The NW Commemorative Pin


Celebrating more than five years of dead servers.

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Founded more than five years ago as a public server for the Napoleonic Wars DLC to Mount and Blade: Warband – NWRP played a part in why the multiplayer scene came to be both idolized and demonized. The general NW community has always been creative with the tools provided. Communities run custom servers and player-made game modes, whilst regiments has been creating competitive tournaments and regimental events for years.

The pin is inspired by the uniforms during the 17th and 18th century. The colors are made by hard enamel (or cloisonné) and the shoulder belt consist of polished metal. They’ve all been made according to our design. Any profit will go to ensuring the continuity of our community.

This should be seen as a experimental community project. The funds of the management made it possible and no-one is expecting to personally benefit from the low margin sales which are to be expected.

The NW Commemorative Pin as an award

  • Members who have been awarded a special award or honorary title on the forums.
  • Platinum medalists on the forums/discord through in-game achievements.
  • Leaders of affiliated communities/regiments who’ve supplied us with manpower.

The NW Commemorative Pin as a token of appreciation

  • Members who have donated the minimum amount via our sites and filled out an address.

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Dimensions 15 × 15 mm