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    This thread outlines the changes to the community management which took place on 10/02/2019. Section 1: Community Staff Disbanded The entire community staff team has been disbanded. Those members of the community staff who were a part of the server admin team or the campaign/events management have been permanently moved over to those teams. Community staff ranks and channels has been archived and/or deleted. It's no longer possible to apply for community staff, see Section 2. Section 2: Community Coordinator To replace the community staff, the discord server will now be run by a single Community Coordinator with the ability to appoint extra team members to help him manage the community aspect of things for the duration of the required expertise or assistance. The community coordinator will be @Ewoksson. He was the creator of both the discord and forums and has spent the last several years aiding the community in countless ways, particularly in regards to the technical and community aspects. He understands NRP like few others and is a perfect fit for the role. Section 3: Events Team The various roles dedicated to the development of the campaign and other events will shortly be reworked into a more organised Events Team. The events team will be comprised of people who have a specific job and will be dedicated to providing the highest quality of events and to the running of the campaign. Section 4: Community Development The changes to the Community Management do not mean that continued development and growth of the wider community have come to a halt. Staff will continue to find ways to allow the community to provide ways for its members to all play together, whether in Napoleonic Wars or elsewhere. The Community we have built, and are continuing to build, will be planned to expand far beyond Napoleonic Wars itself. We're all contributing to the development of our community and joint effort will open up for a better, easier and more efficient environment, as long as everyone knows and does their part. If you have any questions on the matter feel free to contact me. Cheers, Scandy Change log The community coordinator team will exist on a bare minimum skeleton crew to manage immediate issues, with potential additional members when further assistance or expertise is required. Muted_kingdom_of_hell has been replaced with warned, where users can ask for estimated time until unmute and the underlying reasons. There are suggestions to read our rules again and forum links to make an unban or unmute request. The community staff roles has been removed and the community_staff channel has been replaced with community_coordination, where a google spreadsheet is available to report mutes and rule breakers is pinned to the channel description, with the option to state whether action has been taken or will be taken. The mute_report channel has been removed in response. Community coordinator will consist of a single role on forums and discord with the same perms as the Head of Community Staff role had to help with medal assignment and moderating threads. There will be no trial, senior, veteran or head role. Removed the naval action channels. Opened up the gaming category for all to see. I've since a few days back allowing regimental discord invites in regimental_invites. I've wrote and cleared up the responsibilities of each team in the nrp_duty.pdf in the channel #important on the discord server. I've since forever allowing faction leadership to mute raiders or screamers in their respective faction channels in readiness for the campaign and since cc is going to be a small team with the sole purpose to make stuff easier on an expertise and assistance basis. Important to know the difference between being assisted temporarily and asking for someone to overtake their job. The announcement channel should be used by admins for admin announcements, eg ''Waterloo right now with 200 players!'', ''Come for X role play!'', by campaign developers for campaign announcements, eg ''Faction leaders has been decided!'', ''Campaign event starting now!'', ''Join a faction today!'', and by community coordinators for general community announcements, eg ''We now got a Naval Action category!'', ''It's now possible to donate for a donator role on discord!'', ''Don't forget to check our giveaways!'', etc. I've since a week back been changing the non-discriminatory rule to a softer approach. Each case is a matter of context and we won't intervene on a basis of shit talk, but it'd be looked into should it ruin the joy for others or hurt the activity of the entire community. The rule against being an edgy cunt is mainly aimed towards the admin team because it consist of the representatives of our community towards other players, servers, communities and game developers, and therefore the community can also be held accountable for their action, and it's simply not appropriate to be edgy for the sake of edginess if we are to be seen as a somewhat mature community. As scandy already implied, campaign developers are from now on also a permanent team. The event team will be kept separately even if the campaigns would stop coming, or if a game like Bannerlord would be released. The team will only include actively engaged members of staff. The team will manage anything from the campaign events, to special weekend events or simply extra announced and advertised days where admins will be available. It's entirely up to the events team. I've added a donator only channel on the discord since two week back kinda as a VIP chat. I've added a campaign developer role on the forums which most, if not all team members, will have as a secondary group, as they're already in the admin team - to allow for moderation in the campaign forums. I've fixed the medals permissions since they've been messy since forever. Campaign developers, head admin and community coordinator got perms to add medals to those deserving and/or applying. I've contacted a selected few about CC duty, each having some kind of good trait and/or expertise, as well as being trustworthy, friendly and recognized by the community. / Ewok
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