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Skin Requests

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Skin Guide

Skins has not been a donator perk since 20th June 2018. This may change in the future since other NW servers apparently has been given permission by TW. Skins may continously be given to winners of giveaways, old and loyal players and for reaching a number of achievements. This is further explained in the related topics.


  1. You must use the template provided here while creating a thread.
  2. The applicant may need to respond to further questions before a skin is applied should a body part be missing, or if there's an uncertainty from admin side which body parts was requested and/or if the skin is not allowed for various reasons, eg, being too similar to a faction skin, officer skin, or whatever rules may apply.
  3. General discussion has its own forums. It's only allowed to discuss the fitness of the applicants here.
  4. The admin(s) in charge of the addition of the skin script will make changes and the changes should take force by the next server restart.


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