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  2. Broke

    Nothing is stopping you from doing both, if you so desired.
  3. mjl1012

    I'm fine with either or, I would like to start out with the EU server since I'm more familiar with it and can gain more help/assistance with other admins but I wouldn't mind moving on to NA afterwards.
  4. The Guy

    An old 59th player Your previous experience with our server and work within the community pretty much guarantees your addition to the team. Just be sure to do your research and get used to all the changes that the server has gone under. Overall, it's a vouch from me; welcome back!
  5. The Guy

    This is a pretty good application, not perfect but very good. Your hours are a bit smaller than other but I'd be a hypocrite to complain about that. Overall; as long as you can hold to your promise to be professional and fun then it's a vouch.
  6. The Guy

    SOMEONE WHO FINALLY HAS A PREVIOUS VOUCH LISTED ON THEIR APP Seriously tho, this app is very well filled out. It outlines your goals, and shows that you're a professional who can be trusted. You have a solid vouch from me, regardless of the server.
  7. The Guy

    *smashes the vouch button*
  8. Before I met video games I had a great career planned in the medicinal field. I would blitz through college, get my doctorate's as early as possible and eventually go on to founding my own business. Then I played video games: my career path has deviated greatly as my goal has now changed to become ruler of the globe and Reichsfuhrer of a Greater Deutsche Reich. There are 5 guns in my home, three of which are assault rifles and I have numerous grenades. This would have never happened had I played video games, so don't do drugs kids. (Note; I wrote this as soon as I woke up)
  9. DukeOfWellington

    after playing 1 hour of mount and blade, i took a revolver from my local walmart and commited a mass shooting killing 6 people and injuring none, take it from me - stay away from games kids!
  10. Broke

    The North American server is a relatively recent addition. Your steam profile says you're in USA but you want to strictly apply to europe? If that's the case, I'll give you a /vouch.
  11. Broke

  12. Really? Can I get a link of that researchers?
  13. Isaac

    Post your steam link not your steam name.
  14. I shot my teacher in the throat after playing too much GTA V, this was the only cause and couldn't be because my dad left my mum at the age of 3 and all she does now is abuse me giving me severe psychological issues. I'm 100% sure it was the video game
  15. Name mjl1012 Age 17 Steam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198120474389/ GUID 1211133 Hours In-game 1461 Previous Experience 7th_Royal_Fusiliers server Vouches 7th Guy45, Steam - https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198063896268/ Reason(s) Throughout my years playing M&B:NW, I've had many great moments along the sides of playing multiplayer with a huge community. Recently, I've been informed by admin Minisiege that the server is in need of admins and I would surely be glad to help. I have experienced many battles, linebattles, cav v cav, etc. events on the server and those are always organized by level headed admins. I admit that it has been about two years since I was an admin of the NRP community, but it was a very fun experience and I would like to do it again! Also, I am did not know NRP had a North American server, but I would like to apply for the European server.
  16. Name: Walter Age: 23 GUID: 1626868 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198262984025/ Hours in-game: 433 Previous Admin Experience: In April 2016 I applied for NWRP The admin team (( Screenshot )) to be apart of it and help the community to grow, I got accepted and placed under '' Pew Pew '' or '' Shockwave '' can't really remember. However I learned really quick and few months later I got promoted to Admin. And kept my working hard and being active etc... A year later I got promoted to Senior Admin and was teaching the new admins how to proparly execute and resolve a situation. 2 years passed and I still wan't to get back to the community and help it, it deserve more than that. PS: I'm still in the '' 59th NWRP Admins '' steam group https://steamcommunity.com/groups/59thNapoleonicRolePlayAdmins Vouches: None-
  17. Name Noob_Sniper Age 15 Steam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198816393321/ GUID 1853282 Hours In-game 606 Previous Experience I've been an admin but not in the m&b community, in general it'd be a first if i got accepted. Vouches None. Reason(s) I've got many reasons for applying, some of them are: 1. I play this game a lot, you can almost see me online all day so i'd serve all time zones; & that'd would upgrade the reputation of the nwrp community & staff & change people's point of view! 2. Im a dude that likes to have fun & give others a fun time being with me, so providing fun for others almost a job for me! 3. Im very serious when it comes to situations that require being a serious person & that's the main point of being an admin its administrating a server & its players. 4. & last but not least i just would like to help the community enjoy the game more & help our servers grow & entertain more people!
  18. DukeOfWellington

    Research into this is a waste of money, no direct correlation can be linked solely due to playing video games its a whole load of bollocks and thats the end of it in my view
  19. For decades, researchers have conducted studies to find out whether violent video games lead to problemssuch as aggression, lack of empathy and poor performance in school. Many studies have found that people who play violent video games are more likely to engage in aggressive behavior What are your thoughts on this? After playing hours of NW, do you ever get the sudden urge to thrust a bayonet into your teacher? Discuss
  20. The Guy

    "Previous Experience: I have no experience but I know how it works" That's a contradictiom buddy, and only fully posted admins alike myself can make those jokes. Also your grammar is atrocious, fix it up a bit and update the app how Polo asked and you might get a vouch from me.
  21. WaterPolo

    Hello, thanks for applying. Seems your application is missing some essential details. Please provide your Steam Profile URL, and please tell us whether you're applying for the European server or the new North American server.
  22. Isaac

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