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    Bullet Magnet

    Campaign 6 Updates

    Alright gamers, we have quite a special announcement to make: CAMPAIGN 6 IS COMING SOON TO A COMPUTER SCREEN NEAR YOU The campaign development team has been hard at work for the past few weeks to create what we hope will be the biggest event yet for the NRP server. We have one feature that we've already completed that we would like to show off, because it's something that we received a lot of feedback in the previous campaigns. All battles will take place on custom designed maps, so no more waiting for the admin to scroll through 5 or 10 random maps that are as hilly as the Himalayas; everything is going to be ready in advance. If you are skilled in mapmaking, lore writing, admin-ing, or just making announcements, simply ping any member with the Campaign Staff tag (or me, @Bullet Magnet) and we'll get you in on the action! Keep in touch with this forum: more posts will be coming soon! -BulletMagnet
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