of appreciation
      Members who have donated the minimum amount (5 GBP) via our sites and filled out an address.  
      Let's add some transparency for those interested in where their donated sum ends up.
      The cost of the pin itself (2 GBP) is enough to cover it's production cost with a surplus of 1 GBP.
      The shipping cost (3 GB) is just enough to cover the PayPal fee, envelope cost and an international stamp.
      They will be sent in batches each week.
      DM @Skeepr if you're eligible via an award or affiliated communities.
      @Emil will handle requests on the forums / site request by default. You may ask @WaterPolo or @Skeepr handle your request instead.
      The attached images below are of higher resolution than those on the website since that'd take unnecessary bandwidth (click on them).
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    • NRP Duel Tournament 2020
      The Napoleonic Wars Championships provides a variety of tournaments and events by the public servers in the Napoleonic Wars DLC to Mount and Blade: Warband. Please keep the username you sign up with familiar and reachable via Discord and/or Steam.
      Sign up here: https://challonge.com/NRP2020/ then respond to: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeCBlNvCTT89VEQBNpHHfVp8sxXlcysGtFlKI4wdNOxsajkdA/viewform
      Find your opponents contact details here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JxKlTeok3Vb-g95SlwIx5cVqbuO_Z40CI_UH3nfIIPE/edit?usp=sharing
      Date of start: 1st March 2020
      Game mode: Duels thus melee only.
      Time limit: Seven (7) days deadline per match. Resets per match.
      Combatants: This is a one versus one tournament. No intervention is allowed.
      Rounds: The pairs will fight to up to 13 consecutive rounds and report the first to win seven rounds.
      Allowed classes: Line infantry.
      Allowed weapons: Standard musket with bayonet.
      Main server: NRP Duel Servers 1 - 3
      Game mode: Duel
      Server settings: Medium combat speed. Competitive score.
      Map rotation: Random
      Server password: Contact a referee in case the server is protected by a password.
      Hosted by: NRP
    • Napoleonic Zombies Mod Event
      We will be playing a survival mod together with the dev and 19th next Friday.
      There will be a public and dedicated server to make space for participants.

      Steam Workshop page for download:

      Alternatively, moddb page for download:
    • Persistent In-game Statistics
      One of our servers might be getting back some kind of personal player tracking this year. Instead of our past leader-board on 59th.eu, it'll exist in-game and will show your persistent personal statistics at the press of a button (B).
    • NRP Campaign 5.0 Development Updates
      Due to the overwhelming success of all 4 of NRP Campaigns so far, work on the five campaign has been underway for quite some time and will be bigger and better than the one before. 
      The small campaign dev team have been working hard behind the scenes to bring you this next campaign and hopefully the best one yet. Due to duke not being apart of this campaign I myself had taken over and started with a small team if you are wanting to help with the campaign development then please do pm me on discord 
      Keep in touch with this thread to see the upcoming campaign dev blogs.
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    • NW Championship 2019
      Created to showcase players in the public Napoleonic Wars community. The tournament will be held with the help of dedicated servers, a team of referees and the honesty of the participants reporting the match results. Please keep the username you sign up with familiar and reachable via Discord and/or Steam.
      Date of start: 1 July. Sign up will close a couple days before in order to give users a chance to make predictions and allow confirmation of the initial participants.
      Game mode: Duels thus melee only.
      Time limit: Seven (7) days deadline per match. Resets per match. Tournament set to take circa 42 days.
      Combatants: This is a one versus one tournament. No intervention is allowed.
      Rounds: The pairs will fight to up to seven (7) consecutive rounds and report the winner of four rounds (BO7).
      Allowed classes: Line infantry.
      Allowed weapons: Standard musket with bayonet.
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