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    So. At long last, it seems your pathetic "server" has lost its superiority. Sure, you can still drag in 100 players on weekends, but is that all? I can think of a server that gets over a hundred players every day We've all waited for this. all the regiments you refused to respect, all the decent people you sent running with your pro-racism and pro-phobic rules. All your little sayings about "free speech" don't do much for you now, do they? I remember even when those clowns in the 59th were in charge things were a shambles, It's nice to see they still are. We're laughing at you, you know. all of us. We laugh at you trying so hard to make your failed community work. We're laughing as you fail to attract any new players, as you fail to do anything useful. we are all laughing at you, knowing that in future when you and your efforts are long forgotten that we will still be carrying on with all our supporters. Simply put, we told you so. How many times were you warned? How many times did we tell you that a bigoted server that refuses to respects regiments (seeing how regiments are the only reason napoleonic wars has any players) could never survive? What did you think was going to happen. I'm laughing at you right now. We all are. Enjoy your final days
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    DE4D BE4R

    I'm laughing at you right now :)

    Felly. Yn olaf, mae'n ymddangos bod eich "gweinydd" truenus wedi colli ei ragoriaeth. Yn sicr, gallwch lusgo mewn 100 o chwaraewyr ar y penwythnosau o hyd, ond ai dyna i gyd? Gallaf feddwl am weinydd sy'n cael dros gant o chwaraewyr bob dydd Rydym i gyd wedi aros am hyn. yr holl gatrodau y gwnaethoch wrthod eu parchu, yr holl bobl weddus a anfonwyd gennych yn rhedeg gyda'ch rheolau pro-hiliaeth a pro-ffobig. Nid yw'ch holl ddywediadau bach am "araith rydd" yn gwneud llawer drosoch chi nawr, ydyn nhw? Rwy'n cofio hyd yn oed pan oedd y clownau hynny yn y 59fed yn gyfrifol, roedd pethau'n drafferthus, mae'n braf eu gweld yn dal i fod. Rydym yn chwerthin arnoch chi, wyddoch chi. pob un ohonom. Rydym yn chwerthin wrth i chi geisio mor galed i wneud eich gwaith cymunedol wedi methu. Rydym yn chwerthin gan nad ydych yn denu unrhyw chwaraewyr newydd, gan nad ydych chi'n gwneud unrhyw beth yn ddefnyddiol. rydym i gyd yn chwerthin arnoch chi, gan wybod, yn y dyfodol, pan fyddwch chi a'ch ymdrechion wedi anghofio am gyfnod hir y byddwn yn dal i barhau â'n cefnogwyr i gyd. Yn syml, fe wnaethon ni ddweud hynny wrthych. Sawl gwaith y cawsoch eich rhybuddio? Faint o weithiau y gwnaethom ddweud wrthych na allai gweinydd gweinyddedig sy'n gwrthod parchu catrodau (gan weld mai catrodau yw'r unig reswm bod gan unrhyw ryfeloedd napoleonig unrhyw chwaraewyr) oroesi? Beth oeddech chi'n meddwl fyddai'n mynd i ddigwydd. Rwy'n chwerthin arnoch chi ar hyn o bryd. Rydym i gyd yn. Mwynhewch eich diwrnodau olaf
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    NRP Will be hosting a Map Making contest! You'll have until June 15th to submit your maps to us. We will have two categorizes which are Campaign Battle Maps, and Roleplay maps! We're offering a £25 Steam Voucher and Custom skins on the server as prizes! Submit your maps to us by contacting myself or one of the @Executive's. We need to add about 60 new maps to the server, and we need the communities help! We'd much rather add maps made by the community, than just adding public maps. Please, if you're interested and have any questions about this contest feel free to message me! The Winner and two runner ups will be picked on June 18th! We will try to add your maps to the server before the winner is picked to try them out! Thanks Gamers, and good luck! Have any friends who make maps? Make sure you spread the news about this map making contest if they want to win a steam gift card! Don't care about the contest and want your maps added anyways to the server? Contact one of us immediately to get them added!
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    Medal Application - Florian

    100% vouch for noob.
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    Long life to all those glorious ones named here
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    Significant lack of evidence (especially since we just got around to solving all those medal apps) but Spurdo won't forgive us if we denied this medal to an NRP regular like herr Docteur - ACCEPTED! Spurdo bless
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    NEW NRP Scripts, finalized!

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    go vegan u tards
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    [Accepted] Admin Application - Funny

    Name Funny Age 18 Steam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198205941739/ GUID 1107460 Hours In-game 743 Previous Experience I was an Admin on NWRP,but i had to leave because of my University exam,now i got free time and im ready to jump in Vouches Siderfall,ChinesePropaganda,SacrificialLamb,Predator Reason(s) Well as i said i was an admin on nwrp and i enjoyed it very much.But i had to leave because of the big uni exam.Now im back and i want to be part of your admin team again :).I just need some training to remember all the rps and map and setups. Roleplays Battle:Classic 2 teams,you need to eliminate all the enemies.All troops are allowed (generally).When the server is+20 pop players must get in a line and follow their officers.Surrenders killed via firing line. Cav vs Cav:All players have to pick cavalry class and kill their enemies.Usually players should wait in their base and make a line then charge together. Cav vs Inf:Second team are forced to partizan first team is forced to pick cavalry.You start with more partizans if there is a huge advantage,you adjust the settings to make it more enjoyable and challenging Naval:Most admins wont play this rp but,its a high risk high reward rp.Two teams are forced to get on a ship and kill each other.No cav or arty.Admins can call the draken to end round early. Bastille:Partizans are rushing to a outnumbered frenchies.But french can use the castle advantage.French must resist in the given time and hold their flags. D-day:UK is attacking to Prussia and capture the flag in the given time Stalingrad:Partizans attack the outnumbered nazis(prussia) in a city map.Engineers are disabled to prevent mass killing. Volley:Two teams are faces each other in a line.Everyone shoots when the admin says.They must be in a line. Line (lol i forgot its spesific name but i can describe it).Each teams players are forced into lines but in this rp soldiers cannot leave the line,charge by themselves or surrender(surrender killing is allowed). Thats all i remember for now.I will study my lesson.. Etiquette and Server Rules NO TK/TH NO TROLLING NO SPAMMING IN CHAT NO DELAYING SURRENDER KILLING VIA FIRING LINE ( SOME RPS) EVERYONE MUST FOLLOW THEIR BEACONS (SOME RPS) EVERYONE MUST OBEY THE ADMIN ORDERS EVERYONE MUST CHARGE WHEN ADMIN CALLS ALL CHARGE EXTRA RULES FOR ADMINS NO ABUSING THE PURPLE CHAT NO ABUSING THE ADMIN CHEATS/NEVER USE THEM ACTUALLY NO USING OF CAPS LOCK IN PURPLE CHAT ( IGNORE THIS TEXT) NEVER EVER USE ADMIN PANEL TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF AN ANOTHER PLAYER NO INTERRUPTİNG THE GAME WHILE AN ANOTHER PERSON IS ADMINING ALL ADMINS SHOULD CORPORATE WHILE ADMINING yep thats all the rules i can remember.I ll happily to hear your the ones i forgot.
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    [Accepted] Admin Application - Funny

    Now THIS This is epic /vouch
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    DE4D BE4R

    [Accepted] Admin Application - Funny

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