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    Hello again everyone! This will be one of the last dev updates since we're almost done - i'll be packing alot into this one so do read! Texture Changes and Balance fixes: The Campaign team has once again lived up to it's promise of changing things up, which will be seen from the very first battle since we've added new skins and more! We heard many complains that the CF was disadvantaged since they have partizani and militia so we've replaced both of their weapons with muskets and made them into line units! Along with that, rocketeers no longer have rockets and both sides now have lancers, as a matter of balance. All units on both sides, cavalry and specialists included, have been reskinned following each faction's color scheme. Another important change is that all line officers on both sides now possess horses that are slightly slower than a heavy horse but faster than artillery horses, for them to lead their line to glory from a mount! New RPs to be included: Following much brainstorm the campaign team has thought it would be good to incorporate new rps to give the campaign more variety, along with battle RP which works the same as last campaign, the new rps will each have their own scenario required for them to happen. Hostage RP/ Assassination RP - This RP will happen the day after a 4-0 or 4-1 loss, where the losing side will have one of it's officers either taken hostage and should that officer be killed then they will be unable to participate as an officer in the next battle, or/and where the losing side tries to assassinate one of the winners officers and if they get murdered then that officer will be unable to be an officer in the next battle. Both Rps will take place on different maps and will consist of 3 rounds City Battle Rp - Will happen whenever a settlement is attacked - a special map will be provided and rules will be slightly different. and that's all the rps we're incorporating for now. -RULES- The rules this campaign will follow a similar path to that of last campaign: -Each army can move 1 tile in friendly or enemy territory towards any tile -When two armies are on the same tile a battle will occur -When an army moves onto a tile it automatically occupies that tile with one exception(...) -Two friendly armies may not go onto the same tile -Every army starts with 15 AP which function as it's health - for each round won the enemy loses 1 AP and vice versa, battles still take place on 2 maps(except when decider maps are needed for a 3-3) with the winner being the first to 4 rounds. There are two types of tiles - Normal, and Settlements, on settlements should there be a battle, the defender will receive maps biased in their favour whereas in battles anywhere else maps will be as balanced as possible thanks to the new roster of over 70 new maps that we have. Victory conditions remain the same. GARRISONS: Something new in this campaign will be garrisons! At the start of this campaign each capital city will have a 2AP base garrison. Garrisons will work a little differently- the defenders will always have to win the usual 4 rounds, whereas attackers of garrisons will only have to win 1 round per garrison AP, so 2. Each and every friendly/occupied settlement can have a garrison put in by an army standing on the settlement tile for a maximum of 2AP garrison - When armies garrison a friendly or occupied settlement the army garrisoning the settlement will lose the equivalent amount of AP which they wish to garrison the settlement with. EG- Army 1 (at 15 AP) on the City of X garrisons City of X with 2 ap, Army 1 would now be at 13 AP. GARRISONS COUNT AS AN ACTION AND SHOULD AN ARMY GARRISON A SETTLEMENT, THEY WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO MOVE THAT TURN. RAZING SETTLEMENTS: Razing settlements is a action allowed to an army occupying a settlement that the faction did not start with. Should an army raze an occupied settlement, that army will gain 2AP, but they will lose their ability to garrison that settlement, and should the enemy re-capture it the maximum garrison size for that settlement will be increased by +1, to a maximum of 3AP allowing enemy armies to re-fill that settlement with 3AP. THIS IS A ONE TIME ACTION for each enemy settlement. Capital City Garrisons: Capitals, namely the City of Cernbridge for the CC and the City of Lidorska for the CF will have special garrisons. For every two turns (i.e CC->CF->CC->CF) the garrison is under it's maximum (2AP), it will replenish 1AP - For example, if the CF captures Cernbridge but then the CC recaptures it, it's garrison will replenish to 2 after 4 turns. Thats all for this dev blog, we might change some things slightly in the next update - thanks for your attention!
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    In this dev diary we will be introducing this campaign's map, victory objectives and the start date! The campaign team has been working very hard these last few weeks to produce the campaign map which can be found here : https://nwrp.eu/campaign/#2/1900.0/1712.0 The reason for the seemingly "unfair" division of the island will be explained shortly in a separate thread. Rules will be discussed more in detail at a later point but the victory conditions are certain - Control all 6 settlements on the island or destroy all opposing armies with the settlements being as follows: Norburgh Castle (CC) Town of OldBastion (CC) City of Cernbridge (CC) Port Andev (CF) Town of Tikusha (CF) City of Lidorska (CF) As for the official start date, the campaign will start the 3rd of August 8PM BST/9PM CEST/10PM EEST/3PM EDT and will continue every saturday and sunday from then on until either side wins the campaign! Hope to see you all on our server (Napoleonic_Role_Play) then!
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    Template; NRP Username: Broke GUID: 62889 Are you reporting a player or an admin: Admin Who are you reporting: Sneakypanda Date and time: 8/10/2019 (August 10th, 2019) Reason: Slayed me in campaign while playing for the opposing team Evidence: Chat was blowing up too fast for me to get a screenshot in time. 20:47:20 - [SERVER]: Sneakypanda Slayed Player Helmet_von_Moltke. 20:47:21 - [SERVER]: Town 20:47:22 - [SERVER]: Town 20:47:23 - *Admin*[Sneakypanda]: not charging There was an allcharge and I was charging around a bridge towards the blob of people in a melee. Sneaky came behind me and slayed me and then claimed I wasn't charging.
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    If anyone has deleted it, please come out here, you deserve a marksman medal.
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    Medal Application Skeepr

    NRP Username: Skeepr Medal Requested: Notorious Fighter, Desperate Defense Award Vouches: (Vouches are not essential, however having admins that were present vouch for your deeds will greatly speed things up) Jakzawsze, a lot of others saw, but I know he pinged me in discord Evidence: (place images or media here which prove you met the requirements) All the kills were by melee in that 1 round (I joined late) you can see that by the number of deaths
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    Medal Application Skeepr

    Accepted owo
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    Due to the overwhelming success of all NRP campaigns so far, work has been underway on campaign 4.0 for some time. We have many incredible development goals which we will hopefully achieve soon thanks to the large campaign development team who are working hard, should you wish to join us contact me (Duque) on discord. With each major update we'll put information here
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    /devouch because he'
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    I personally recommend for Frosty and Antonio to share this position
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    Big vouch from me, after you get accepted we will start a Polish revolt on nrp.
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    Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Helpicantseemylinkonsteam/ Preferred role: I'll be the faction leader, my high command will assist in strategy, and other colonels will be welcomed to apply and chip in to assist, although their assistance will likely be useless so we'll just have them on mute during meetings and let them claim some glory for themselves once we have won. Preferred faction: Crown Commonwealth. Why you'd like to lead: I'm well known and I command the 2nd Foot Guard and I happen to be high command within the King's own Brigade, I also like to torture public players and I like to kick them off very high places and have been commended for it by many other leaders. I also play Europa Universalis IV so that qualifies me for master strategist already. psst also check out my EU4 discord https://discord.gg/YXJp75Q What makes you a good leader: I admit my faults and know my limits, especially when it comes to trying to instill discipline into public retards players..
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    NRP In-game username: QeAntonio Discord username: Antonio Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Marianismarianus/ Preferred role: Second in command Preferred faction: Confederacy of Liberated Chads Why you'd like to lead: When playing campaign 2.0 (as an arty officer) I was doing my best to crush CC in field. This time I want to do so as Second in command, via fighting on field, but most importantly as an tactican. What makes you a good leader: As a mastermind 200iq pro gamer and experienced chess player (really, I am not joking, 1v1 and you will see) I can support CF leader in making strategic decisions, and will make my best to do so.
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    Generalissimus Kenway

    Welcome back, CC

    So, we meet again, after all... My dear CC compatriots, we have been given a second (if not third) chance to secure ourselves a victory in one of the NRP campaigns. If you've been keeping track, we are technically twice-in-a-row losers, I'm afraid to admit... But this time there won't be room for failure! No, there is no other scenario for us this time - we WILL emerge victorious at the end of Campaign 4.0; No other alternate ending exists! Still, I would very much like to wish ourselves ''Good luck'' and greet both the old and new faces in this Campaign's CC roster with this beautiful song, which is to commemorate our wonderful reunion: Godspeed, CC
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    NRP In-game username: ~Colonel_Farts~ Discord username: Colonel Farts Steam: (Link to your profile): https://steamcommunity.com/id/Colonel_Farts/ Preferred role: (Faction leader/Second in command) Second in Command (2IC) because i'd still like to lead seen as I haven't lead properly since i disbanded my old regiment nearly 2 years ago, but i don't have the time to take complete control of the faction. Preferred faction: (Crown Commonwealth/Confederacy of Liberated lands) Crown Commonwealth Why you'd like to lead: (multiple reasons) I miss doing it, I do enjoy it but don't have the time for the full commitment of a regiment, and i think this would be a good chance to get back into it again. Besides, it's a more relaxed and easier leadership position than at the head of a regiment, and whats the harm in having a Yorkshire man lead every now and then in NRP? What makes you a good leader: (...) Well without sounding pretentious, I've been playing on NRP for almost 6 years now i think, I lead my own regiment in NaS for around 3 years roughly, and my own Brigade in NaS (7 regiments at max strength) for exactly a year to the day. I specialise in skirmish tactics and anti infantry combat, I do have a mic and i'm willing to communicate with other players within the NRP community. However, rather than eating my own ass out, it would be preferable if you just asked some of the older NRP players what they know about me, they'll give you a more honest and down to earth opinion about me, in comparison to myself because naturally anyone applying for something will just big themselves up. Cheers - Farts
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    Hello again everyone ! Today we'll be introducing the two factions that will participate in this campaign, Campaign 4.0: The Empire Strikes Back Crown Commonwealth: While the astounding string of victories achieved by the Confederation of Liberated Lands against the Grande République in the latter half of the Second Republican War were initially dismissed by observers as opportunistic jabs against a pitiful opponent- in the same light as a hawk clawing at a crippled wood mouse- the critics fell mute when the two remaining armies clashed. The Crown Commonwealth, the sole manifestation of the King’s authority on the far side of the world, was not only driven out of their captured territories, but to the gates of Wellington and Providence: all in one decisive campaign. Although it seemed like the beachhead of civilized society would be swept off the continent with the coming tide, the Commonwealth was not yet defeated. From all corners of the world the King summoned his fleets and armies, set to converge on the beating heart of Confederate insolence and make right the stain on English honour. Even in these darkest of days, the proud Englishmen of the Crown Commonwealth- veterans in their own right- dream of the Royal Standard flying unabated over the shining towers of L’Aumond and great plains of Drepesk. Dreams of days of glory, now lost but never forgotten. Dreams packed into every cartridge, and fastened to the end of every bayonet! Rule Britannia! Long live the Crown Commonwealth! Confederation of Liberated Lands: Within our generation, the idea of the Confederacy has gone from mere thoughts passed around in whispers by philosophers and malcontents in the salons of Europe, to a nation presiding over the lion’s share of proud island of Narople. A people born beneath the hooves of their betters now stand equal with all on earth. Would their grandfathers have believed it? Their fathers? Them? Even now, when Empires shiver in the shadow of their banners, it all seems like a fantasy. A pleasant fantasy, mind you, but one to be cast aside in the morning, drowned out by cries of hunger or despair. But morning, in all its glory, is here. Yet there still remain those who would plunge the Confederacy back into the night. The Crown Commonwealth survives. Their masses, kept ignorant of our noble truth, have grown apathetic, and a few even take up arms against the the forces of progress. This cannot be; their deception must end. No longer may we stand idle while the people are led astray. It is time to awaken the power of the people’s will! Freedom awaits! Long live the Confederacy! - Credits for the writing to Bulletmagnet - Soon we will be revealing the revamped map and improved ruleset! as for now, go apply for officer at :
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    Duke Florian

    Favorite Historical Figures

    Look here Son, I'm quite unsure that you have any deeply intellectual understanding of the Napoleonic Wars. The enlightened amongst us realise that the Prussians, with their superior intelligence, discipline and military might, crushed the French like the maggots they were.
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    Introduce Yourself!

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    Is the forums die?

    Forums is ded as game is ded, bannerlord come forum super ded
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