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    NRP Username: WaterPolo GUID: 899758 Are you reporting player or an admin: Head of Community Staff Who are you reporting: Alfie Solomon (Duke) Date and time: December 2nd 2018 Reason: Blatant abuse of HOCS /CS powers. He has shown nothing but disregard for the Admin Staff who are the backbone of our community. Has already forced one Admin to quit and leave NRP (Florian) and was very close to having me do the same. He talks down to everyone, and demands things from his CS in an extremely unprofessional manner by hurling insults and muting when they disagree. Evidence: Most of the Evidence was deleted because right after Duke muted me twice today, both times he used bot to delete conversation right afterwards. I did screenshot after he muted me the first time though, and it's attached. Duke had a complete fit about a comment Wilhelm made to him yesterday, and just "Went on holiday" one hour before the event. Wilhelm then proceeded to ask Duke questions about what maps to use, and Duke flat out said he wasn't going to help. This is what got me removed from CS, because I defended Wilhelm, and told Duke he was being a baby. I request Duke's immediate resignation or removal of HOCS because this community can not afford someone who is so emotional that they would just quit everything we worked together on as a team within an hour of the event, and offer no help to the people who had to run it in his place. (Wilhelm ran the Campaign, and did a fine job, proving it can be done easily by someone else)
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    So you closed this complaint on your own, without allowing others to chime in, that is pretty scummy, what you did on Saturday was pretty scummy as well, that is going on a figurative "holiday" over the weekend so try and prove a point that you are necessary and that the server NEEDS you, obviously the campaign went completely fine without you because being head of campaign really isn't that difficult, it is not nearly as stressful as you like to make it out to be, like it or not, but honestly you are not incredibly needed, its not like there is nobody that could step in as head of comm staff or head of campaign, and calling polo "the emotional one", when you just admitted that the reason for you going on break was catalysed by a "particularly rude comment" makes it seem like you are the overemotional oversensitive little bitch. It is also pretty shallow of you to not recognise that while other factors were involved you were a driving force in Florian leaving. Also using the excuse of "muted for toxicity" is basically you just admitting that you didn't like what he was saying so you muted him, its not like he spammed, no rules were broken, the "toxicity" rule is used solely on people of greek nationality anyway. Finally, you saying that your removal would "kill the server" is incredibly narcissistic and also very very wrong, the server did fine without you, and it can do fine without you again, thinking you are somehow on a higher plain of existence because you picked some maps and gave some people comm staff ranks is pretty retarded.
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    pls not this clown again. just ignore him. smyltnes more like saltynes.
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