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    Hello, everyone! I’m here to bring you a huge update for NRP Campaign 3.0, with a major feature reveal. As the first public server to bring a Multiplayer Campaign to Napoleonic Wars, we continually strive for ways to innovate and improve on our formula. While people have enjoyed following the Campaigns in the past as the factions duke it out over the map, we wanted to find a way to streamline the way the off-server aspects of the Campaign were handled. It is my pleasure to introduce the NRP Campaign Map! The Campaign Map is a live-map which shows you exactly what’s going on. With custom sprites specifically created by our Campaign Team, you will be able to track every army/battle/event or movement that happens throughout the campaign with ease. Gone are the days of awkwardly photoshopping a ready-made map to show new moves, this new map makes the post-battle paperwork a fraction of the work required previously. To give you a little insight, I’ll explain exactly what you’re seeing: Armies and Occupation Armies are represented by their custom animated sprites which have the name of the army underneath. Armies and their strength are listed in the side panel. Armies can be simply dragged and dropped around the map to represent their movement. As for occupation, it is now simply handled by flags-these can also be dragged and dropped! It will be much easier to co-ordinate and follow grand campaigns using this tool; the sprites and names could even be edited to represent NW Regiments if they become a big enough part of the Campaign! Battle History In the side panel to the left, all battles and their results will be recorded so you can keep an eye on how things are progressing. Any serious developments, news snippets or announcements will also be listed here. Railroads, Forts and Other Icons You’ll notice a lot of different icons such as forts, cities or railways. These represent in-game mechanics which we’re still perfecting through our simulated campaigns on testing weekends. These can also be added, moved or edited very easily and this functionality will be extremely useful for the future. Perhaps the most exciting thing about the introduction of this unique new feature is the possibilities for the future; by streamlining the most complicated part of the Campaigns, the possibility for other Campaigns/Events/Simulated Wars are endless and we plan to capitalise fully on this; expect much, much more from NRP! In the meantime, don’t forget that the Faction Leaders are going to be picked and announced tomorrow. If you want to have a chance to lead Prussia to her Ascendance or maintain control of Germany as the Austrian Emperor, be sure to apply here. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.
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    Community Coordinator

    This thread outlines the changes to the community management which took place on 10/02/2019. Section 1: Community Staff Disbanded The entire community staff team has been disbanded. Those members of the community staff who were a part of the server admin team or the campaign/events management have been permanently moved over to those teams. Community staff ranks and channels has been archived and/or deleted. It's no longer possible to apply for community staff, see Section 2. Section 2: Community Coordinator To replace the community staff, the discord server will now be run by a single Community Coordinator with the ability to appoint extra team members to help him manage the community aspect of things for the duration of the required expertise or assistance. The community coordinator will be @Ewoksson. He was the creator of both the discord and forums and has spent the last several years aiding the community in countless ways, particularly in regards to the technical and community aspects. He understands NRP like few others and is a perfect fit for the role. Section 3: Events Team The various roles dedicated to the development of the campaign and other events will shortly be reworked into a more organised Events Team. The events team will be comprised of people who have a specific job and will be dedicated to providing the highest quality of events and to the running of the campaign. Section 4: Community Development The changes to the Community Management do not mean that continued development and growth of the wider community have come to a halt. Staff will continue to find ways to allow the community to provide ways for its members to all play together, whether in Napoleonic Wars or elsewhere. The Community we have built, and are continuing to build, will be planned to expand far beyond Napoleonic Wars itself. We're all contributing to the development of our community and joint effort will open up for a better, easier and more efficient environment, as long as everyone knows and does their part. If you have any questions on the matter feel free to contact me. Cheers, Scandy Change log The community coordinator team will exist on a bare minimum skeleton crew to manage immediate issues, with potential additional members when further assistance or expertise is required. Muted_kingdom_of_hell has been replaced with warned, where users can ask for estimated time until unmute and the underlying reasons. There are suggestions to read our rules again and forum links to make an unban or unmute request. The community staff roles has been removed and the community_staff channel has been replaced with community_coordination, where a google spreadsheet is available to report mutes and rule breakers is pinned to the channel description, with the option to state whether action has been taken or will be taken. The mute_report channel has been removed in response. Community coordinator will consist of a single role on forums and discord with the same perms as the Head of Community Staff role had to help with medal assignment and moderating threads. There will be no trial, senior, veteran or head role. Removed the naval action channels. Opened up the gaming category for all to see. I've since a few days back allowing regimental discord invites in regimental_invites. I've wrote and cleared up the responsibilities of each team in the nrp_duty.pdf in the channel #important on the discord server. I've since forever allowing faction leadership to mute raiders or screamers in their respective faction channels in readiness for the campaign and since cc is going to be a small team with the sole purpose to make stuff easier on an expertise and assistance basis. Important to know the difference between being assisted temporarily and asking for someone to overtake their job. The announcement channel should be used by admins for admin announcements, eg ''Waterloo right now with 200 players!'', ''Come for X role play!'', by campaign developers for campaign announcements, eg ''Faction leaders has been decided!'', ''Campaign event starting now!'', ''Join a faction today!'', and by community coordinators for general community announcements, eg ''We now got a Naval Action category!'', ''It's now possible to donate for a donator role on discord!'', ''Don't forget to check our giveaways!'', etc. I've since a week back been changing the non-discriminatory rule to a softer approach. Each case is a matter of context and we won't intervene on a basis of shit talk, but it'd be looked into should it ruin the joy for others or hurt the activity of the entire community. The rule against being an edgy cunt is mainly aimed towards the admin team because it consist of the representatives of our community towards other players, servers, communities and game developers, and therefore the community can also be held accountable for their action, and it's simply not appropriate to be edgy for the sake of edginess if we are to be seen as a somewhat mature community. As scandy already implied, campaign developers are from now on also a permanent team. The event team will be kept separately even if the campaigns would stop coming, or if a game like Bannerlord would be released. The team will only include actively engaged members of staff. The team will manage anything from the campaign events, to special weekend events or simply extra announced and advertised days where admins will be available. It's entirely up to the events team. I've added a donator only channel on the discord since two week back kinda as a VIP chat. I've added a campaign developer role on the forums which most, if not all team members, will have as a secondary group, as they're already in the admin team - to allow for moderation in the campaign forums. I've fixed the medals permissions since they've been messy since forever. Campaign developers, head admin and community coordinator got perms to add medals to those deserving and/or applying. I've contacted a selected few about CC duty, each having some kind of good trait and/or expertise, as well as being trustworthy, friendly and recognized by the community. / Ewok
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    First Battle of Niederschlesien

    Join us on March 23rd 21:00 CET (20:00 GMT)
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    59th Regiment of Foot

    59th is BACK in Mount and Blade: Napoleonic Wars! Join TODAY ! We still use the same website - 59th.eu
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    I copy and pasted my own application and then went through it and edited parts of it, that is there for all to see, I am not denying that. There is no point in me typing out the exact same thing that I would type into a blank text considering there is nothing wrong with what I have stated. Furthermore there is nothing against copy and pasting to my knowledge, previous applications would have normally been accepted if it followed all the guild lines and met all other criteria. (If I am wrong, my apologies, however that was the norm) The comment on the campaign was only a side note of the bigger issue which is the general population of the server throughout the day, and like I've stated I would help contribute to rebuilding "off-hour's" population so to speak. As far as I'm aware, I am well enough known in the community and especially to the veteran players of NRP.
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    Introduce Yourself!

    Hello, i'm gay and i'm the record holder as the person with most warnings.
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    [Denied] Minisiege admin app

    You're probably one of if not the flakiest admin NRP has ever had I don't even bother to pay attention as to why you come/go anymore, I actually thought you were still on the team. I highly doubt that you're going to put time into adminning the server, regardless of how active you are on discord or on the forums. I absolutely do not think you have any intention on spending large or even decent amounts of time on the server itself, outside of perhaps Campaign Events. I have no say in whether someone does/doesn't become an admin but I'm just confused as to why you're actually applying beyond getting into the big boys club *again* Take a look at yourself and have a really hard think as to whether you intend to spend a great deal of time in the forseeable on NRP building population and running things. Whether you want to sit through that grind to get the population up outside of events. Whether you aren't just going to be quitting again in a month or two when you can no longer be bothered If any of the above puts you off, just rescind your app and save everyone's time my guy
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    Introduce Yourself!

    I'm here , idk why , i got lost on the way to my rectal examination and ended up here
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    NRP Username: Kaiser_Wilhelm_II GUID: 1519153 Are you reporting a player or an admin: Admin Who are you reporting: Water_Polo Date and time: 23/03/2019 6:33pm Reason: Muted me on the NRP discord for little to no reason. Evidence: Muted for 5 minutes on the discord, claimed it was because I "spread information about people's IRL business" yet I was discussing it with the person who's IRL business it was, and that person had brought it up first therefore I wasn't "spreading" anything. Also said he muted me for telling to shut up, this is clear abuse as he muted me purely because I disagreed with him.
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    This thread will be used to post lore and battle recaps after each battle. The First Battle of Oberschleisien Studying the 1st Battle of Oberschleisien gives us an insight into the two warring factions, Austria and Prussia. Most notably we can examine their current manner of fighting and the tactics applied by either side. Austria Austria’s battleplan at its core was based upon strength in numbers-both on the offence and defence. With two very large main lines supported by two smaller lines, the Austrian army planned to move as a single unit; command was delegated within a very centralised command. The only deviation from the main group of the Austrian Army were the cavalry and of course, the artillery. We saw initially a defensive attempt by Austria, in which they attempted to dig in and form a wall against potential Prussian attacks. However, a lack of cohesion in some of their units lead to cracks forming which were quickly exploited by Prussian offences. The situation wasn’t helped by a weakness to artillery which was part and parcel of keeping the various lines close together. Cohesion proved to be a problem again once the various regiments began to mix together, and the Austrian Lines struggled to quickly reorganise and react to situations. We saw this when they had an excellent defensive position on a hill, however a lack of cohesion on one of the flanks allowed a Prussian group to reach almost the summit of the hill before the alarm was raised to the rest of the army. However, we also saw their massed command put to excellent use. One of the turning points of the Battle was an offensive lead by faction leader Florian, who massed the army to the left-hand side of the map. A chokepoint in the form of an anchored ship being used to cross the river lead to the bulk of the Austrian spearhead coming face to face with a massive Prussian group. While some seemed ready to pull back and start firing, Florian applied the massed-command plan and ordered all units to push forward through the chokepoint, which the Prussians had not yet fully entered. The Prussian Cavalry-who had been attempting to flank via this river crossing-were caught in the crossfire and took heavy casualties, and the massed Austrian offensive caught the Prussians off guard. The bulk of the Prussian army was slaughtered in the ensuing melee, and with panic setting into their ranks they began to pull back. Another occasion on which a similar tactic was deployed was during a crossing of a bridge, when Florian once again lead the troops forward en masse in an attempt to overwhelm the enemy and secure the area before mopping up the remaining targets. However, it fell short whenever the charge began to dissolve; while the men were ordered to push forward into melee, many of them instead took cover and began to skirmish with the enemy. The dissipating momentum of the charge allowed the Prussians to regroup and push the Austrian offensive back. So far, it seems that Austrian command seems reliant on centralised orders and cohesion within the large bulk of regiments all moving as a single entity. We’ve seen mixed results; in some cases this has given Austria a decisive victory, and in others it has fallen to a final few men managing to fight off a larger side to scrape a victory. Prussia The Prussian Battleplan seems to be one based around manoeuvrability and pressure points. While often splitting the army up throughout the battlefield, Faction Leader Tax Collector prefers to try and isolate Austrian units to take chunks out of the Austrian army at a time, rather than relying on a single successful operation. The Prussian Cavalry does not operate only as a counter-measure to the Austrian Cavalry, but rather in tandem with the Prussian infantry; during a critical melee or charge, the cavalry will swoop in from the flank in order to help overwhelm the Austrians. We saw this during the early stages of the Battle, when the still-strong Austrian army began to pull back from a hilltop in order to prepare for a Prussian advance. When the Prussian army pushed forward, the Austrians were somewhat evenly matched until the cavalry swooped in and sent them into disarray. Flanking seems to be a popular choice for the Prussian Officers; they typically pick weaker parts of lines or defences in order to apply immense pressure and breakthrough. This allows for potentially devastating damage to the Austrian Army, however if they are repelled it can lead to the total destruction of the smaller Prussian lines. The one major weakness suffered by Prussia-from what we saw in the battle-was an inability to regroup once cohesion had been lost. Whether it be the death of too many officers or an offensive losing direction, the Prussian lines often slow to a trickle when trying to attack an enemy position when organisation is low. This twice lead to a smaller Austrian force winning despite Prussian numerical superiority, largely due to the tendency of Prussian soldiers to trickle in slowly rather than regrouping. Regardless, when under the command of their talented officers the Prussian Army is a force to be reckoned with, and Tax’s experience in previous campaigns makes him a formidable enemy. Map Tactics The first few moves of the campaign give us a rough idea of what the plan of both Austria and Prussia entails. It is clear that Prussia intend to be the aggressors, intending to push forward the frontline into Austrian territory. With a three-pronged attack, Tax sent the Prussian armies into Austria, focusing much of the attack on the northeastern border. As Florian moved Austrian armies to counteract this, he seemed more intent on blocking Prussian advances rather than pushing into Prussia. A frontline has developed in Bohemia, with all six armies bordering it. Prussia’s 1st Army was repelled, however it dealt a lot of damage to Austria’s Nordarmee which is now bordered by both the Prussian 1st Army and the Elbe Army. To the south, Austrian’s SudArmee stands ready to either push into Bohemia or use the railroad to flank into Prussian territory. The next battle is for south Bohemia, and it’ll prove decisive. A Prussian Victory will allow them to box the Austrian armies in, leaving most of Prussia’s territory safe and giving them a chance to consolidate their frontline on the road to Wien. However, an Austrian Victory in Southern Bohemia will leave the Prussian armies thinly spread with their western flank exposed and the Austrian Northern frontline secure. - Credits to the campaign writing team and more specifically Scandy
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    this is a terrible idea /vouch
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    Declined. With admin maturity being such an important factor in my acceptance of applicants (mainly because of what happened to Jailbreak) I am unsure if you could be responsible at your age to be mature consistently. If you stay active within the community and are shown to be mature enough I will reconsider in a month, until then no applications will be considered.
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    NRP Username: Dragan_Grgic Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198035757727/ Preferred Faction: Austria Preferred Role: General Why you'd like to lead: 1 I played a lot of commander battle so I want to test my abilities in real battle 2 Wanting to defeat Prussian dogs
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    NRP Username: wootz Steam: wootz Preferred Faction: Austria Preferred Role: Guerrilla leader. Why you'd like to lead: wootz JAJAJAJAJAJAJA LAS GUERRILLAS SI SI JAJA
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    Excuse me, this is a Mount and Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars RP server, I don't know what this holdfast game is, but we do not want it on our good Christian forums.
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    NEW NRP Scripts, finalized!

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    go vegan u tards
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    [Accepted] Admin Application - Funny

    Now THIS This is epic /vouch
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    [Denied] Admin Application - Marc

    Name: 59th_Marc Age: 17, 18 soon GUID: 1221978 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ImNeverCocky/ Hours in-game: 878 Previous Admin Experience: NRP Admin 2015-2016 and again 2017-2017 Vouches: Skeepr, Reason(s): Recently started playing on NRP again, since the 59th went back to MNB, I used to spend alot of time on NRP in the past, and i've found that i'm still very fond of it, and found that alot of the time NRP is empty, and i'd like to be one of the admins that would help it get more populated so we can actually get more than 20 people on a weekday, also sometimes when i've been on the server there have been some admins who have done a shitty job and i know that i can do better than them and make sure people get a good experience. I'd also like to smoothen the relation between the 59th and the NRP admin staff since they're not the best at the moment. Etiquette and Server Rules: Follow the rules for the roleplay, and what ever the admin may command you to do Rambo - Do not go alone into battle, play as a team, follow your regiments officer Delaying -You should not delay the round by running away from the combat, it ruins the fun for everyone else. Sapper spam - Do not spam explosives or build towers or anything in such a way. Teamhitting - Do not hit you rteammates Trolling - Trolling is not allowed since its ruins the experience for other players. Racism - Any discrimination of any race is forbidden. Chat - Use common sense, do not spam in the chat, chat is only english, show respect to everyone. Roleplays: Battle: Infantry and Cav follow their officers (Cav on General) and battle against each other. Player and Admin rules are to be followed still. Surrenders may only be shot by the orders of an officer. Line-Battle: Line battle is a more realistic way of fighting. Line-Infantry may only fire while in line and may not crouch. Skirms and Lights are allowed to crouch. Infantry and Cav still follow their officers (Cav general). Naval: Only start sailing the boats when commanded by the admin, cav and grens are deactivated and people should go sailor or Marine. The ships then go at eachother and battle. - Should never be played since it kills the server Volley: Everyone goes infantry and the two teams lines up in a line infront of each other the admin then commands them to fire when everything is set. Town: In Town its a random vs russia. Russia must all go partizani and "roleplay" as a civilian, work with your tools and such. Before a certain time have passed the parizanis are not allowed to attack and the guards are not either. When a certain time have past the partizanis may rise up and attack the guards. The guards are only allowed to attack the partizanis who're revolting. Trench Warfare: The battle takes place in 2 trenches oppisite each other, (only played on the trench map, can't remember), peace mode should be on at the start to allow both sides to get into the trench. At admins commands a charge should commence by either one or both teams. Cavalry vs Cavalry: Pretty Straight up, both sides pick cav and line up at the start of the round then precedes with charging at the admins commands. Ambush RP: One team goes down a road at walking speed the other team sits on the sides in a forrested area, and prepares an ambush, peace mode should be on until the admin allowed the ambush to begin. Assassination: One team sits in a fortified house, the defending team has a general that needs to be assasinated by the opposing team that should consist of partizans (no respawn for defenders), the balance of the game should be 2-1. Zombie Survival: Zombies have to break the flag. Humans have to defend the fort. Zombies get Infinite life's. Human's get one life. Zombies goes partizani, once dead Humans switches to zombies.
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    [Accepted] Admin Application - Crontz

    Accepted. Decent activity. Past experience will help. It'd be better if you were a bit more active though as that would be expected of you as an admin.
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    [Accepted] Admin Application - Crontz

    Name: 59th_LCpl_Crontz Age: 22 GUID: 1461709 Steam: Crontz Hours in-game: 540 Previous Admin Experience: Trial Admin for 5 months. Vouches: - Reason(s): I have dicipline, I want to keep server alive and fresh. There is no admin available during some night-the period when im usually available-when 15-30 people are online or more less, so I thought an admin could keep things under control so i have decided that i can help you guys keep things. I was admin in 2017 so i have enough experience to get that duty again. Etiquette and Server Rules: ~Players must respect the admins. ~Rules for the current RP must be followed! ~Members of other regiments ,other than the 59th regiment can recruit only once per map! ~The chat must not be spammed or trolled,spammers and trollers are warned, then kicked then temporary banned if they continue to spam. ~The primary language must be English! Keep less Other languages. ~Hacking,scripting and modifying game files is forbidden . People who do so are perma banned! ~Surrender kill only with out admin order or officer command. If any one kills a surrenderer without admin's permission, admin must slay him/her ~Rambos must be warned first, then slayed. If they continue ramboing they can be banned by admin. ~Delayers are warned then slayed then temp. banned if they persist.Because delaying is wrong,the victory should be quickly determined ~Trolling is forbidden.Trolling could include bloking arty,infantry,officers,cavs etc.Trollers must be warned first then slay.If they contiune trolls they can be banned by admin. ~Using names of real life persons other than big people and offensive names is wrong and unnecessary. People who do so will be warned first , kicked then perma banned! ~Teamhitting is forbidden and wrong! Bomb throwing,shooting,kicking arty shoting stabbing is considered to be teamhitting.Teamhitters are slayed if they contiune Roleplays: -Battle Roleplay :Don't be Rambo,Don't Troll Dont' Delay.Infanty follow beaconned officer while the cavaraly follow the general.If officer and general dies cav,infantry players to remain stick together and stick to another officer.Surrenders must be killed in a firing line under the command of the admin or officers/general unless they do not drop their weapons.Teams,class should also be balanced. Naval Roleplay :Cavs,grenaders not allowed.Ships are steered under command of the admin. Line Battle Roleplay : Light infantry can crouch while line infantry may not. Cavs not allowed.Each player must remain in formation. Trench Roleplay :At first (Peace) is enabled until all are in the trenches.The players then shoot each other until one team is commanded to charge Hostage Rescue :2 Team-Partizans and random team.An attacking hostage will be among the defenders.Hostage must drop weps and hostage cant say location. The attackers must save this hostage or back to safety. Cavalry Vs. Cavalry Fight :Players is restricted to go into any class of cavalry.Fight For Glory. Infantry Vs. Cavalry Fight One team is restricted to cavalry while the other team an infantry regiment.The cavalry are expected to charge the infantry which are arranged in squares.If they can make square.Infantry must depend on their formation only to survive. Volley Roleplay:Certain line infantry regiment is used for each team under the command of an officer.With admin orders the 2 officers are expected to lead their men.Infantry must remain in formation. Ambush Roleplay:1 team marching for glory and protecting general other team partizani going mountains and killing marching team and general. Stalingrad Roleplay : 2 Team- Prussia and Russia. Admins decide which team commences the attack.2 maybe 3 round. Town Roleplay :Russia and Random Nation,Russians need to defend vilage.Partizani doing peasent work.Random nation control the vilagers.Until a given time, the Russians can revolt. Bastille Roleplay :We have 2 Team.Partizans and France Forces.Partizans goal is to penetrate the few defending French forces and reach their flag on the top of the Bastille. Although the partizans outnumber the French, they do not re-spawn after death until the round is over! Battle of Warsaw RP:Russia defends the church,its invasion of poland from germany russians are polish soldiers Helms Deep Roleplay :We have 2 Team.Partizani and the Gandalfs defenders.The Defenders must stop a non stop spawning horde of partizani from reaching the Gandalfs flag deep inside the castle until time runs out or until Gandalf's forces reach the Castle. Each player should switch sides eventually Next 2 round. Assassination Roleplay : Russians(Partizans) and Random Faction.No cav allowed.Grenaders maybe allowed.All partizani forces attempting to kill the general,soldiers will defend their general until they kill all Russians or the time runs out.
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    [Accepted] Admin Application - Arno

    Name: 59th_Cornetto_Arno Age: 18 GUID: 408489 Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198044662170/ Hours in-game: 4,500 Previous Admin Experience: Was a Senior Admin from 2015-2017 (Late October) And am more than familiar with basic admin'ing through the admin panel of the 59th Event/Training servers. Vouches: Anyone who knows me well enough can vouch on my behalf. Reason(s): 59th has recently came back to M&B and has a whole we are all interested in getting the server back up and running during the off-hours, I believe that I can help with this through admin'ing due to my experience. Additionally the Campaign event's have added an exciting twist to the server which hasn't been seen before on this scale and is something that I most certainly want to contribute to. Moreover, Previously a Senior admin like I said, back when LonelyWolf, Shockwave and WordEdit_XIII were Head Admins. Roleplays: Assassination - Partizans try to kill general, guards are outnumbered 2:1 depending on balance. Partizani' win by assassinating the general. Rules applied are just universal server rules (Following admin instruction, go consistent toxicity etc...) War/Peace - Period of peace to allow prep time for inevitable war, then evolves into battle RP but with more RP elements. Standard Battle rules applied. (No rambo, follow beacon, listen to admin etc...) Standard battle RP - Battle, all classes allowed, battle to one team is all dead (Rules; no Rambo, Follow beacons, listen to officers/admins, no BP spam etc...) Austerlitz/Waterloo RP - (Pretty similiar to Battle with a few roleplay elements) obviously on the correct maps (The Island and Champ Eleyses*) Cav vs Cav - Self explanatory, Large Cavalry battle. (Universal server rules) Pike vs Pike - Equip everybody with a pike, self explanatory like Cav vs Cav. (Universal server rules) Battle of Egypt RP - Basically Cav vs inf with organised inf squares, play on Pyramid map . (Admin instruction needed) Trench - 2 trench's, hold the trench, charge when all charge is given, again self explanatory (Follow admin instruction when given) Naval -"I still believe that naval is a broken RP and always has been, it results in constant resets due to players falling, and the general boat mechanics are broken. Additionally constant bickering over who gets to drive the boat etc does not provide a good experience on the server and does often cause conflict - something which I believe should not expected when you join NRP." Ambush - An marching column enters a forested, when ambushed by partizan guerrilla's (2:1) Fight till either side wins (Guards most stay in formation until attacked, and aren't allowed to rambo; Partizani's are allowed to spread out amongst the tree's and attack when the order is given) Storming of the Bastille - Partisans storming the Bastille (obviously) 2:1 Partisan ratio vs French Guards. Stalingrad RP - Prussia vs Russia, Russia pick militia or Partizani, must be European city map. Usually (2:1) balance in favor of Russia Hostage RP - Faction 2 General TP'd to Faction 1, Faction 1 must hold the enemy General hostage and prevent Faction 2 from rescuing their General. Faction 1 wins if General dies when escaping or Faction 2 is all dead. Faction 2 wins if General is successfully rescued and escapes or all of faction 1 dies with General still alive, regardless if he has made his escape. I'm sure I can add a few more once I become 100% acquainted with admin'ing on the server once again.
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    [Accepted] Admin Application - Arno

    Arno's been around forever and is a ex Admin. He's been seen on the server numerous times during low pop trying to help the server. I think he'd make a great Admin again.
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    [Denied] Admin Application - Marc

    My apologies on the whole some admins doing bad, i had a problem with some of the admins, and how they handled the 59th incident yesterday. It was the salt speaking, and the issues have been solved, and i don't myself have a problem with anyone on the admin team anymore. I'll have to agree with the fact that i need to reintergrate myself into the community again, and i'm willing to do that, and i don't see the big problem with accepting me now, since i'm a former admin (not like you're taking a bit risc), but i will have to take a bit more time to properly intergrate myself into the community, but at the end of the day, its not like you're taking a big gamble with accepting me. I wont be the one doing most of the admining at the start, but i know i would do it when i feel like i've "reintergrated" properly it should not take too long, with the activity that i'm expecting my self to have. I'll take a look into the campaigns as you suggested. I appriciate your time.
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    [Accepted] Admin Application - Meow

    Name NRP_HA_Meow Age 24 Steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/BrendansMom GUID:1217849 Hours In-game 600 Previous Experience I was Admin back in 2016 and 2018, and head admin too. Vouches TheLastItalian,Harold,Bluck,Timur,Diomedes, The Prophet Mohammed ( peace be upon him). Reason(s): I want to help to get the server back to its old form. Roleplays: Stalingrad RP: - 3:2 player ratio - Numerically superior side (Prussians) play as Freikorps - Numerically inferior side (Russians) play as Partizani/Militia - Generally intended to be disorganized to some degree, the following officers is not required Assassination RP: - 2:1 player ratio (under normal circumstances) - Numerically superior side (Russians) act more or less in a pack using the partisan class to kill the numerically inferior side's general - Numerically inferior side (any faction) act in defence of their general, with most classes available, purposed to either wait out the server's timer or assist in their general's flight Bastille RP : - 2:1 player ratio - Numerically inferior side defends the Bastille - Numerically superior side attempt to seize the Bastille from the defenders' control - Defenders victorious if Timer runs out OR all partisans killed - Attackers victorious if Bastille was taken Volley RP : - 1:1 player ratio - Each side is under command of an admin - Each side acts in solidarity as a single unit - Fire/Charge on orders of admin Cav vs. Infantry RP : - 1:2 1:3 or no abnormal player ratio - Team 1 (cav) acts as a single unit and charges a square of infantry - Team 2 (inf) forms into a square and attempts to break the charge Line Battle RP : - 1:1 player ratio - Similar rules to Battle RP - Only infantry Battle RP : - 1:1 player ratio - Follow officer with beacon - The team that survives the longest is victorious - Most classes available Etiquette and Server Rules - No team hitting - No spamming - No unnecessarily wasting build points - Ramboing
  30. 1 point

    [Denied] Admin Application - Marc

    Hmmmm, checks out.
  31. 1 point
    Name not sure, sorry. Was a long time ago but probs had the name "Isaac" in it somewhere GUID 1106967 Date probs like 2016? Service NRP Reason(s) So, i'm not sure if the server is run by the 59th anymore, but i was in a regiment that was led by ex-59th members who left after an argument. I left with them because i was a bit bored of the 59th because it was too big it was a bit too formal for me. Nothing bad. Then some of the members of the regiment started crashing the server and basically everyone with our regiment tag was banned. Bear in mind this was like 3 years ago and i've not interacted with them or the game since. I've come back to the game just for some fun inbetween revision for my exams to remember that i was banned. I did nothing wrong, however my affiliation with the group caused me to be banned. This was a long time ago and the people who led our reg write like anime erotica and stuff why tf would i wanna be anywhere near them. Does "Izu" and "World Edit" ring any bells? Anyway thanks for reading this, i purely just wanna go on the server for some fun as miniseige gets boring after a bit. Cheers boys
  32. 1 point
    DE4D BE4R

    Age Range censuses

  33. 1 point
    Fucking kill him
  34. 1 point
    DE4D BE4R

    Medal Application - The_Docteur

    denyed cuz ure prussian
  35. 1 point
    Grandmaster Wootz

    Favorite Historical Figures

    Name(s): Johnson#7796, Diomedes Position/Job(s): Discord Ranker, head admin of NRP What did they do: Make insightful comments into the nature of NRP's Discord community, demote wilhelm
  36. 1 point

    [Accepted] Admin application - Novalpro

    He's a well-known member of the community, and his app is also decent. Why not. /vouch
  37. 1 point
    Decent app, relatively well known member of the nrp community (whether in a good or bad manner) , /vouch
  38. 1 point
    Good idea vouch
  39. 1 point
    that is FAKE NEWS you are OBVIOUSLY devouching ME for being a MINORITY I'm getting you arrested
  40. 1 point
    Now THIS This is epic. Noval is a gud boi, he is well known in the community as the destroyer of libtards and made a decent app /Vouch
  41. 1 point

    [Accepted] Admin Application - Bmert06

    Name bmert06 or mert06 Age 13 Steam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198230105904 GUID 1292440 Hours In-game 500 Previous Experience unfortunately i dont have any admin experience however i know how to use the admin panel Vouches (will add them later) Reason(s) i have been playing on this server for nearly 4 years and its my favourite server.İ know that its in a hard phase,but it can survive till bannerlord is out.And i think that NRP needs more admins from turkish timezone. Roleplays battle RP for less people:ramboing allowed no trolling surrender killing is allowed balanced.battle RP:follow your officer no BP spam no surrender killing balanced . linebattle RP:follow your officer random maps balanced no crouching no firing without your line.assasination RP balance in favour of russia the russia must go partizani the othr team must protect the general.war and peace RP:balanced admins pick generals the generals can make peace and start a war not obeying the general is not permitted.hunger games RP: both teams go partisani after they split up the admin alllows team killing. naval RP: no special rules dont kick people off the ships or dont act like an idiot while controlling the ship.bastille RP balanced in favour of russia russia must go partisani double assasination RP:balanced two generals both teams have to protect their general and attack the enemy one generals beaconed if the game turns toa hide n seek cav vs cav RP: no special rules everyone goes cav cav vs inf RP: balance in favour of inf the other team must go cav and not directly rush to the enemy. Etiquette and Server Rules no teamkilling/teamhitting;no wasting BP;no TNT spam;no spamming in chat;no foreign languages on chat(one or two words can be tolerated);no ramboing(unless its a RP that ramboing is tolerated);follow the RP rules no surrender killing(unless its a RP that surrender killing is tolerated) no trolling arty;no acting like an admin;no hacking;no trolling in general.
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    DE4D BE4R

    Map ideas?

  43. 1 point
    Rather young, but a good app /vouch benis :-DDDDD
  44. 1 point
    DE4D BE4R

    Map ideas?

    jeez I just left a fricking Discord, it's not the end of the world
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    Applications will only be open for so long... apply now before we close this thread!
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    NRP - No Admins Chronicles.
  47. 1 point

    Introduce Yourself!

    Evening, my name is Onkel Erwin and i play M&B-NW since 2015 (on the NRP Server since 2016) with several breaks in the last few months, so my melee is as good as my english grammar i guess. The endless hours i spent on the NRP Server was the best time i had in the M&B DLC and it is always a pleasure to rejoin the server for another round. Im working as a mortician (more common is undertaker i think) and spent most of my leisure for reenactings. I think those were the important things so see you soon and "Für das Vaterland!"
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    Mount & Blade - Napoleonic Beasts.
  49. 1 point

    Who would win?

    Phineas and Ferb: The Republique would surrender.
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