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    [Denied] Admin Application - Hoops0110

    Name F1Zz | Use A Code or Hoops0110 Age 12 Steam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198272566862 GUID 1139258 Hours In-game 39 Previous Experience I want to have an experience but unfortunately I don't. Vouches (Will add if i get any) Reason(s) Id like to join as i think that I am helpful and I am now very active on this server. Also i want to learn more things as i am enjoying this roleplay server. I normally always play on this server if i am on the game. I like getting involved in more realistic games and a strategic way of playing games. Roleplays Naval rp=Dont mess around when you are driving or on a boat Battle rp=Stay with your officer throughout the battle. Western rp=older fashion of roleplay. Cav Vs Cav=Everyone is a cavalry troop. Line battle rp=Stick with your officers until death, no rambo, no crouching. Trench rp=Admin will say a peace period(no shooting) After you are allowed to shoot charge and do what you want. Etiquette and Server Rules Teamhitter=Someone who is hitting there team. Spam=Someone/People quickly chat in the chat. No ramboing=Leaving your officer, TnT spam=Zappers spamming the tnt causing the server to slightly lag and considered wasting build points.
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    [Accepted] Admin Application - Crontz

    Accepted. Decent activity. Past experience will help. It'd be better if you were a bit more active though as that would be expected of you as an admin.
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