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  3. DE4D BE4R

    Felly. Yn olaf, mae'n ymddangos bod eich "gweinydd" truenus wedi colli ei ragoriaeth. Yn sicr, gallwch lusgo mewn 100 o chwaraewyr ar y penwythnosau o hyd, ond ai dyna i gyd? Gallaf feddwl am weinydd sy'n cael dros gant o chwaraewyr bob dydd Rydym i gyd wedi aros am hyn. yr holl gatrodau y gwnaethoch wrthod eu parchu, yr holl bobl weddus a anfonwyd gennych yn rhedeg gyda'ch rheolau pro-hiliaeth a pro-ffobig. Nid yw'ch holl ddywediadau bach am "araith rydd" yn gwneud llawer drosoch chi nawr, ydyn nhw? Rwy'n cofio hyd yn oed pan oedd y clownau hynny yn y 59fed yn gyfrifol, roedd pethau'n drafferthus, mae'n braf eu gweld yn dal i fod. Rydym yn chwerthin arnoch chi, wyddoch chi. pob un ohonom. Rydym yn chwerthin wrth i chi geisio mor galed i wneud eich gwaith cymunedol wedi methu. Rydym yn chwerthin gan nad ydych yn denu unrhyw chwaraewyr newydd, gan nad ydych chi'n gwneud unrhyw beth yn ddefnyddiol. rydym i gyd yn chwerthin arnoch chi, gan wybod, yn y dyfodol, pan fyddwch chi a'ch ymdrechion wedi anghofio am gyfnod hir y byddwn yn dal i barhau â'n cefnogwyr i gyd. Yn syml, fe wnaethon ni ddweud hynny wrthych. Sawl gwaith y cawsoch eich rhybuddio? Faint o weithiau y gwnaethom ddweud wrthych na allai gweinydd gweinyddedig sy'n gwrthod parchu catrodau (gan weld mai catrodau yw'r unig reswm bod gan unrhyw ryfeloedd napoleonig unrhyw chwaraewyr) oroesi? Beth oeddech chi'n meddwl fyddai'n mynd i ddigwydd. Rwy'n chwerthin arnoch chi ar hyn o bryd. Rydym i gyd yn. Mwynhewch eich diwrnodau olaf
  4. Isaac

    Oh no. Regiments what will we do with out you. It's such a boring little saying. Regs are shit and no one cares.
  5. WaterPolo

    NRP O Clock

    Epic Gamer Moments during NRP O' Clock!
  6. WaterPolo

    ак. В конце концов, кажется, ваш жалкий «сервер» потерял свое превосходство. Конечно, вы все еще можете привлечь 100 игроков по выходным, но это все? Я могу думать о сервере, который получает более ста игроков каждый день Мы все ждали этого. все полки, которые вы отказались уважать, все приличные люди, которых вы послали, руководствуясь вашими правилами расизма и профобии. Все ваши маленькие высказывания о "свободе слова" сейчас мало что для вас делают, не так ли? Я помню, даже когда те клоуны в 59-м были главными вещами, было приятно видеть, что они все еще остаются. Мы смеемся над тобой, ты знаешь. все мы. Мы смеемся над тем, что вы так усердно пытаетесь заставить ваше неудавшееся сообщество работать. Мы смеемся, потому что вам не удается привлечь новых игроков, потому что вы не делаете ничего полезного. мы все смеемся над вами, зная, что в будущем, когда вы и ваши усилия будут давно забыты, мы будем продолжать поддерживать всех наших сторонников. Проще говоря, мы вам так сказали. Сколько раз вы были предупреждены? Сколько раз мы говорили вам, что фанатичный сервер, который отказывается уважать полки (видя, что полки - это единственная причина, по которой в наполеоновских войнах есть игроки) никогда не сможет выжить? Что вы думаете, должно было случиться?
  7. Lady_named_James

    So. At long last, it seems your pathetic "server" has lost its superiority. Sure, you can still drag in 100 players on weekends, but is that all? I can think of a server that gets over a hundred players every day We've all waited for this. all the regiments you refused to respect, all the decent people you sent running with your pro-racism and pro-phobic rules. All your little sayings about "free speech" don't do much for you now, do they? I remember even when those clowns in the 59th were in charge things were a shambles, It's nice to see they still are. We're laughing at you, you know. all of us. We laugh at you trying so hard to make your failed community work. We're laughing as you fail to attract any new players, as you fail to do anything useful. we are all laughing at you, knowing that in future when you and your efforts are long forgotten that we will still be carrying on with all our supporters. Simply put, we told you so. How many times were you warned? How many times did we tell you that a bigoted server that refuses to respects regiments (seeing how regiments are the only reason napoleonic wars has any players) could never survive? What did you think was going to happen. I'm laughing at you right now. We all are. Enjoy your final days
  8. Lady_named_James

    Does stealing a map from Minisiege and slapping "NWRP Original" on it count?
  9. The Guy

    :0 Politics
  10. NRP Will be hosting a Map Making contest! You'll have until June 15th to submit your maps to us. We will have two categorizes which are Campaign Battle Maps, and Roleplay maps! We're offering a £25 Steam Voucher and Custom skins on the server as prizes! Submit your maps to us by contacting myself or one of the @Executive's. We need to add about 60 new maps to the server, and we need the communities help! We'd much rather add maps made by the community, than just adding public maps. Please, if you're interested and have any questions about this contest feel free to message me! The Winner and two runner ups will be picked on June 18th! We will try to add your maps to the server before the winner is picked to try them out! Thanks Gamers, and good luck! Have any friends who make maps? Make sure you spread the news about this map making contest if they want to win a steam gift card! Don't care about the contest and want your maps added anyways to the server? Contact one of us immediately to get them added!
  11. WaterPolo

    Accepted, please supply GUID
  12. Interview complete, accepted!
  13. Prussian and Austrian camping omegalul
  14. Earlier
  15. Generalissimus Kenway

    We have decided to award you with all these medals, except for Cavalry Captain; Your service in the Campaign and NRP as a whole is appreciated, keep it up, epic gamer
  16. Generalissimus Kenway

    After consideration, we can only approve the Captain's Medal for now! Still, congratulations, epic gamer
  17. DE4D BE4R

  18. DE4D BE4R

  19. Pacifist_Musician

    I dont like your profile picture
  20. Pacifist_Musician

    I sadly dont vouch
  21. Isaac

    100% vouch for noob.
  22. Duke Florian

    canny seem to edit the OP This evidence should suffice for the Captain's Medal, Leadership Medal, Battlefield Surveyor if you consider the early part where I was talking about troop movements and then use your brain to realise this was an ongoing thing that I said a lot, ruthless attacker if you consider the epic victory, It doesn't cover the cav medal obviously because I applied for that because of my actions in the first 3 rounds of the last battle when i was the austrian general, and it doesn't cover the old guard medal since we rescued Noob's rifles in like the first round, so it's not shown there T
  23. Duke Florian

    Long life to all those glorious ones named here
  24. DukeOfWellington

    Certainly deserves at least half of these, /vouch
  25. The_Docteur

    fake and gay /vouch everything but battlefield surveyor cause i cant tell
  26. I'm going to apply for several medals at once here NRP Username: Florian Medal Requested: Captain's Medal Battlefield Surveyor Ruthless Attacker Old Guard Leadership Cavalry Captain's Medal Vouches: none Evidence: Check logs from the campaign if you're really skeptical. My time as commander and officer of Austria is the reason why I've applied for these medals, but let me give each one an explanation just in case: Captain's Medal As an officer of Austria I've frequently led many charges of not only 2 lines, but the entire army. Battlefield Surveyor During the campaign, I often relayed enemy positions into voice chat and sometimes text chat, giving precise descriptions of units and their movements so that the army could prepare to engage them Ruthless Attacker Maybe a bit of a stretch, but definitely in the final campaign battle I led cavalry to destroy at least the requirement amount of enemies for this medal as a cavalry officer, and as infantry officer I have led my men into battle against Prussians and come out victorious against their entire army on countless occassions. I don't know if the fact that I co-ordinate with other allied lines as a way to do this disqualifies me or what, but I definitely think I qualify just based on the final campaign battle alone on that crappy random map. Old Guard During my first 4-0 victory in the campaign, Noob's rifles got caught by enemy forces, so I sent out our entire force from the river banks to save Noob and annihilate the enemy, a manouevre which succeeded. Leadership I led a campaign faction and when I wasn't in command, most of the time I was an officer. I'm sure anyone on NRP would attest to the fact that I've been a leader. Cavalry Captain's Medal Perhaps a stretch, but I was in the general slot in the very last battle of the campaign, and my cavalry on at least one round flattened a couple of enemy lines before infantry arrived, though at great cost to our own. In at least one round on that random map when I was general, thanks to the cavalry's actions we won with 50 men remaining where the enemy had 0. Obviously I don't have screenshots for any of these since I was busy being commander or officer whilst chambering cannon balls etc, but any admins who were in the Austrian faction I'm sure can vouch that I deserve these medals.
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