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    Before joining this server

    [/spoiler]100% of the jb players have an IQ equal to zero [/spoiler] Especially the ones who are left to read this thread
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    Meme Thread

    I just learned how to send screenshots!
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    Complaint - Broke (resolved )

    Victim The entire CF GUID 0 Suspect Chinese Date 1/26/2020 Text Evidence Abused admin powers during an event by refusing to call an all charge until after the faction that he was on had an advantage. Later, allowed his own faction to use artillery when the other faction had no cannons. After he was informed about the problem, is response was "I'm not changing the map or resetting" Visual Evidence
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    Imagine making alt accounts to avoid punishments and not get em banned /REJECTED
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    Meme Thread

    Your player count is a meme XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
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    Complaint - Broke (resolved )

    Complaint resolved after speaking to both sides. We will take this complaint serious and try to implement new rules into Campaign 6.0 like not allowing Admins to be Officers during events to avoid conflict.
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    As the saying goes: "I dont negotiate with terrorists" or in this case, retarded americans. The All Charge: I called an all charge at a time which I believed was suitable, prior to the GE crossing the bridge, there was continuous fighting (hence no need for an all charge) I called it once it became clear that neither team was willing to fully cross the river. Just because the CF were shit in melee and bottled it doesnt mean it was a bad All charge. I stand by my decision. Artillery: Im not resetting 3 minutes into a round, two rounds in a row. That is a sure fire way of killing the population, especially considering you were 8 men up. CF admin Bias: Dont whine about admin bias when you have an admin who calls an All Charge then orders your faction to disobey it and not charge. In summary I have better things to do than argue with some irrelevant American on the internet (thats broke :DDD) so fuck off and stop being salty that you bottled the campaign.
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    Long & Meritorious Admin Service Award takes a Long & Meritorious time to be processed.
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    I'd like to provide a reason but I got banned for no reason. Oh wait !! !! Few days ago I got unbanned by [insert a name] and as soon as I postd a message in jb room szef banned me … The message was something like "Incredible ! This server is still not dead yet." Maybe he thought I was trying to offend him or something ?
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    Seriously, is there a template to get unbanned from the discord server ?
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    Name Kenway Requested medal(s) Long & Meritorious Admin Service Award; And if you're feeling generous - Honoured NRP Inventor and Mapmaker Vouches some admins and other ex-admins perhaBs? also myself and I Reason(s) Long & Meritorious Admin Service Award - I rejoined the Badmin Team in mid-August of 2018 ,if I am not mistaken, and was active for at least a full year, after which my activity took a nosedive into the void of non-existence Honoured NRP Inventor and Honoured NRP Mapmaker - both are a bit of a stretch but hey, I need to get to Platinum Medalist somehow... Spurdo wills it... Anyway, for Mapmaker - I edited a couple of existing maps for le Campaign (shoutout to Angela Merkel for one of those); I also made 2 original maps but one of them was a complete flop (the most infamous ''Project 6''...), while the other... ''Project 6A'' - a resounding success and quite possibly the greatest map to have ever been played on a Warband server... of course, that is only when it is used in conjunction with the greatest gamemode ever created - Naval CTF... commonly referred to as ''Kenway Naval RP'', the intricate theory behind which, alone, merits the ''Honoured NRP Inventor'' award... These are the facts... now I leave you to decide which of these medals I really deserve... Thank you for your time Visual Proof 1 Visual Proof 2 Visual Proof 3 Visual Proof 4
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    About Campaigns...

    I've come to the realization recently that this community and more specifically this video game server, Napoleonic Role Play, is on its way out. The campaigns were a good idea, and they could have potentially saved the server - there's definitely some interest in this old and dead game (a few of my friends recently bought it after they saw me playing it). However, the quality of the administration team has gone down considerably since it started. The original admins who started out the campaign (rather strong, btw) have moved on, and now the events are left in the hands of whoever the fuck manages to log on, and it usually happens to be Chinese, a few edgy JB kids, or one or two people who might actually want to be completely fair and unbiased but are afraid to make their own decisions when a higher ranking admin is online (Usually Chinese is online, since he's an active participant in the campaign and he's one of the highest ranking admins, being senior admin, ex-executive admin) When I was an admin, I would either admin the server OR participate in a campaign battle because I recognize that being committed to one side of the campaign while also acting as a campaign admin (Calling all-charge) would be a severe conflict of interest. Unfortunately, the current admin team doesn't appear to share my beliefs about that. Chinese was acting as campaign admin despite committing to a single side and in doing so, he put all of NRP into the exact situation I tried to avoid when I was an admin. Despite the battle going on for 15 minutes or so and players all calling for all-charge, he thought it best to pull his team back to consolidate and get a clear advantage. Strategically, I fully understand and support what he did. It was a smart move But campaign admins need to be unbiased. Situations like I mentioned above are severe conflicts of interest, and they're always going to cause drama. That's why NRP campaigns need admins who are not invested in the factions themselves, but the success of the campaign/server as a whole. Before we start the development of another campaign, we need to draw clear lines to prevent shit like this from happening again.
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    I know I’m not the most active person ever right now but I thought I chine in with some ideas and issues. (Note: I don’t have a faction affiliation and have played for both sides in this campaign, and am just going off what was described by The Guy above. Also I’m typing on my phone cause reasons) 1. All charge call I think The Guy is right but I disagree with his sentiment that there is such a thing as a ‘ripe time’ to call All Charge. The reality is there is no such thing as a ‘fair’ All Charge except if its called in the first second of the round. ‘...lack of it caused surely cost the CF a victorious round’ demonstrates this, as The Guy is essentially saying its beneficial to CF if called then. Sadly, calling an all charge is beneficial to whichever side has more people at that point (since the losing team can no longer defend) or if their team is closer together. This can never be fair except if the teams are completely equal and similarly positioned which is rare to come by. Initially the rules in the first few campaign was that all charge would never be called because of this (except if its like 1 troll left who is running away against 30 people). However, in the later campaigns, the feedback was that this caused rounds to be way too long with too much camping, so it was bought back in. I think a suitable compromise should be that all charge can only be called with fair warning (e.g. all charge in x minutes if both teams are still camping). It essentially means regardless of who has the advantage then, all charge will still be called (although ofc it could just mean the winning team will just camp until its called but don’t really see a better solution). 2. Changing the map Changing the map to something that wasn’t pre-agreed is sure to cause a shitstorm about biasedness (are the maps still pre-agreed with faction heads beforehands nowadays? It used to be. If not I would definately propose they are so each faction can’t complain later about biased map-picking since your faction head OK it). How many times have we seen complaints about biased maps in the past? I personally agree that just disabling arty is fairer (probably beneficial to CF tbh since GE has god-emperor Merkel, probably the person with the all-time highest kill count in NRP history). I suggest that to avoid said problem about Merkel already having some kills, there should be a designated admin / faction rep on each team without whos approval the round can’t start (used to be a thing but I don’t know if still is). Again can’t complain then about biased admins since your rep ok’ed for the round to start. 3. Designated campaign admin to do all the slays etc. (mentioned in the guy’s other post) This was a rule in the first campaign (or at least during the first part of it, I can’t remember if it was continued) when the admin team was larger and I doubt anyone would disagree with it in principle. In practice, however, with the admin team a bit short of experienced manpower, I don’t know if its possible. Will anyone admin be willing to do this and not play in the campaign events? And before you say its their job, keep in mind admins are player volunteers not employees.
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    The Guy

    Complaint - Broke (resolved )

    Hello, actual CF Faction leader here. ^-^ Depsite the much better wording in the now up post in the general discussions, this is the official complaint so I will be be making my official adendum here. However I will be providing suggestions in the general post just for the sake of improvement (Apologies in advance for any formatting jank, I am performing this atm on my mobile xd). Now, first mentioned was the all charge incident in the third round of today's campaign battle. To put it politely it was... awkward at best and horrible at worst. At the time the round had carried on for a sufficiently long enough time and pretty much the entire GE and CF force was engaged in a big chase near the CF's right flank. This would have been an ideal time to call an all charge because of the time spent already and since both forces were already conveniently together in the same area. However, such was not the case. Broke actually requested tha,t TA NSL and myself an admin, call an all charge. I personally heavily pondered the idea but did not want to go ahead with it because I did not want to be removed from the team because of "bias" or overstepping my bounds of control, despite being told otherwise in the past. So I merely suggested the idea to the other admins in the internal chat where it was bantered about but dwnied by Chinese and I'm pretty sure Taters (don't quote me on Taters due to the lack of screenshots and my spotty memory of that :P). Meanwhile, the chase had ceased and the GE retreated back across the river in the centre of the map to a couple buildings near the bridge. This would have been an even more ideal time to call all charge due to the now even position that both sides had established. However this was not the case and so the CF took to the offensive to try and close the battle, as unfair as their situation was and failed. I would also like to note that anyone who claims that an all charge should not have been called due to the number imbalance of alive players should look to past events and even casual admining instances of all charge being called during uneven odds (sometimes even with the disadvantaged faction winning through sheer skill). It was after most of the CF forces were massacred in this offensive that the admins who (seemed to be) were running the event called the all charge and the CF lost. I would also like to note that it was said in the internal admin chat that "Not every round needs to end in an all charge." Something to which I would say is true, but the timing was impeccably ripe for the calling of one that round and the lack of it surely cost the CF a victorious round. This is why the CF feels so cheated. Next is the map chosen for the latter half of the battle... (oh boy :/) The CF had a problem with their artillery, namely that while I was trying to set it up during the reset, as per usual, I didn't beat the reset and the cannon dissapeared. Broke is complaining in his post about Merkel's lovely shot that killed 4-6 of our men while the problem was still being sorted and unbalanced the teams, after which nothing was done to rebalance them. This is something that I don't care for, it was fate and it couldn't be controlled. What bothered me was that instead of changing the map, the admins merely said "No arty for either team" and refused to change the map. After an assessment of the battlefield I found that artillery really was an excellent equalizer for the map and really controlled where the enemy could and could not go, but the lack of it also unbalanced the map. Without the artillery, nothing was stoping either side from simply rushing the centre of the map and holding there. While you may argue that the CF should have simply rushed the centre and not complained about the situation, think for a moment. Would the CF rather engage in a combat they think they will lose? Or would they rather fight their enemy on even footing with fair balance. I personally would opt for the latter, but the lack of artillery removed that as a viable option. So what ensued was probably one of the most boring NRP campaign battles I have ever attended about which I could really do nothing about, despite being the leader of an entire faction. This all because someone decided they were too lazy to change the map to something more balanced and fun even after fighting a full round. To conclude: I'm not asking any admins to step down, or for the GE to give us the rightul title of winner of the campaign (though that would be nice if they wanted to do that xd). I simply want the team to be able to reflect on these mistakes, recognise that they happened, and try to ensure they never happen again. Chinese was responsible for most of the actions and problems listed above but I have no quarrel with him, he's only human after all and no one can please everyone or be perfect. Like I said, I only want the truth to be considered and reflected upon. Thanks for your time and attention, I'll now be going to Broke's less meme-y post to provide some suggestions to fix the problem (might as well xd). Yours truly ~ The Guy
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